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In the upcoming episode of Yowamushi Pedal it’s been shown that we’re going to see Kinjou and Arakita together at Yonan university, looks like they’re probably sitting in the bike club room.

I didn’t think we’d be seeing them in college/university so soon or at all but I am feeling so blessed. KinAra is my OTP and college age guys are my jam.

ungracefulme  asked:

Re: Blueberry Pop Tarts. DELICIOUS. EVEN WHEN NOT ICED. I never ever heart my Pop Tarts, preferring instead to dunk those suckers in cold, cold milk. I would eat them by the dozen if I could. BY THE DOZEN. (Unless they're the ones that have maybe 1/2 teaspoon of filling in them and those can be trashed in a fire.) They are infinitely preferable over the nasty cinnamon-whatever ones or whatever wild-buttberry-jam flavor they're pedaling. In summary: Yes.

We’re now in a minor fight, something like a tiff or a spat, over the ICING SITUATION, but in strong agreement on the rest. I will say that the cinnamon ones can be rescued somewhat by dunking in coffee for a long time, like make-them-soggy long time. You toss them out but drink the coffee after it assumes that excellent cinnamon/sugar/brown dye #5 flavor.

Lovi and I were skyping and look at all these fanfic writer AU headcanons

Arakita is just crack. He can take the most depressing show ever and make you laugh about it. Mainly because he is the snark master.

Fukutomi isn’t so keen on pairings but has a ton of AUs that aren’t too long, good quality and he updates often.

Izumida is fluff. So much fluff. Fluff without plot for miles around.

Manami writes angst and only angst because your tears sustain him.

Shinkai is hurt/comfort but sometimes dives way off the deep end into angst-ville. like WAY OFF.

Toudou writes tooth-rotting sugary sweetness most of the time with lots of family themes.

Kinjou only writes for 2-3 pairings. But they are super high quality, long and amazing series of those 2-3 pairings.

Makishima writes really quality fic but leaves huge gaps in between updates.

Tadokoro takes every fandom ever and turns it into coffee shop AU. He never writes anything but oneshots and it’s a ton of barista/absolutely any other job ever.

Aoyagi doesn’t write fics but draws fanart of his favorites and puts his favorite quotes in the description. He tends to promo lesser known fics.

Teshima almost exclusively writes for rarepairs. He takes a lot of requests.

Imaizumi has a hard time getting inspiration so he uses story prompts. But when he does have inspiration it’s like 10k words in a night. He wrote songfics when he first started out and now regrets it.

Naruko writes the shitty parody nsfw fics. He has used the word “meat wand” before and has a goal to use as many awful synonyms for genitalia as possible.

Onoda has a 50k word Love Hime fic that’s super popular and his fans refer to him as Love Ouji. Getting kudos on your story from him is just “omgkghsksjkj”; like getting acknowledged by him is the ultimate sign of ya done good.

Sugimoto writes pretty good fics but only has like 10 followers.

(optional but encouraged response: what kind of writer are you? are you a teshima? a makishima?)


How we created the Wailing Stone sound effects for “The Message”!

For the Steven Universe episode “The Message”, creator Rebecca Sugar and sound editor Tony Orozco had to create some cool effects for the wailing stone.
Rebecca is playing on a modified Omnichord and Tony is jamming on effect pedals.
In the final version, you can hear a voice singing right before the car battery explodes. That was Rebecca singing!


This week in Siren and Lovi don’t know when to quit with their headcanons: Pokemon AU!

Onoda and Miki to run the Pokemon daycare. They give you berries if you bring in a fairy-type Pokemon. You bring in a ditto and some other Pokemon, Miki knows exactly whats going on wink wink. Onoda just sits there smiling because he’s that guy that never notices until eggs show up.

Makishima trains bug types. He has an Ariados and a Galvantula. Godspeed against all those additional-effect moves.

Fukutomi train steel types. He has a Mawile and a Klefti because there is no arguing with that fairy/steel resistance.

Izumida had a Gyarados that he raised all on his own from a Magikarp. They became strong together!

Shinkai is a water-type gym leader but he runs a rabbit farm in his spare time. Need an Azurill? Buneary? Bunnelby? He’s got you covered. Take one, seriously bro’s got rabbits for days.

Midousuji has poison-types. His starter was a Zubat that mom gave him that he loved into a Crobat.

Teshima and Aoyagi are the ultimate tag team. Aoyagi has a team of illusion-based Pokemon (Ditto, Zoroark, and Stantler). Teshima has all psychic-types (Meowstic, Gallade, and Xatu).

Naruko and Imaizumi are rivals but it doesn’t really work out because Imaizumi trains ghost-types and Naruko trains fighting-types but ghosts are immune to fighting and vice-versa. It never ends.

Tadokoro is one of those trainers who goes around planting berries everywhere. His team is Urasring, Beartic, and Pangoro. They protect beginning trainers from potential dangerous wild Pokemon.

Toudou is, but what else, a contest star. His Milotic has been trained up from a wild Feebas into a beauty. He breeds on the side and is sad when people don’t want to adopt a Feebas until it evolves. 

Manami loves big flying-types so he can ride on them. He has a Drimblim that tried to carry him off as a Drifloon. Altaria acts as his pillow 90% of the time.

Arakita only trains cat Pokemon. He doesn’t care if they’re not strong, he’s not aiming for the Pokemon league. Espeon, Delcatty, Purugly, and Liepard~

Ishigaki works as an assistant professor. He’ll hand out starter Pokemon, pokeballs, and potions. Give this man a raise, he deserves it. 

Kinjou has a Serperior. He’s an ace trainer that takes in abandoned Pokemon and helps them find new homes. Might donate them to Ishigaki if they’re young enough to be starter Pokemon. Give him a raise, too.

her words go through me;

not around me, through me.

my mother says something 

in a voice that bleeds sin,

and I have learned long ago 

to let them writhe out of my open window.

i picture my hands gripping the wheel,

i feel my feet jam the pedal to the floor,

i hear the tires screech.

my mother dies, 

choking on her deep red words.

there is the smell of smoke 

and i kiss her goodbye.

More Lovi and Siren skype adventures: What if the yowapeda characters were in a rpg au?

Machimiya: That character you meet right at the very beginning who tries to guide you through the starting area via very annoying speeches

Sugimoto: He’s very experienced, so he’ll help you pick out your character class and give you your starting moves. Eventually you’ll get a quest to go find him again and he’ll give you the final skill or smth via spellbook.

Tadokoro: Samurai class. Runs into battle screaming, and announces all his attacks. They all have lengthy names.

Kinjou: Paladin class. Throw whatever you want at him, he can take all your hits and still have enough health to whoop you.

Makishima: The healer who’s always asking “why don’t y’all just use your potions”. He can see that stockpile you’re saving. Stop that. Just use your potions. He wants to take a nap.

Naruko: The bard. Used to be salty about his character class before he realized he could use his skills to piss off Imaizumi.

Imaizumi: Assassin class. Always tries to take down Naruko to no avail because Naruko can just keep healing and has forcefields. The neverending battle.

Onoda: The white mage who wants nothing more to follow in Makishima’s footsteps and for his friends to stop fighting. Always on the sidelines telling everything to chill out.

Aoyagi: A summoner. Teshima is his summoning, a kitsune. They used to just do the battle thing together, but now Aoyagi summons him to hang out, they’re best friends.

Midousuji: The monster demon who was supposed to destroy the entire world but then decided “nah”. Runs around causing general havoc until the ending battle, where he’ll grudgingly help out.

Fukutomi: Aka the Final Boss, the turtle-dragon. aka he really didn’t mean to cause so much trouble, this is all just a terrible misunderstanding. Thinks everyone is fighting because it creates closer bonds.

Ishigaki: Aka the one who screwed everything up. Everything was going just fine with the world until he thought he’d be cool and accidentally summoned that demon.

Arakita: That one character who is always handing out freebies before missions. “I don’t like you, I just happen to be here. I like hanging out in front of dungeons. Now scram.”

Manami: That weird hermit who lives in the middle of nowhere and will send you on bizarre quests for even more bizarre items. But if you actually manage to complete those quests, he’ll give you rare items.

Toudou: He is royalty. Does nothing but sell expensive skins and items. Probably will insult you in delightfully underhanded ways unless you pay him compliments first.

Aya: A princess. Faked her kidnapping to get some alone time but SOMEONE keeps hiring guilds to go find her. Just wants to play a game of cards with Miki, the friendly demon.

Shinkai: Beastmaster, king of the forest. Hear him roar. Except not really, the animals are sleeping. Do not disturb.

Izumida: Shinkai’s acolyte and gunslinger extraordinaire. Kinds sorta maybe terrified of Shinkai and his army of forest animals.



1st photo: (left to right)
[1st row] Hino Satoshi (Shinkai), Abe Atsushi (Izumida), Matsuoka Yoshitsugu (Aoyagi), Toriumi Kousuke (Imaizumi), Itou Kentarou (Tadokoro)
 [2nd row] Yonaga Tsubasa (Manami), Yamashita Daiki (Onoda), Fukushima Jun (Naruko)
Although Matsuoka-san is not the seiyuu guest here but he came to see them! <3

2nd photo: Seiyuu time~

3rd photo: LASTGASP on the stage! They sang “LINK”, Yowamushi Pedal the Movie OST

4th photo: MAGIC OF LiFE on the stage!

5th photo: ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D on the stage!

Everything looked so awesome for me, what an amazing stage!