jam jar drinks

A drarry drabble by me

The early evening sun was beginning to paint the library walls with beautiful and intricate red and gold shadows. I found myself infatuated by the stories they were telling as the danced along the overflowing book shelf’s. 

“Draco,” A soft voice broke me out of my daze and i turned to face Pansy. She was smiling softly at me, a rare expression on her usually cool and collected face. “Are you coming down to the lake for a while?” 

“The lake?” I raised an eyebrow at her. 

Blaise sank down elegantly in one of the high backed red chair across from me. “Yes the lake, Draco, you know the large pool of water situated west from the forest?” He deadpanned. 

“Ha.” I said humorlessly. “I meant why would i come down to the lake?” 

“Some of the eighth years a gathering down there for drinks and what not. I assumed you`d want a study break.” Pansy explained, she said it lightly while examining her perfect matte black nails. But i could hear the warning in her tone. 

She was aware of the fact i had been excluding myself from social activities since returning to Hogwarts and had been encouraging me to participate. 

“I`ll make an appearance later.” 

“No you will make an appearance now,” Blaise said sharply before Pansy could object. “Don`t make me levitate you, Malfoy.”

I sighed, defeated and tipped my head back to admire the shadows high on the walls again. They danced over the books, tantalizing me to stay and decipher their story. It would have to wait.

“I`ll stay for an hour.”

Pansy didn`t even bother to hide her smug, satisfied grin as she grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the library. Her sharply cut black bob swished elegantly as she strode down the stone corridor and out of the castle.

Even from a distance i could make out the small gathering of eighth years that had returned after the war. They appeared to be sitting in a circle by the sandy lake shore. 

The three of us approached the group; Pansy purposefully, I warily, and Blaise aloofly. Once we reached the edge of the grass bordering the edge of the grounds to the beach, i slipped out from my Vans and dumped them next to the messy pile of shoes already there. Pansy slipped of her heels and Blaise toed off his leather brogues. 

“Hey guys you`s want a butter beer?” Dean Thomas, our new found friend, called from the circle. 

“You got anything stronger?” I replied. 

Dean laughed, “Coming right up.” 

We joined the group and Pansy took a seat next to Granger leaving Blaise and i left to squeeze in between Potter and Theo. Blaise automatically sat down next to Theo and smirked at me as i awkwardly sat down next to Potter.

Dean passed me a glass jam jar filled with some drink and winked at me as i took it. Warily, i raised the jar to my nose. I relaxed as i recognized the familiar scent of firewhiskey. 

“I, uh, like what you did with your hair, Malfoy.” Potter said suddenly, drawing my attention away from the jar in my hands. 

Self consciously i ran a hand through my newly dyed hair. Over the summer i had tried a few things but settled with sky blue before returning to school. 

“I figured it would piss Lucius off the most.” I said honestly.

Potter looked awkward. He had attended my fathers trial where he had been sentenced to death for his crimes against the wizarding world.

I raised the jam jar to my lips and took a deep drink of firewhiskey. I took a minute to look around the circle. It was strange to see all of us here. To see us doing something so normal after we had fought a war. None of us were supposed to be alive - but here we were, on this ordinary, insignificant September night, living and breathing and drinking. Being the children we always should have been before we were made to fight an adults war. 

The firewhiskey felt warm in my stomach and before i knew it i was becoming more relaxed and soon fell into a conversation with Potter and Weasley about Quidditch. I guess since i had dyed my hair blue the deemed me less intimidating or something. 

We were just settling into a healthy debate about which seeker was better; The Cannons or The Harpies when Granger raised her very tipsy voice. The alcohol made her voice deeper and her accent more pronounced and she barley sounded like her usual, composed self. 

“Lets play spin the bottle!” She announced.  

Everyone else seemed to be in agreement about the idea and i didn`t really care. I had kissed a lot of people in Slytherin, boys and girls alike. A quick snog didn’t mean anything. 

“If you choose to opt out of the snog, which has to last seven second at least, you have to answer a truth.” Granger explained to a confused looking Ernie McMillian as she went over the rules.

She placed an empty bottle of fire whiskey on the sand. “I`ll go first.” 

She pointed her wand at the bottle and it began to spin wildly. I discreetly glanced up to see Pansy’s dark brown eyes narrowed and trained on the bottle. It spun around the circle once more before coming to an abrupt stop - that no one questioned - pointing directly at Pansy. 

Granger flushed but appeared to summon her inner Gryffindor and clambered rather ungracefully into Pansy`s lap. The proceeded to have a very long and intense make out session and after more than a few of us cleared our  throats awkwardly, Granger pulled back and stumbled out of her lap. 

“Next.” She ordered, her voice hoarse and still laced with alcohol. 

Another few spins occurred and everyone engaged in boring lip locks and various broing truths regarding their love lifes, until it was potters turn to spin. He didn’t even use his wand, just stared a the bottle and wandlessly and wordlessly made it spin. It spun a few times and i found my eyes trained on the bottle. It began slowing down and just as it looked like it was about to stop facing Blaise i cast a non-verbal, wandless spell (Potter`s not the only one who can do those) causing it to jolt and face me. Again, no one questioned it but as i turned to face the savior himself i caught Pansy`s knowing look. 

The light had begun to fade and it was getting much later than i thought, but Potter`s intense green eyes were as clear as they would have been in the daylight. Especially as i began to lean closer to said eyes. Before i was too close, however, i reached up and plucked his glasses off. Once the were safely out of the way i cupped his check and angled his head to better suit my entry. He leaned in abruptly and caught my lips in a soft caress. Seven seconds passed and my heart felt like it had skipped seven beats. Just as i thought i should start to pull away he began to vary the pressure of his lips against mine. I tightened my hold on his face and my other hand came up to thread through his unruly hair. His hands came to settle safely on my hips. 

More time was passing but i was unaware of anything, expect the feeling of his lips, the roaring in my ears, and the fireworks exploding behind my eyelids. 

Bravely, i opened my lips against his causing a soft noise to escape his. His hands tightened on my hips and he eagerly began to trace my bottom lip with his tongue. 

His flavor was seeping into my mouth and i could taste the familiar tang of butterbeer. I allowed my tongue to meet his and they tangled for a second between our open mouths. 

I groaned into his mouth and felt heat pool in my belly at the feeling of my tongue entwined with his. I tightened my grip in his hair, pulling his head back to give myself better access to my mouth. 

Suddenly, i became aware that we had been kissing for several minutes. 

I pulled back and stared into his eyes. They were wide and unfocused without his glasses on. The last of the light was starting to fade but before it was gone it fell across his face in a bright beam. As the late sun was falling on his face, i think maybe, just maybe i`m falling a little bit in love with him.

ibelieveinimpossiblethings  asked:

I absolutely adore The Butter Pat Breakfast Cafe. WCIF the jam jars, decorative syrup, drinks and breakfast food (on plates and in skillets), the pancake pillow (?), and the pink flowers on the table? Your style is so fresh and lovely. Thank you so much! /post/156172045230/the-butter-pat-breakfast-cafe

Hello! Thank you so much for your kind words and I am so sorry this reply took a while. <3

1) Jam jars by paisley avenue (labeled ‘SIMC preserves’ in the Dropbox folder). 2) Orange drink with ice by 13pumpkin. 3) Skillets with food by soloriya. 4) Decorative syrup by Around the Sims. 5) Coffee and breakfast plates by kativip. 6) Pink flowers by honeywell. 7) Pancake chair by hafiseazale.