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ehnnie  asked:

hello~! just thought i'd drop by and say i really really love your blog! ♡ you seem like such a lovely person & your town really inspired me to start playing acnl again after not picking it up for a long while~ i've visited your dream address like 3 times & it's seriously my fav town ever~ keep up the great work! ♡ hope you have a wonderful day! (ノ´ з `)ノ~ ♡ (from mayor-ehnnie)

hi there! 🌼 ~~ omg thank you! this message is too nice, I don’t even know how to reply aww heCK..!! I’m super flattered you like my blog and himawari so much ♡(;◒;人) it’s such an honor… I am seriously blown away aaah tysssm!! it means the world to me that you like my precious little home

and I’m really excited to hear that you’re playing again! ♪ your ac blog and content are my jam! 💗 your town looks mega adorable! and please have a wonderful day yourself! (⊃;◇;(❛▿❛*) 💐♡


Star Boys ⭐ soooo… i disappeared for a few days (O   v O);; and THIS is why! (=   w =) i had a tiny revolution inside myself and this is what i made out of it. a product of artists block and k-pop music. i’m going to make a longer post about this piece, with some WIP shots and more of my thoughts in the next day or two, so if that’s your jam~ look forward to it! (^    w ^) else~ i really hope you all enjoy this one! i really poured my heart into it! <3

EDIT: process work has now been posted >here< (o    w o) <3