jamaica line


Happy 129th birthday, Marcus Garvey!

Stamp details:
Issued on: August 17, 1987
From: Kingston, Jamaica
MC #677-678

Unorthodox pick -up lines for your special someone

Is your name Donald Trump? Cause I know I can’t be the only one who wants to take you out.

Are you from Australia? Because I wallaby your one and only

Are you an assassin? Because your looks are killer.

If you were an animal you’d be a dolFINE.

Are you from Jamaica? Because Jamaican me flustered.

If you were an angle you’d be acute one

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 ✍ Tattoos: Soon! 

😷 Surgeries: Nope 

🏥 Broken Bones: Left arm 

🔫 Shot a gun: Enthusiast

💼 Quit a job: Damn straight. 

🛫 Flown on a plane: A few times

😨 Gone zip lining: Jamaica!! Loved it. 

😯 Watched someone dying: Yes. 

🇨🇦 Been to Canada: No but dying to 

 🚑 Ridden in an ambulance: No not that I can recall

 🗼 Been to Europe: One day

🌎 Stamps in Passport: 2. Not nearly enough. 

🏛 Been to Washington DC: Again, soon. 

🗻 Visited Colorado: Yes! Several times and I love it there. 

🇲🇽 Been to Mexico: One day! 

🎰 Visited Las Vegas: i will in Oct! 

🐕 Had a pet? All my life 

⛷ Been downhill skiing: Uh. I’ve been in skis. Not sure if you could call what I did skiing. 

🎶 Ability to read music: meh. Not since band. 

🏍 Rode a motorcycle: got a 4th degree burn on my leg from one when I was 5. So no. 

🏇 Rode a horse: frequently. 1 of my 2 loves. 

🏥Stayed in a hospital: Yes. Ugh. 2 c-sections. No sleep. 

💉Donated blood: Yep 

🐌Eaten Escargot: Once or twice. Love it! But I like anything with garlic. :)

👽Seen a UFO: no. But I want to believe. 

🚢Been on a cruise: Several! 

⛽Run out of Gas: Once or twice 🙈

🍣Eat sushi: As often as possible 

👻Seen a ghost: yes. My great grandmother. 

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Looking up the tracks of the Jamaica Avenue Line from the 111th Street Station.