Finding Home - Chapter 21 (Sam Drake x Reader)

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Sorry, but this chapter just HAD to be done!  😀 I suggest you listen to Will Smith - Miami when the song comes on in the fic  😀 The one with the original clip, cause there are versions where the latin american tunes aren’t there.

Neither of you had to work the next day. Sam woke up a little after 8 am, and after his morning routine, he turned on the TV, searched for a music channel, then made his way to the kitchen and started making pancakes for you. He thought back to the day before. He was so happy that he had a job now. He never imagined himself working as a waiter, but he liked it, all he had to do was play nice and the tips were flowing.

The three rich women entered his mind and he grinned. Poor things were totally all over him, and while it felt nice having their attention, especially after so many lonely years in prison (and half a year on the streets), the truth is, he couldn’t care less about them. They were around his age and they all looked pretty, but they had this attitude about them that Sam didn’t like, not when he was younger, and he especially didn’t like it now. 

When he noticed them eyeing him, especially the first woman who came into the shop, he put on his trademark smirk and started flirting with them, hoping they would leave a nice tip. And he wasn’t wrong. He wished they would come often, because their tips would make a great addition to his salary. He can’t wait until payday, he wanted to buy you something to surprise you. He didn’t know what, he just knew he wants to see you smile and look at him in that adorable way, like you always used to when he did something for you.

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