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Osmosis - Beelzebub (1970)

This is such an overlooked psych effort. This is an acid rock classic. I think the title probably came from what Judy called the lead singer or someone else at one point. The “Mary Had a Little Lamb” is the first recorded statement in human history… and is seriously creepy within the AMAZING soundscapes presented here. The rest of the LP is great jazz psych. Now to get ahold of my brother; he’s a guitarist and we are to jam/record in the near future. There’s music on here that we did;

I wrote the poem and did the zither parts. He did the woodwind and exotica sounds. We have recorded a plethora of material through the last decades but this is probably the only piece that I have shared. The pics are from my world travels… few of them at that. So anyway he needs to hear the above for what I am aiming at on our next 2 or 3 day jam session.