jamal campbell



Retail Price: $3.99
Writer: Kyle Higgins
Artist: Daniel Bayliss
Main Cover: Jamal Campbell
Connecting Variant Cover: Steve Morris
Morphin Variant Cover: Goñi Montes
Action Figure Variant Cover: Telmos Santos
The villainous Lord Drakkon wields the power of Saba against the Green Ranger as the Power Rangers fight for the survival of two worlds!


JLA Preview- JLA Vixen

The mistress of animal mastery makes her debut on January 11 in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA: VIXEN REBIRTH #1! Mari McCabe’s got it all together: one of the country’s most successful businesswomen, an iconic fashion pioneer and a crusader for social justice – all before she could command the powers and abilities of the animal kingdom! But it wasn’t always so, and this one-shot will tell the story of her path to becoming the heroic Vixen and joining the JLA, courtesy of Steve Orlando and Jody Houser, with art (and variant cover) by Jamal Campbell!