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I’m a Jamaican girl of African/Chinese descent living in China, and let me tell you… I’ve been on the receiving end of a host of irritating comments from people back home (In JA). “Do you eat dog?”, “So… is your vagina diagonal (apparently bc I’m mixed, not fully Chinese)?”, “Yeah you’re definitely Asian, you have no ass”, “Oh it’s a black people thing, you wouldn’t understand…”

Now, back home most Chinese people are very very united, the families know each other and get together for important holidays or smaller activities like badminton games etc. My family was never a part of that, since my dad, though Chinese, is Rastafarian and my mom is Black. I was also very aware of the fact that I looked rather different from fully-Chinese families. And while at school I was being called “Chiney gyal” and made to feel like I wasn’t a regular Jamaican, at home I was being taught NOTHING about that side of myself. As I got older I began to deny my Chinese heritage, if only to get people to shut up about it. A small part of me was also disappointed that I wasn’t actually connected to those roots, and decided to deny them altogether.  

Anyhow, last year I moved to China to start university. I was kinda excited to come here, thinking maybe I would fit in a little better than I did back home. Boy, was I ever WRONG. Most foreigners who’ve been to China know, the locals STARE at you incessantly, like you’re some kind of zoo animal. Most are fascinated by anyone who looks so different, since their population is mostly Han people, or so I’ve read, but some of them really look down on anyone with darker skin. Anyways, I basically get called African here, I don’t even bother telling the few English speakers I’ve come across that I’m actually Jamaican and half-Chinese (funny how I wanted to clarify this time around, huh?).

As it turns out, I probably won’t be fully accepted anywhere. But realising this has made me decide that it doesn’t make me an incomplete person and that what I really need is to accept myself. It took me a while, but I’m glad I have. It’s not easy to erase the insecurities I’ve harboured over the years, but little by little I’m working on it. 

I don’t need other people assigning stereotypical characteristics to me, nor do I need validation from others to decide what race I do or do not belong to. I am both Chinese and Black and I will never deny any part of my heritage just to fit in again. 


Jamaican-Chinese lesbian poet, Stayceyann Chin, breaks down the complexities of identity and what it means to be a womanist vs a feminist.

“I come in too many flavors for one fucking spoon.” Yaaassss! Amazing.

Everyone falls in love sometimes

I don’t know ‘bout you but it ain’t a crime / Neefi let me love you, love you, love you for long time baby / Neefi let me touch you, neefi let me love you ‘til the morning, oh

LUV by Tory Lanez

Multiple Anons and Users Asked: Part 2 of Caribbean [y/n] x Jackson Wang 

Anon 1: Omg I loveeee the dancehall scenario with jackson‼️ I’m Jamaican so it was so amazing to read I’m highkey currently listening to dancehall rn 🇯🇲 🇯🇲

doeszaddyjuminisgay: so is this (jackson x caribbean y/n) gonna be a thing bcuz…

hongkongpuppy:  Can I request a part two of that one story with Jackson wanting to whine with his ‘wife’ to Tory Lanez’s “Luv”? 😩😭 Tanks ✨🌺

and like… many mANY more deep in notes…

Guys deadass, I can’t write a part 2 of this drabble. I wrote the drabble for it to end there specifically. It feels too complete to me for me to be able to write another part. If I had known ahead of time people would want it to be an actual thing, I would have written it so that it could work in parts with a storyline. 


When you can’t make a pt. 2… just make a v.2

If this plotline becomes popular demand, I’ll try and turn it into a multiple part fanfiction. - Admin Dayna

Plotline: Got7 Idol, Jackson Wang and popular variety personality [y/n] has been paired on “We Just Got Married”. The concept behind their marriage; Modern Interracial (Chinese Jamaican) Couple / Jackson tries to bring a little bit of the islands to his homesick “spouse”.

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“[y/n]… [y/n]…” A familiar husky voice calls for you in your sleep. “Wake up, Jagiya…” You groan, turning away from the voice that whispers your name. “[y/n], I’m making breakfast. You have to wake up, baby.” The voice called for you persistently, following a hand that gently caressed your cheek. You followed said hand, sitting upward, somewhat craving the affection it gave you. “Good girl.” The voice whispered to you, planting a kiss on your forehead. Your eyes fluttered open, squinting as they adjusted to the natural light that spilled from the open curtains. The warmth of the sun felt good against your bare shoulders. The hand that still caressed your cheek as you gradually woke up was just as pleasing.

You looked up at the man who had so sweetly awaken you from slumber.


He sat at the edge of the bed, looking down at you with sincere dark brown eyes, tucking loose curls behind your ear. “Oppa…” you whimpered, rubbing your sleepy eyes with the back of your hand, before laying your head back down on Jackson’s lap, “I don’t wanna get up…”

The viewers are going to love seeing this when it airs on T.V.

“Up, [y/n]! Come on! I still have the stove on!” He insisted, rubbing your back before forcing you to sit up in order to allow himelf off the bed. “You’ll be happy when you see what I made.” He said in a voice far too sing-song and upbeat for your liking. You narrowed your eyes at him in suspicion.

Jackson was always up to something. A wild card. It drove you near mad, and it was far too early for any of his shenanigans. However, you were obedient. You knew by now that Jackson was a stubborn boy. Should you continue to decline he’d only raise hell. You slowly got up out of bed, adjusting the oversized t-shirt you wore to sleep over your bronzed shoulders and dragged your feet as Jackson guided you and your sleepy body with a hand placed ever-so-gently on your lower back.

You clung on to him. He slowed his pace as you both stepped down the staircase together. You latch onto his shirt and rest your head on his arm – you were far too sleepy to bother putting any effort of your own into walking.

“Sit around the table, Jagi.” you shook your head no, holding on tighter. Jackson snickered and walked you to the dining table anyways. “You’re so difficult.” you slumped down on the chair, whining as he pried your hands off him and walked off to the kitchen to retrieve the breakfast he made for you.

“Jackson…!” He hushed you, waving his hand in a shooing manner, grabbing the plates after shutting off the stove.

A proud smile was plastered on the brunette’s face as he set the plates down for you to see. Meanwhile, you looked over the dishes quite honestly shocked by what was set before you. Fried Dumpling, Ackee and Saltfish, Baked and Salted Breadfruit, Guava Cheese, and a can of Mango nectar set at the side. A typical Jamaican breakfast.

You were deeply surprised by it all. You hadn’t had West Indian food since you flew to Korea years ago. You looked up at Jackson in awe, stammering on your words before anything comprehensive actually came out, ”H-how?! Where did you learn to make ackee? Where did you get the breadfruit and Guava? It isn’t even in season…?” Jackson stood before you, hands on his hips, chest puffed up high with pride. You scoffed in disbelief. ”You’re… you’re truly something…” was all you could say.

”No ‘thank you, jagi’?” Jackson would ask, the proud smile still very prominent on his face. You shot him a glare, muttered a thank you, and grabbed a fork, taking in a mouth full of the ackee

It tasted god awful.

You choked on the food in the middle of gagging. Jackson’s expression changed instantly, grabbing a napkin and holding it to your mouth, patting your back as you spat it out. ”It’s so salty…” you heaved in-between nervous laughter, reaching for the mango nectar in hopes of washing down the taste.

Jackson cursed under his breath, laughing along with you. “Aish… I knew I should have washed the salt off the codfish…”

Hearing that only made you laugh harder. “Aww, Jagi… don’t mind, don’t mind. You tried. That’s good enough.” you smiled at your “husband”, knowing that you should probably kiss him now.

That’s what the audience would want.

That’s what your manager would tell you to do if he could.

That’s what Jackson seemed sincerely wished for.

But you were hesitant. You licked your lips, and glancing down at his. Jackson would catch you doing so, feeding off the romantic tension you were unintentionally creating, and leaning in to lock lips, but you dodged it.

He planted a kiss on your cheek instead.

It was hard to hold his hand in public and call him “jagiya” and “oppa” all the time. It was hard enough to live with him. It was hard enough to sleep in the same bed with him, and have him hold you the way he did with hardly any clothes on because that’s what couples do – and now you’ll have to kiss him, too. That’s what the fans were waiting for. Hoping for. Yearning for. There was a lot more pressure in this role than you had expected. And the look in Jackson’s eyes sometimes felt too real.

It wasn’t that you didn’t like him… you just wished you could take things at a pace that wasn’t so heavily influenced by the opinions of others.

You took a large sip of the mango nectar to avoid having to speak anymore. Jackson filled in the silence instead. “Remember yesterday morning when you were playing dancehall?” You nod as you downed the nectar, “and you said you were homesick?” You nod again. “I thought maybe I could bring a little home to you.” He takes a seat next to you around the table, a big, bright smile on his face that warmed your anxious heart.

You placed the mango nectar down, finding yourself smiling just as hard as he had. “So you did all of this and then some?”

“Well of course. I’m the best husband ever.”

“I guess.”

“So because I’m the best husband ever –“ You narrow your eyes at him in suspicion again, “I think I deserve that dancing lesson.”

“Mi gawd! Di picknie yasso bright!” You cuss at a now hysteric and clearly amused Jackson Wang. “Mi seh, if mi neva did de pon television wid yuh, mi woulda slap out ya tripe!”

“Are you threatening me?!” He yells back, struggling to keep his composure between laughter.

“If it wasn’t for the laws of this land!”

“I just want to dance with my wife!”

I have made a list of young celebrities who are East Asian and could play a teen/young adult. Be aware some of those listed are mixed race, however it will be mentioned what other ethnicity they are. This list is useful if ever you need a face claim who is of this ethnicity. Majority have resources available.

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admin dayna? how do you feel about jackson's pepsi ad? i'm asking because i like to hear your opinions on stuff liek this. you're well spoken and you always seem to havea great voice of reason

Well firstly, I just want to say that in a sense, Jackson Wang wearing dreadlocks is not culture appropriation. Dreadlocks has a place in Chinese culture after China and Jamaica became allying nations. Chinese Jamaican culture is very dominate in both countries. Chinese people wear dreads just as much as Jamaicans do. There are Chinese people with the same texture hair as black people because there is such thing as a black Chinese person. 

How can someone appropriate their own culture?

Seeing Jackson in dreadlocks didn’t look wrong to me. It looked natural. Especially since I live in Jamaica where I see a lot of Chinese people wearing dreadlocks anyways.

Truth be told, Jackson has gotten heat for acts that can be deemed as racist very often. Jackson clearly loves black culture. Like it’s become obvious. He actively shows interest in black people, he’s actively partaking in black music, and he actually likes black women (as in, he doesn’t use us as props for some image and doesn’t fetishize black women.) Jackson has on multiple occasions shown culture appreciation, more than he has appropriated it. Remember all the videos he has done dancing to Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna, and Jidenna? He wears clothes and uses brands from black owned labels. 

To call Jackson racist is a HUGE stretch, however, he’s very ignorant. That’s what his problem is. That’s what always seems to bite him in the ass. I’m not giving him any excuses either. He has social media and access to the internet. It takes a simple search for him to see what’s up.

I think what upset people was his response to being called out for as a constant offender of culture appropriation. The thing is, Jackson is a very sensitive and emotionally driven person. And as someone who is also very sensitive and emotionally driven, I can understand that being so connected with my feelings can be both a blessing and a curse. People like us are prone to speak passionately out of purely feelings and not actually sit down and see what’s in front of us and reason with it. Therefore, he’s likely to say some stupid shit just because he’s overwhelmed with his own emotions and the responses he’s getting.

I want to point out that Pepsi also has a role in this, too.

Pepsi has an on going reputation for putting out problematic advertisements and dragging along the celebrity faces they choose with their problems. While Jackson had the absolute voice to see that “mmmm maybe the dreadlocks isn’t a good idea?” and reject the offer, Pepsi should also have the common fucking sense to realize they’re already in a bad position so maaaybbbee it’s not a smart fucking idea to pull more dumbass shenanigans and antics?

I saw the negative feedback the Pepsi Ad got and I didn’t think twice about Jackson in dreads, but instantly thought that Pepsi CLEARLY wants to go bankrupt.

- Admin Dayna


Woman Crush Wednesday : Witchy Cleo

My woman crush Wednesday goes out to Jamaican and Chinese model, Witchy Cleo. This is my best friend (in real life) but also my #WCW on the Internet. This is a bad bitch. Very versatile. A student at Savannah State University, Model, Host, Dancer, and Entrepreneur. Cleo, 20, comes from Atlanta Ga. I first knew her from Twitter and Facebook as a high schooler she caught my eye because she was very outspoken and I loved that fearlessness about her. Years later we are the best of friends and I love her more than I can say! She’s destined for greatness and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2016!

You can find her on -
Twitter: @Witchycleo
Instagram: @Witchycleo
Tumblr: @obadc


Disney Race Bend

Snow White - Oona Chaplin
Cinderella - Aoi Yuu
Belle - Haifa Wehbe
Aurora - Gaye Macdonald
Ariel - Aishwarya Rai
Tiana - Zhang Ziyiy
Mulan - Q’orianka Kilcher
Pocahontas - Salomé Abbé
Jasmine - Lupita Nyong’o
Meg - Arwa Gouda
Kida - Danielle Hayes
Jane - park min young
Eilonwy - Quvenzhané Wallis
Esmeralda - Ibtissam Ittouchane
Merida - Tais Araujo (Brazillian)
Rapunzel - sandra echeverria
Elsa - roseanne supernault
Anna -annabella piugattuk

Based off this post: http://lettherebedoodles.tumblr.com/post/102741589289/heres-a-compilation-of-my-racebent-series-with

Princesses in order (left to right): Snow White (Spanish), Cinderella (Japanese), Belle (Arab), Aurora (Jamaican), Ariel (Indian), Tiana (Chinese), Mulan (Native American), Pocahontas (Pacific Islander), Jasmine (African/Luo), Meg (Egyptian), Kida (Maori), Jane (Korean), Eilonwy (African/Fula), Esmerelda (Moroccan), Merida (Brazilian), Rapunzel (Mexican), Elsa (Inuit), Anna (Inuit).

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Do you know any male Asian-Latinx models or male Black Asian models? All I can think of is Tyrese can't remember his Last name but he has hooded lids, elegantly shaped eyes.

Are you referring to Tyson Beckford? 

This guy?

Black Asian models; who I’m aware of are; 

Cassie Ventura, Her father is Filipino, while her mother is half Mexican and half African American background

Chanel Iman, Her mother is half Korean

Dena Cali, She is African American, Chinese, and Swedish.   Dena Cali is a former model turned business woman in the hair industry.

Kimora Lee Simmons is Half Japanese/Half African American.

Eryck Laframboise, Canadian/ Thai

Clifford Mamotte  ,Half Polynesian/Half African American

Tyson Beckford’s mother come from a Jamaican /Chinese background

Anastasia Leung Lo Hing, Half Chinese, &  Half Black

Naomi Campbell, Her father is of mixed heritage, Half Jamaican, & Chinese,

Willy Cartier’s  his mother is Half Vietnamese, Half Senegalese.

Adesuwa Pariyapasat Aighewi; her father is Nigerian, mother is Chinese/Thai

Amira Ahmed has a Somali father and Filipina mother