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Can astrology spill anything on BTS' music preferences and any juice if you want girl bc mhmmm im looking at you jimin his spotify playlist ooft damn boy

jimin has venus, mars, and pluto in the 5th so i’m not surprised at all that he’s into baby making jams lmaoo

Why?| Bucky Barnes x Reader. (Part 1)

Summary: Reader started to question their relationship and then walks in on something she never expected.

Pairing: Reader x Bucky, Bucky x Natasha

Warnings: Angst, Cheating, Language

Word count: 963 (They will get longer)

A/N: Hey so this is the first ever imagine I am posting on this account or any account….So bear with me, this may not be the best imagine! Anywayyyyy back to the imagine!!!

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so maybe I just wasn’t good enough to blow your mind
you know I’ve tried
these silver lines, they cut like blades of glass
not worth the blood
we’ve shared for love

so give it up, stop beating
hearts have gone cold
had enough repeating, it’s all been done before
hey now, when we gonna wake up?

the fool’s gold shines like diamonds in her eyes
thought we had a million but baby, we got nothing
fool’s gold shines like words that make us cry
we just keep on digging
find us something better for the next time