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Do you think Harry swimming in his underwear was a specific choice? I mean, he must have brought a bathing suit to Jamaica. Which means he usually swam naked and decided to at least wear underwear for the video, OR he had a suit and decided to wear underwear INSTEAD, just for us. My lovely hoe son, idk which is more beautiful.

i bet he was a frequent naked swimmer in jamaica. after the stripping incident, i think its safe to assume that he had no qualms about being nude or at least semi-nude in front of all those men. my second assumption here is that because he is an apparent fan of very tiny swimwear, maybe underwear meet his length/tightness requirements? maybe his swim trunks were too long and were going to risk disrupting his 98% full body tan. maybe he likes having fabric super-glued to his nuts and ass crack when he emerges from the water. either that, or he was just feeling lazy and shucked off his clothes right then and there, no time to run back to his master suite and fetch appropriate swim attire. ‘the boys wont mind seeing mind seeing the entire outline of my equipment under clinging, see through, white, wet undies.’

Jamaica’s Alia Atkinson poses with her gold medal on the podium after winning the women’s 100m Breaststroke final during the 12th FINA Short Course World Swimming Championships at Hamad Aquatic Centre in Doha, Qatar, 06 December 2014. Atkinson set a world record with a time of 1:02.36 min. 

That moment when hard work pays off!

That moment when you’re grateful you didn’t give up & throw in the towel!

Who said black people can’t swim? Go talk to the First Black Woman (& First Jamaican Swimmer) to Win a World Swimming Title, Ms Alia Atkinson! #thatisall
—  The Sweet Life, Ja || Just sooooo happy for her!