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How many OCs do you have and which ethnicity do they have?

This is long

Ok so I’ll just list all my ocs sorted by webcomic then haaahh

Les Normaux

Sebastien - Filipino (wizard)

Elia - Gujarati Indian/ Italian (vampire)

Ronnie - Puerto Rican (werewolf)

Drew - Japanese/ Brazilian (zombie) 

Pam- Haitian (cyclops)

Radha- Bengali Indian (naga)

Amou - Jamaican (ghost)

Aunt Alair -Filipino (witch)

~and now for some characters that have not appeared yet~

Adrien-  puerto rican (werewolf)

Giovanna- Gujarati Indian/ Italian (vampire)

Devonte - Nigerian (incubus)

Tiponi - Hopi (fairy) 

Raahim - Iraqi (wizard)

Matisse - French (wizard)

Lou - Filipino

And Pierre the bunny


Biana - Punjabi Indian

Manu - Swedish

Gyan - Yemini/ Ethiopian (alien hybrid)

James - English (alien hybrid)

Eliot - Mexican

Johanna - Panamanian  (alien hybrid)

Marshall- Australian of Portuguese descent

Oke - Ugandan

Anthony- Brazillian (alien hybrid)

Rhea - Brazillian/ Indonesian (alien hybrid)

Aatu- Mongolian (prob a (black) Egyptian? grandparent)

Fillin- Mongolian (same here)

Merah - Korean/ Japanese


I have more Oc’s (old ones) but I’m still redesigning them and all that but yeaaaaaaaaaah. And LN will prob get more along the way.

I might have a addiction.

One of the most haunted places in North America! Rose Hall, Montego Bay, Jamaica. The large house of Annie Palmer who murdered her husbands to enlarge her estate and killed black slave-lovers.  She is called the White Witch of Rose Hall–a cruel and contemptible woman. Finally her last black lover strangled her, ending her murderous rule.  She haunts the place! If you ever go to Jamaica–Do Visit the hall!  I felt a hand touch my shoulder and my hat was pulled from my head. The guide told me “Annie like you–maybe she make you her lover!” –I think not!  Still it was a great trip and its now a historic landmark.   My wife felt her as well –its cold and has an aura that must be felt! They also serve a wicked Rum Punch there (we had a drink after the tour–we needed it).   They have a wall full of letter telling of what people felt there.   It lives up to its reputation.