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ibelieveinimpossiblethings  asked:

I absolutely adore The Butter Pat Breakfast Cafe. WCIF the jam jars, decorative syrup, drinks and breakfast food (on plates and in skillets), the pancake pillow (?), and the pink flowers on the table? Your style is so fresh and lovely. Thank you so much! /post/156172045230/the-butter-pat-breakfast-cafe

Hello! Thank you so much for your kind words and I am so sorry this reply took a while. <3

1) Jam jars by paisley avenue (labeled ‘SIMC preserves’ in the Dropbox folder). 2) Orange drink with ice by 13pumpkin. 3) Skillets with food by soloriya. 4) Decorative syrup by Around the Sims. 5) Coffee and breakfast plates by kativip. 6) Pink flowers by honeywell. 7) Pancake chair by hafiseazale.