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Meme about meeting characters

Twitter had a “like this thing and I’ll tell you about a character,” here is a quick and slightly edited list for cross-posting-promotional purposes.

A comprehensive “whose who” with artwork will be posted later this year when the blog launches.

  1. Red Kelp, dryad, has very little magical talent, which is odd for her kind. She struggles with this.
  2. The Purple Paw Thievery, a guild of magical rabbits that constantly steal, are generally beloved. They rarely take anything valuable.
  3. No one quite knows “what” Atticus is and he won’t say. Very limited shape shifting ability, terrible at tech, kinda bad with magic. But Knows Too Much.
  4. Nixxi, sea nymph, is deeply devoted to lost gods of storm & sea. She is piecing together her beliefs in found artifacts and old books.
  5. Dime Store Halloween is one of the most popular bands in the Netherworld. They tend to play smaller venues for more fan interaction.
  6. Lemon Peel, dragon, is constantly scheming to get snacks. It is adorable so this nearly always works. Teams up with PPThievery often
  7. Strawberry, mermaid, is exceptionally powerful magically. She has a bright, summer personality and often makes gifts (wreaths especially)
  8. Magma (everyone calls her Ham), gorgon, is a brilliant engineer – of space tech & business deals. She is immensely powerful & respected
  9. Penny P. Post, vampire, fights to balance shyness and being an extrovert. Small amounts of attention are grand but too much is worrisome
  10. Mister Ghost is a retired adventurer who enjoys farming and sitting on the porch, listening to stories. Doesnt feel the need to say much
  11. Creepy Crepes is a diner run by ghosts. The service is quick, the food is riddled with delicious slime, the milk shakes are cursed
  12. Zelda K. Arcadia, witch, is extremely talented at getting people to share secrets. She is slick and quiet and dangerous.
  13. Harper L. Vandergloom, skeleton, is a librarian in charge of the Lost Book Brigade, adventurers that recover forgotten tomes and scrolls
  14. Hopscotch All-Colors, gnome, is the time traveling postmaster of the Netherworld Post Office. Uses colorful outfits to track timelines
  15. The Potion Maker’s Authority holds regular demonstrations, workshops & chili cookoffs to brew up interest in their craft
  16. The Muenster Lunar Colony Bar & Grill is a gateway to space at large. And the fries are -to-die- for.
  17. Gardot is an underwater town, bigger than Peyroux and not as remote. Known for its musical and magic culture.
  18. Autumn’s Lost Wood is a forest of  perpetual October. It is full of ghosts, carnivorous plants, goblins, ghouls & monsters
  19. Sophie M. Starwater, elemental mage, will get you out of a jam and bring snacks while she does. Cinnamon roll. Owns many axes.
  20. The Queen regularly puts on tournaments so her “secret” (everyone knows) warrior lover will showcase her incredible physical strength
  21. The Netherworld is full of harmless gossip – everyone talks about everyone (unless you ask for your business not to be shared)
  22. Enemies are common but malice is very rare. It is not unusual for mortal foes to dine together occasionally in neutral locations.

nails for breakfast, tacks for snacks (demo) // panic! at the disco

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[#E-tion] We had bread and jam as a snack today haha We ate our meals and snacks well so don’t worry 😄😄😄

P.S. Minseok-ah, is it yummy~~?

translation by: fy-onf take with full credit