seekthemist Five Tropes Fanfic Readers Love (And One They…

BWAHAHAHAHAH, some of the stuff labelled as “NAY” or “MEH” or “I really don’t like that type of AU” are exactly my jam XDDD

I am LAUGHING, because same here, my friend. SAME.HERE lol.

Everybody apparently loves Fluff (except me), and dislikes Crack and Mpreg (which I love). Also, all the ‘Nay’s’ like Noncon, Underage, Incest, etc. are all my jam baby lol. And apparently Zombie AUs, omegaverse and rentboy aus are ‘most hated’ and I’m just like GIMME ALL THE A/O RENTBOY FICS SET IN A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE PLEASE….

(I feel like the eccentric old lady peddling all the strange and exotic fic that nobody reads, cackling at the occasional brave soul who wanders into my little shop of horrors :D)