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um okay so I can’t really use my voice on this issue since I’m not from the Carribean but I do know that taehyung/jungkook were wearing rasta hats/dreads which is a apart of the jamaican culture so here are the opinions of some jamaican people (which seems to be the majority from what I’ve seen)…I don’t think any third party should have the right to dictate what concerns a certain culture as offensive when as you can see from above, many people from that culture don’t see it as offensive or racist soo

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loool im dying….. 


WHEN AN AFRICAN GUY AND A JAMAICAN GUY ARGUE, IT’s ALWAYS EPIC… NOW IMAGINE AN ARGUMENT BETWEEN THE TWO IF THEY WERE ROOMMATES😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 #trixx #bestoftheday #comedy #africansbelike #jamaicansbelike #funnyafricanvideos #funnyafricanpics #funny

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In brighter news, I hooked up with this really nice Jamaican guy last night and this morning he left a huge jug of water, a toothbrush, a peach-flavored edible, an adderall, & his number on the bed stand. Boys being excellent!🙌🏿 And the sex was nice too (it didn’t hurt the way it always does for me) and he wasn’t pushy about when I didn’t want to have another go in the morning and he didn’t comment on my body hair or small chest like boys *always* feel like they need to 👌🏻💯 I feel bad though, I spent most of the evening and morning talking about how I’m sad about this girl I like, but I guess he still dug me enough to leave his digits


Why you should date a Jamaican


Shit Jamaican guys say. Reminds me of @crombieeee lol