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Watching 90 day fiancé, once again leaving pissed. Evelyn and her family really took David to a Mexican restaurant and he’s from Spain? Bitch..

You don’t take an American to a British place and ask them if it feels like home?! Common sense.


um okay so I can’t really use my voice on this issue since I’m not from the Carribean but I do know that taehyung/jungkook were wearing rasta hats/dreads which is a apart of the jamaican culture so here are the opinions of some jamaican people (which seems to be the majority from what I’ve seen)…I don’t think any third party should have the right to dictate what concerns a certain culture as offensive when as you can see from above, many people from that culture don’t see it as offensive or racist soo


WHEN AN AFRICAN GUY AND A JAMAICAN GUY ARGUE, IT’s ALWAYS EPIC… NOW IMAGINE AN ARGUMENT BETWEEN THE TWO IF THEY WERE ROOMMATES😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 #trixx #bestoftheday #comedy #africansbelike #jamaicansbelike #funnyafricanvideos #funnyafricanpics #funny

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I need an advice, it’s my first year in Uni and I’m still trying to find myself. There is this Jamaican guy who lives in the same accomodation as me. We had coffee the other day and he asked out but I told him that I’ll think about it. He’s older than me but he’s nice. I asked my sister and my best friend advice but I want another opinion. I heard that women should beware of Jamaican men. Guys I need help.


On this day in music history: November 7, 1982 - “Living My Life”, the sixth album by Grace Jones is released. Produced by Chris Blackwell and Alex Sadkin, it is recorded at Compass Point Studios in Nassau, The Bahamas from Spring - Summer 1982. Issued as the third and final release in the “Compass Point Trilogy” series of albums that the singer records at the famed recording studio owned by Island Records founder Chris Blackwell, Jones co-writes all but one track on the album. She once again collaborate with Sly Dunbar and Barry Reynolds, and members of the Compass Point All Stars that including Sly and Robbie, Wally Badarou, Steven Stanley and Uziah “Sticky” Thompson. It spins off three singles including “Nipple To The Bottle” (#17 R&B, #2 Club Play) and “Cry Now, Laugh Later”. Also released in extended form as a 12" single, the US 12" of “Nipple To The Bottle” is backed with a dub version of the track “My Jamaican Guy” (issued on the European 12" in edited form). Re-titled “J.A. Guys”, the dub mix is later sampled as the basis of LL Cool J’s hit “Doin’ It” in 1995. The albums’ striking cover art designed by Jean Paul Goude (Jones’ partner and frequent collaborator) and Rob O'Connor. It features a cut out photo of Grace trimmed with an exacto knife to make her face and the top of her head more angular, then superimposing a piece of tape over one eye. “Living My Life” peaks at number nineteen on the Billboard R&B album chart, and number eighty six on the Top 200.

i just saw the original production of angels in america and here are some thoughts and observations

1. Liebman’s Roy is the funnest, most flamboyant Roy. Roy is a charismatic force by nature, but this Roy is, like, almost coked up? And seems to revel in life. And is just really playful. And it emphasizes how reserved Joe is, what a wacky mismatched duo they are.

2. Joe, in this, is the most paternalistic and I don’t know if it’s because he looks so much older than Marcia Gay Harden, or if because her Harper is so childlike and dresses in childish clothes, but their relationship reads so much as father/daughter that it’s creepy, and I guess that’s the intent. He looks and acts like Ward Cleaver, he doesn’t have Patrick Wilson or Russel Tovey’s vulnerability with Harper. He’s so patronizing, and she’s so sexual and touch-starved with Mr. Lies that when Joe comes in and she hugs him around the waist, it’s jarring.

3. K. So. The first Bench Scene. Louis’s body language is closed off, he positions himself away from Prior, and when Prior hugs Louis to comfort him about his grandma Louis ends it immediately. When Louis finds out Prior’s sick and collapses into him, Prjor glances around quickly to make sure no one can see Prior hold him. It’s obvious that these terms are set by Louis, and Prior agrees to uphold them.

5. When Prior does his Butch Louis impression, Louis isn’t *offended* per se and he laughs a little at the end but by contrast McArdle’s Louis and Garfield’s Prior are so delighted by each other, McArdle laughs through the whole Butch Louis bit, Prior cracks him up.

4. “You don’t notice anything” is such an underrated line because HE DIDN’T NOTICE PRIOR WAS SICK. And Spinella’s reading is, like, FRUSTRATED before he reigns himself in and shares a laugh about Louis’ lesbian cousin.

5. Joe’s attraction to Louis is palpable as soon as he walks into the bathroom, and when Louis realizes how much this closeted lawyer wants him, the power dynamics shift and only Louis knows. And Louis takes full advantage of it. Because when Joe walks in, he has so much status compared to the word processor, who’s on the ground sobbing. But then Louis realizes he has all the power, he can troll this closet case Republican.

6. When Joe gets offended that Louis thinks he’s gay and Louis goes “Oh my God I’m SO sorry!” he sounds sincere and then gives the most classic side-eye you’ve ever seen, one of the biggest laughs of the show.

7. Harper and Prior’s chemistry is so incredible, Harper ADORES Prior on sight. She’s practically worshipful. And he adores her, too, like a kid sister and above all someone he can perform for. When he says “I was trying to be amusing,” he was so *sincere.* He was genuinely trying to entertain her; it’s the first time I realized how much performance is important to Prior. How he needs to perform even when/especially when times are rough. When the scene first started I thought it was just who Prior is, you know, fun and dramatic, but no, it’s a very intentional coping mechanism and mask. And it got me thinking about all the other characters as performers in their own lives which will be a separate post.

8. When Louis goes into his spiel about justice, Prior listens so intently as if he is waiting for a revelation, as if he is waiting to be surprised by Louis comforting him for once, even accidentally, but no, it doesn’t happen. It’s meaningless.

9. Prior’s “You’re trooper of the month” is FURIOUS. He was hesitant to confide in Louis about the progress of the disease, but hopeful. And he regrets it almost immediately, and desperately tries to get Louis to start talking about justice again like a parent trying to distract. temperamental child. Louis has no surprises for him.

10. Prior’s nightgown is absolutely fucking fabulous and regal. Louis has a crumpled orange tshirt and briefs.

11. This is also the most vulnerable Roy. When he hears his diagnosis, he’s close to tears throughout the entire scene, and trying to mask them with anger. His speech about power is as much to convince himself as it is to convince his doctor, but his whole life philosophy, his whole identity, had been undone. When the doctor exits he looks at the sky and breaks down sobbing.

12. Joe’s entire demeanor shifts when he’s drinking with Roy. It’s like his younger, like he’s a boy, compared to his fatherliness with Harper.

13. When Roy says “mi familia, like the Italians” he mines blowing Joe’s head off.

14. Martin sounds and looks like Ross Perot.

15. Louis knows he can troll Joe. When he mentions the shape of the hot dogs, Joe rolls his eyes and deliberately sets them down, behind him and out of sight.

16. Ella Chapter is gay. That’s why she and Hannah are friends.

17. Louis puts a million packets of sugar in his coffee, that’s the sight gag for his democracy in America speech.

18. “I’m not all that Jewish looking” Belize gives a “Whatever helps you sleep at night, hun,” look that I died for.

29. When Louis starts talkig about the Jamaican black guy in London, Belize looks like “Oh boy here we go.”

30. “Because I’m a Jew” is delivered like Louis is joking, or at least not completely serious

31. Harper is a beautiful snow queen.

33. The Moon River scene in the National Theatre production…is the best one, bar none, holy shit.

34. I want to say more but I’m typing this on my phone which I hate doing.


Grace Jones - My Jamaican Guy

  • Sasha: But when would you use an underwear gun?
  • Jason Todd: Hopefully never. But say you’re in a Caribbean bungalow and you’re kinda high. An exotic woman on the bed.. Now is she just the high priced whore you paid for or is she… an assassin?!
  • Sasha: I don’t know, I…
  • Jason Todd: Oh, here’s room service! Who ordered champagne?
  • Sasha: Uh, how should I know?
  • Jason Todd: Exactly, you’re baked, you can’t remember! But since when does it take three huge, surly Jamaican guys to deliver one bottle of champagne?!
  • Sasha: Aah, because they’re assassins too!
  • Jason Todd: Or! Maybe one guy’s a new waiter, the second one’s training him and the third’s from maintenance finally off his lazy ass to fix the AC!
  • Sasha: Oh. Yeah, I guess that could happen…
  • Jason Todd: Point is, you come out of the john waving this around (lifts up the gun), nobody’s gonna bug you for a tip.

In brighter news, I hooked up with this really nice Jamaican guy last night and this morning he left a huge jug of water, a toothbrush, a peach-flavored edible, an adderall, & his number on the bed stand. Boys being excellent!🙌🏿 And the sex was nice too (it didn’t hurt the way it always does for me) and he wasn’t pushy about when I didn’t want to have another go in the morning and he didn’t comment on my body hair or small chest like boys *always* feel like they need to 👌🏻💯 I feel bad though, I spent most of the evening and morning talking about how I’m sad about this girl I like, but I guess he still dug me enough to leave his digits