Island Beauty: @withlove_shelly & @tialeejay90
Country/Heritage: #Jamaica 🇯🇲
⠀⠀Happy Jamaican Independence Day!
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To my fellow Jamaicans, at home and abroad. Today marks 53 years since our ancestors won our freedom from Britain, 53 years since the Union  Jack was lowered and the Jamaican flag was raised to flow free and independently

(the only flag to not adopt a single colour fron the union j)

I pledge my heart forever
To serve with humble pride
This shining homeland, ever
So long as earth abide.

I pledge my heart, this island
As God and faith shall live
My work, my strength, my love and
My loyalty to give.

O green isle of the Indies,
Jamaica, strong and free,
Our vows and loyal promises
O heartland, ‘tis to Thee.