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Contemporary Black Artists on Tumblr

Have you popped into the Black artists on Tumblr tag yet? It’s an endless scroll of GIFs, photography, paintings, illustrations, and more, more, more. Here’s a small collection of Tumblrs you can follow to get you started:

The Artist Akuji (@theartistakuji​)

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Beautiful digital art that just feels clean, fresh, and pleasing to look at. The artist’s Jamaican-American background shines through in a lot of her work, like this West Indie piece.

Maya Ajani (@mayaajani​)

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Gritty, detailed, cool as hell marker art. Everything is a little bit gnarled up and raw and, just to repeat with deserved emphasis, cool as hell.

Liam Gavyn Salt (@liamgavynsalt​)

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Liam Salt dabbles in seemingly all things visual art: painting, digital, photography, illustration. He does it all well, but It’s his GIFed up self-portraits that we wanted to showcase. Those are some finely tuned, well-thought-out scribbles up there.

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Jamaican Superstars, Trojan Records, Various Artists…

0:00 - Talk about love - Pat Kelly
2:42 - Stick by me - John Holt
6:00 - Rascal Man - Delroy Wilson
9:30 - How long will it take - Pat Kelly
12:41 - Better must come - Delroy wilson
15:26 - Keep it up - John Holt
18:03 - Tracks of life - Dennis brown
21:33 - Ghetto girl - Jonhn holt
24:28 - Give me your love - Alton Ellis
26:20 - Soulful love - Pat kelly
29:44 - Lets Get It while its hot - John Holt
33:10 - I am the conquerer - Dennis Brown
35:23 - Blood son - Dennis brown
38:44 - My time - Gregory Isaacs
42:49 - Baby I need your loving - Delroy Wilson
45:23 - The prophet - Pat kelly
48:27 - Up Park Camp - John Holt
51:40 - Soul Groover - Alton Ellis
53:47 - Im still in love with you - Alton Ellis
58:16 - Westbound Train - Dennis Brown
1:01:19 - Cassandra - Dennis Brown
1:04:21 - I Wish It would rain - Pat Kelly
1:07:07 - Musical Heatwave - Dennis Brown


Ebony Patterson

Ebony is a Jamaican artist, but has created Haitian styled Drapo and exhibited them in Haiti. This one is for Erzulie and uses a Haitian male that has been transformed to represent the Lwa. Other drapo that she created represented various other Lwa or saints, each examining sexuality and masculinity, in particular those found in “dance hall” culture. Red floral and fish motifs throughout the series serve to represent homosexuality within a predominantly homophobic culture. Patterson’s works imaginatively recreate portraits of young black males who bleach their skin, pluck their eyebrows and wear ‘bling’ jewelry to enhance their gangsta status. Patterson finds beauty in their psychic violence glamorizing them with glittered halos and luscious lipstick.

Dear lovers & defenders of the 4/20 Bob Marley Filter…

It doesn’t matter if Snap Chat associated Bob Marley with weed 1st, 2nd or 53rd - continuing a stereotype allows the stereotype to… Continue 😱. If Ali gets shot by Billy 1st and Jay 2nd, is Jay not guilty of committing a crime? 🤔 Would an officer say “Well you know we’re just going to hold Billy responsible because technically he shot Ali first, Jay you’re free to go” … ? 🤔

It doesn’t matter if Bob Marley is half White, he never self-identified or was socially identified as White. He existed and was treated as a Black man, a Jamaican, a Rastafarian, and faces issues like being reduced to a weed mascot instead of being seen as a full human being. Where was the Bob Marley filter on his birthday which occurs during Black History Month??? Or International Reggae Day, or During International Day of Peace (One Love🎶)


Y'all love to pull the “he’s half White” so that means it can’t possibly be racist - stop✋🏾, where’s his full humanity? Because he’s half Black you pick and choose what’s iconic about him - weed? Where’s the Robert 4/20 Downey filter? - didn’t he start blazing up at 8? Aren’t Justin and Miley Apropria-Cyrus-Beiber about the weed and dread life now? Aren’t they more socially relevant to pop culture and weed right now? 🤔 Why choose Jamaica’s greatest pop icon? Y'all had a lot of full White folk to select from for the disparaging stereotype filter 🤔?

This is problematic on so many levels but mainly because there isn’t an onslaught of positive depictions of Jamaicans in the media. Bob Marley gets elevated to icon status for popularizing a new genre of music (reggae), unifying people internationally through his music, condemning oppression and encouraging the African diaspora to unite through his music, and elevating the Rastafarian religious belief system and life style (just to name a few - and notice this was done primarily through his music, not his weed - it’s One Love, not One Spliff) - but all you see is that he smoked weed - so when you turn the one major Jamaican icon (we have a few more but none surpass B. Marley and are international pop icons) into a weed mascot Snapchat communicated to people all across the world who aren’t going to go and research Bob Marley’s full legacy that Black people/ Jamaican people/ people who wear dread locks probably smoke weed.

When the media is your only frame of reference for cultures you know nothin about that becomes your only understanding of the entire culture. This is why Giuliana Rancic said Zendaya looked like she smelled like patchouli oils and weed, because her understating of people who wore dreads was probably formed from stereotypic media, because if she grew up around different people with dread locks she would see that like any other group of people some do smoke and some don’t, there is actual diversity WITHIN minority groups 😱 (you mean they don’t all look and act the same - they’s people???😱). If the media stops perpetuating the same tired stereotypes people will stop believing the same tired stereotypes. Snap Chat chose to perpetuate a tired stereotype with no regard for the people impacted by it. Hey, they can do what they want, but we can also call them on the bull. ☮☝🏾️💚