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Sweetest melodies. Trinidad and Tobago.

The steel pan is one of Trinidad’s proudest exports. It distinguishes itself by being the only acoustic, non-electric instrument invented in the 20th century, and one incubated right in and around Port of Spain during the second world war.

BANDANA - Jamaica’s National Fabric and Folk Costume

Bandana cloth originated in far off Chennai, in Eastern India. However this light, inexpensive and cool cloth became a symbol of Jamaican national culture after the 1940’s. Bandana’s plaid patterns and colours along with several other symbols became associated with the traditions and heritage of the ordinary Jamaican people.

Prior to that, Bandana has long been associated with Jamaican working women. When India fell under almost complete British control in the 19th Century, the Madras cloth trade proved a cheap fabric for enslaved and Black working class women in the Caribbean. The cloth, however, was worn as a mark of pride and distinction, particularly among market vendors. 


Indian Arrival Day in Jamaica, May 10th

May 10th is celebrated in Jamaica as Indian Arrival Day. 

The first 261 Indians arrived In 1845, transported by British colonists and lading at Old Harbour, on the south coast of Jamaica. They were the first to begin their working contracts on the island. Today, 2015, 170 years later, we still celebrate their arrival.   

This day of May 10th not only reminds of the rich cultural and ethnic heritage of Jamaica’s people (“Out Of Many, One People”), but speaks also to the similarities between the experiences of Africans in the transatlantic slavery and the Indian laborers forced into servitude

Indians arrived to the island in many waves. These indentured workers were placed on the island’s lucrative sugar and banana plantations, tending the crops for land owners. The system of indentured workers in Jamaica ended in 1917. Some of them returned to their homeland in India, some moved in the Caribbean basin (such as Guyana) and some stayed in Jamaica. 

While they originally lived in forced isolation on the plantations, allowing them to preserve aspects of their native culture and cultivate it among them, they eventually had a large impact on the Afro-Jamaican community.   

Indian Arrival Day features a lively, vibrant celebration every year, affirming the continued importance of Indian heritage in Jamaican society. We find it in various aspects, including cuisine, language, agriculture and medicine, to name just a few. 

DREADLOCKS STORY explores the influence of Indian Sadhus lifestyle on the Jamaican Rastas lifestyle. Professor Ajai and Laxim Mansingh, pioneer researchers on Indian presence in Jamaica, have been interviewed by Linda  for DREADLOCKS STORY, giving an expert account of the influence of Indian people on Jamaican culture.

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