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🙈❁ ❦¡¡SORPRESA!!~Dibujo Ship War ❦❁ 🙈


Aquí está mi sorpresita 7w7 ya hacía mucho que quería dibujar a estos personajes  ≧◉◡◉≦
Adoro los trabajos de @moringmark *0* sobretodo este hermoso cómic 7w7

Si os preguntáis porque hay corazones en el dibujo, es porque shippeo a Jam y a Elizabeth…sí, sé que es raro ;_; pero no me juzguéis!! también sé que es imposible, pero dejadme soñar D,: *no creo ser la unica que los shippea* es que adoro los amores imposibles (??
Aunque sea partidaria de Starco, también soy partidaria de este platónico ship :,)

Espero que @moringmark vea mi dibujo y que le guste ;w;❤

Personajes de:
❥Jam y Elizabeth /canon/, Ship War cómic~ @moringmark
❥Terry /non canon/~ @dera59

🙈❁ ❦¡¡SURPRISE!!~Ship War Drawing ❦❁ 🙈


Here is my surprise 7w7 I had long wanted to draw these characters
≧ ◉◡◉ ≦
I love the work of @moringmark *0* especially this beautiful comic 7w7

If you ask because there are hearts in the drawing, it’s because I ship Jam and Elizabeth…yes, I know it’s weird ;_; But do not judge me!! I also know it’s impossible, but let me dream D,: *I don’t think I’m the only one that ship them* is that I love impossible loves (?? 
Although I am a supporter of Starco, I am also a supporter of this Platonic ship  :,)

I hope @moringmark see my drawing and that he likes it  ;w;❤

Characters of:
❥Jam and Elizabeth /canon/, Ship War comic ~ @moringmark
❥Terry /no canon/ ~ @dera59


i present the greatest song ever written. listen to it. 

When the alarm rings at 5:45 AM, it takes me a minute to remember that I am sleeping in a hotel in Ohio, which makes the sight of a man sleeping across the room temporarily disorienting. The details quickly organize in my groggy brain, and I realize it’s just my dad.

It is Tuesday, the last day of February. Sarah and I are in Gahanna, Ohio for a few speaking engagements at a public high school. Dad is along to keep me alive.

Gahanna is a comfortably busy suburb just outside of Columbus—cozy neighborhoods tucked behind larger streets lined with strip malls and restaurants galore. As a whole, the town feels mellow, and happy about it.

By 6 AM I am up in my chair and dressed. Getting a button up shirt over my contorted limbs is rarely an easy process, but this one slips right on. Dad pulls my tie tight while the Keurig sputters muddy water into a styrofoam cup. I feel crisp and alert. We’ve been giving these talks for over two years now, but the nerve jangles before every engagement have never gone away. They’re almost comforting by now.

We scarf down a brief breakfast in the hotel lobby. Everyone in the small cafe has their attention glued to the television, where a weather reporter is warning of unusually severe storms throughout the day—torrential rain, lightning, high winds, hail, even tornadoes. I look out to the parking lot and see dark clouds in the morning sky. I don’t think much of it, though. At this point, about 90 minutes before we’re scheduled to speak to 500 high school students, my mind is focused solely on our speech. I still don’t have an opening joke figured out, and the opener often sets the tone for the whole talk. I’m not fretting; we’ll think of something.

The ride to the high school is easy, just three blocks, and so far, it’s not raining. In the parking lot, Sarah unloads our supplies onto the hand truck. Books, mic stand, nonprofit materials. The whole thing wobbles perilously on a janky left wheel as we approach the front entrance. We go on stage in about an hour.

Gahanna High School is impressive in size with over 2,500 students. There’s a security guard in the lobby who takes our IDs, but what I most notice is the warmth of the place. The ceilings are high and the hallways wide, but there’s color all around us. Student club flyers, murals, trophy cases. A group of kids are laughing far off down the main hall.

Alright, cool, we’re here.

We are greeted by a friendly student named Kennedy who takes us down a carpeted hallway to the backstage entrance. Kennedy says she’s been following us online for some time and just so happened to be assigned the job as our liaison the day before.

I’m going over details in my head. Did we remember everything? Do I know the speech? Am I sweating too much?

As we get to the auditorium, a teacher comes out to meet us, one of the people I’ve been communicating with to set up these talks. This is when the fun begins.

“We’ve had quite a morning,” she laughs nervously, “our sound engineer is out today for surgery, and we’ve just discovered the microphones are locked up in a closet. Unfortunately, he’s the only one with the key to open it.”

If we’ve learned anything during our time as speakers, it’s that you’re going to run into challenges. Whether the issue is a broken projector or a corrupt PowerPoint file or a traffic jam, every engagement presents numerous opportunities for glitches and hang ups. Over the years, we’ve gotten better at taking these challenges in stride, going with the flow. That’s one reason we always arrive to talks an hour early, so that we can sort out any issues with plenty of time.

Sarah speaks first: “No big deal! We’ll get it figured out!“

We head into the backstage area as the teacher continues explaining the dilemma. The auditorium is massive, one of the largest we’ve ever spoken in. I drive out to center stage and squint beyond the glare of the spotlights. The room is far too large for no microphone. I gulp.

The four of us share a collective moment of understanding; we need a solution, and quick!

The next hour is nothing short of incredible. Another teacher arrives and everyone springs into action. The teachers hop on their phones with others in the building and begin searching for answers. As the minutes tick by, people begin showing up eager to help.

What if we rented equipment? Who can we call? Could we move the talk to the gym? What if all the kids sat on the stage? Story time style!

Kennedy runs off to find a karaoke machine that was last seen in the library.

Everyone is working together to solve the problem, but the best part is that we’re all having a great time in the process. We’re even laughing as the solutions become more and more absurd ("Can someone just repeat everything Shane says but louder?”). We all seem to be on the same page: this is crazy unfortunate, but you know what? It’s also hilarious, and we’ll make it work! One way or another this speech is going to happen in… oh god, 15 minutes.

The principal shows up, and in a moment of pure hilarity, it’s decided that we’ll cut the lock off with industrial bolt cutters. A man from facilities is radioed and arrives shortly thereafter with what appears to be a pair of hedge trimmers. He returns from the sound room with the microphones and a smile. We all clap and celebrate. The speech is saved!

Throughout this entire ordeal, teachers and administrators repeatedly joked with me that I was going to drive back to Pennsylvania and rip them apart in my next story. They were only half correct. I did absolutely want to share this moment with the world, but not because of any negative feelings, quite the opposite!

Sarah and I both agree that the staff and faculty at Gahanna High School are some of the coolest people we’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. They showed us the definition of effective teamwork, and we were left with nothing but happy memories from our experience with them. They were calm, friendly, and full of humor even in a very tough situation.

Thanks for laughing with us, Gahanna! And sorry about your audio closet!

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don't?? talk to my online best friend??? like this???? it very disrespectful?? //in all reality, next time don't use that format cause you kinda sound like a jerk. I'm watching kindergarten boyfriend and it looks fine - and even so, use a more polite presentation cause jam doesn't deserve your passive aggressive comment okay

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Do you see the way that tree bends? Does it inspire?

Leaning out to catch the sun’s rays…a lesson to be applied…

Are you gettin’ something out of this all encompassing trip?

You can spend your time alone redigesting past regrets oh…

Or you can come to terms and realize
You’re the only one who can forgive yourself oh yeah…

Makes much more sense to live in the present tense…

—  Eddie Vedder
Kanaya Raps

While they were on the meteor Dave, Karkat and Kanaya had some interactions about rap, and we know that Karkat and Dave jammed… or at least Dave jammed and Karkat listened.

I have a headcanon that Kanaya was there too, just occasionally supplying a word when Dave got stuck, and listening. So that naturally led to a headcanon that after all was said and done, Kanaya and Rose attended several of Dave and Karkat’s jams… and this happened:

(Presented in Pesterlog Format for no particular reason)

TG: I wasn’t looking but I found myself a hot troll;
TG: I swear he’s flyer than a flock of freaking crows y'all
TG: I mean a Murder.
TG: Because I’m killing this!
TG: Now Karkat take the beat, just make it up and run with it.
TG: Naw babe you love it now get ready ‘cause here comes the high hat
TG: Yo you’re just mad because these beats have got you Human Gay.
TG: I see you tapping your foot Karkat, you know you love my music.
GA: But Do You Think You Are The Only Person Who Can Do This?

*Kanaya clears her throat*

GA: May I Present A Flighty Broad Whose Lips Rip Like A Chainsaw,
GA: With Skin So Brightly Shining We Don’t Need Lights On The Dance Floor,
GA: Here Is The Wife Of Rose,
GA: Arriving On A Wave Of Prose,
GA: Now Hold On Tightly To Your High-Hat As This Gets Verbose.
GA: I’m Slick With The Click Click Click
GA: And Stick To Your Tricks On The DJ Deck, ‘Yo’.
GA: Just Admit This Sick Jade-Blooded Sylph Has Got You Licked
TG: Whoa
GA: Are You Hearing This?
GA: Because Defeat Is Imminent.
TT: Bow down to the Matriarch of Rap!
GA: Don’t Worry Rose, I’ve Got This.
GA: I’ll Make You Pitch For This Wordsmith With Elecution So Perfect
GA: It Transcends The Word 'Spit’; What Will You Do About It?
GA: I Am A Luminous Ruinous Gorgeous Force Of Nature,
GA: And Perfectly Impervious To The Words Of My Haters.
GA: No Dolorosa Can Overthrow Kanaya, No Sir,
GA: I’ve Greater Flow Than Rose’s Rains over LOLAR Just Ask Her.
GA: Now Turn The Beat Off While You Have A Chance To Save Some Face.
GA: Because Not One Rapper Here Can Step To The Sylph Of Space.
*Beat cuts*
*Stunned silence*
*Mic Drop*

TT: Dave, dear, you’re drooling.


The effort that must’ve gone into this. And the fact that this video could only be seen from the link that BTS tweeted means that Jungkook didn’t care about anybody’s attention but ARMY’s. This was the present that he promised he would give to ARMYs on the fan cafe on his birthday. How much time and effort that must’ve gone into making this cover. And the fact that with his busy schedule, he still managed to make an absolutely perfect cover with amazing vocals and pronunciation shows how much he cares about us ARMYs. I cannot appreciate Jungkook enough. And not just him, but BTS in their entirety. They love ARMYs so much. I just hope that they know that we love them just as much, if not, even more. BTS fighting ✊!

I have a sudden need for a 30s/40s/50s/somewhere-in-there au where Grantaire is a grumpy, cynical woman who writes advice guides for young women living on their own without parents or husbands or what-have-you.

One of which Enjolras, who has moved out of her parents’ home, finished with school, has no interest in entertaining a beau, and lives in spartan simplicity, receives for a gift.

At first, this definitely gets a disdainful curl of the lip, but it’s full of advice like: go have a social life; take up hobbies; get a job or some shift because sitting at home all day is boring; treat yourself, dammit; read some scandalous books; learn how to drink and serve alcohol, dammit; learn these five recipes for easy, competent looking hosting; and feel free to have boyfriends, just don’t give up your job to be someone’s mistress because you can’t trust bankers, a certain miss. f, they’re assholes.

And Enjolras is… actually impressed? But also sometimes VERY OFFENDED. So she ends up writing to this author to ask some questions (learning to interact with people is very confusing????) and argue some points because some of it is very Not Progressive for someone so interested in women’s liberation (to which Grantaire wails “I am not trying to free women from the tyranny of social pressure!” while advising women on how to circumvent cultural expectations and love themselves).

So they write back and forth for months and everything is a disaster until it’s not, and they finally have a chance to meet in person. Enjolras is surprised at Grantaire’s ability to be by turns eloquent and ranty, and Grantaire is surprised at how quiet and reserved Enjolras is when she’s not writing in a flight of soul.

(This all ends, of course, with them being bachelorettes together, cuddling in Grantaire’s massive, sinfully comfortable bed, and Enjolras still refusing to learn to cook more and Grantaire both preening and being very smug at Enjolras’ new understanding of why some women enjoy picking out clothes that flatter them.)

“We celebrate extraordinary Americans who have lifted our spirits, strengthened our union, pushed us toward progress. I always love doing this event, but this is a particularly impressive class. We’ve got innovators and artists. Public servants, rabble rousers, athletes, renowned character actors—like the guy from Space Jam.” —President Obama presenting the 2016 Medal of Freedom to 21 extraordinary Americans yesterday, including Michael Jordan

little jay with an unruly mop of hair, of messy angel curls. 

jason struggling to detangle his stubborn hair and wincing with each painful pass of the brush.

jay fighting through knots only to find that he’s somehow accumulated a head full of them by the time he finishes the five minute walk to the bus stop.

jason’s teachers tutting over his disheveled head while jason ducks his head in shame and slinks low in his rickety plastic chair.

jason’s brush getting stuck in his hair. jay pulling on the handle with increasingly panicked tugs only to find that it’s hopelessly tangled. he trudges over to his mother’s bed to wake her, but it’s no use, the same as any other morning. no matter how many times he nudges his mom’s shoulder, she never wakes up. she’s too sick. jay feels selfish for even trying to disturb her rest.  

he’s at a loss for what to do and buries his face in his hands. then all of a sudden jay’s rumpled head pops up as he’s struck with a lightbulb idea. 

jay marches down the hall of his apartment complex and takes a deep breath, gathering up his courage and squeezing tight the change-filled sock in his hand. jay breathes out as he knocks on the door, his air whooshing out of him all at once. 

mrs. mendoza, the hairdresser, answers and listens in bemusement as jay tells her his woes and thrusts out his sock full of change. she waves off the sock and ushers him inside, plopping him down on a stool next to the breakfast table. 

she gets to work spritzing and untangling jay’s stubborn curls from the bristles of his brush. mrs. mendoza’s little girl sits across from jason on her highchair, sucking on her fingers and looking at jason with wide eyes. jay smiles at the little girl hesitantly and she beams back at him. 

mrs. mendoza’s fingers are quick and gentle and it seems like no time at all before he’s being ushered out the door, brush in hand. 

after jay gets taken in by bruce he continues his long-formed habit of having mrs. mendoza cut his hair. only now, instead of receiving a discounted haircut, he pays in full and leaves 50s in the tip jar. 

mrs. mendoza treats him the same as she always has. she ruffles his curls and thanks him very seriously. bids him goodbye until next time.