My entry for @ck-blogs-stuff‘s Kill la Kill Cosplay Art Jam. I didn’t watch the entire series but I know the characters and I must say I have a lot of ideas for entries but not enough time…  Anyway, I hope I can draw one or two more before the deadline!

Why Heloise as Nonon? I don’t know, this idea just popped into my head and I thought it was brilliant XD

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This was………….AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I got my little brother into Steven Universe (sidenote: he’s not so little anymore, he’s in college now), and he’s teaching himself ukulele. Since getting him into the show he’s started playing songs from it to practice. Last night he was playing the theme song and he stopped and went, “So, I think I’ve got it down, but I can’t play and sing at the same time. Could you sing it for me?”

It was just. It was magical and I want you all to be jealous of my talented adorable brother (maybe someday I’ll post a video if I’m not too embarrassed of my singing voice ruining his nice uke playing).

Second entry for @ck-blogs-stuff’s Kill la Kill Cosplay Art Jam. I know Willow (A Kind of Magic) isn’t the most popular animated mother, but I had this idea and I thought her design would combine perfectly with this Kill la Kill antagonist. It’s simply amazing!  What do you think?

(The other option was drawing Maddie Fenton for this role, by the way. Maybe we’ll see her in another art jam…)

Third and last entry for @ck-blogs-stuff‘s Kill la Kill Cosplay Art Jam.I have more ideas but the deadline is too close and I don’t have time to draw them (XD) Anyway, I think 3 entries are a good number, don’t you think?

Of course, I had to draw Nui because she is the Cuteness one of my favourite ones! ^^ My first idea was drawing Dee Dee or Isabella as this character, but finally I decided this was a perfect excuse to draw one of of the character from the upcoming show The Loud House. Here you have the adorable Lola Loud as a pink lolita *-*