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a few days into playing Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer and i gotta say!!! i love it!!!!

a thing about this game that i REALLY love is that it has absolutely no time sensitive elements to it at all.  that means i can not play for two days and not worry about what happened “while i was gone” like with other animal crossing games.  it also means i can zone out in the middle of playing and nothing bad will happen lmao

mostly!!!! you get to make cute houses!!! there’s no points given in-game, so you dont have to sacrifice personal taste for Good Score, and theres no issue of money or budget that plays into what you are capable of doing!

as far as i can see, the game is basically going around and being assigned or selectively choosing which villagers (out of a randomly? selected handful) you want to make a house for!  you get new furniture sets based on what the client wants, so its fairly easy to get the kind of stuff you personally want while still bein a little random.

the interactivity with the villagers themselves isnt as complex as in other AC games.  you visit villagers after you’ve made their house and they say like three or four canned phrases that never seem to change.  

to make up for not having things like Daily Schedules to show personality and flair, though, theyve made a lot of furniture objects more interactive! you can smell flowers! you can play a tambourine along to some music! you can see ur little dude reading books off bookshelves!!  once i went into Goldie’s house (I gave her a fireplace) and she was warming her paws by the fire and wagging her tail.

you can also dress villagers in pretty much anything you yourself can wear, so i have this antelope guy walking around in a Cool Guy blazer and these small hipster sunglasses and its really quite fantastic, and anyone can wear a cute dress.

if you are looking for a REALLY low maintenance, relaxing, adorable game that asks nothing from you except that you love cute polygons, then this is the game for you.  if you want something a little more RPG and immersive, and REALLY like catching bugs and fish in earlier AC games, this one may not be as good of a fit

for me, though, this is basically what ive always wanted AC to be??? LMAO so check it out if thats the kinda stuff you like :’) 

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is better to start samurai jack, troll hunters or the how to train your dragon series?

i’ve never seen the how to train your dragon show

i LOVE trollhunters but samurai jack is my jam so I vote that

Vote Cascade

Hey guys, there are only two days left to vote in #AdventureJam! If you haven’t already and fancy experiencing a weird little pixel story experiment I made in two weeks, you can download my entry Cascade here and vote on it here. Any help sharing this would also be much appreciated. Thank you so much to everybody that downloads, shares and takes the time to vote or has already voted, it means so much to me that you gave it a chance.

I’m writing up some thoughts on #AdventureJam and making Cascade now, and after the jam is over I’ll be revisiting Cascade and adding in some of the things I didn’t have time to do.