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Serendipity Holistic Resort (Irish Town, Kingston, Jamaica) :: Amazing holistic resort located in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains. The idyllic resort where rejuvenation meets peace of mind. Come for the day or stay for a while, are ready to join us here? Call (876) 944-8760 to make your reservation or email info@serendipityholisticresort.com


Story & Myth Blessing Beads :: Blessing Bead Malas (prayer beads) serve the yoga and wellness communities by providing them with an island inspired and designed necklaces and bracelets made from locally sourced materials, made by a small community of artisans. 

Jamaican made malas or prayer beads. Made from the job’s tears bead, we call them blessing beads. The tear shaped bead is named after Job in the bible a man who went through great suffering and loss yet kept his faith and god blessed him with double.

We create sacred spiritual jewelry by researching ancient myths and creating modern narratives in metal with precious and semi precious stones and secret island finds.

Call JA: 876-322-6358, MIA: 786-379-5267 | Email: storyandmyth@gmail.com