jam hugs are the best hugs :')))))))))


Hey @taylorswift ! You’ve been so supportive, kind to us, and just incredible recently and I just wanted to put something together to thank you. You’re honestly the best, greatest thing in our lives and we all appreciate your consistent support. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. This is a collage of about 100 fans just to thank you for how kind you’ve been recently.

We all love you SO much. Thank you for being our best supporters and such a huge source of happiness for us all. I hope that you see this and know how much we love you and how many people have your back.

People also submitted messages that I added below. I know that they would love for you to read them. Love you babe.

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it’s been exactly one month since I hugged the person who’s helped me through 10 years of my life. one month since I sat in her living room jamming out to her new album. one month since I told andrea that she raised a wonderful, talented and genuine angel who’s now my best friend. one month since I emotionally broke down over scott personally handing me guitar picks. one month since I heard her perform a heartfelt and emotional performance of new year’s day at her house. one month since she ran into my arms and hugged me for what felt like an eternity. one month since she held my hands and said “i feel like i’ve known you my whole life”. one month since she yelled my name and username before i️ even walked into the room to hug her. one month since i️ got to talk to my best friend face to face for the first time. one month since the best day of my life.

My friend told me she cried cause Space Jam and Mr. Brightside came on at the bar/club/place she was at, and I don’t know if she cried from laughter or from missing me, but I think it was from missing me and I miss her and it’s dumb that I’m not gonna be home again for a while cause I miss my dumb best friend so much it’s actually starting to hurt.

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Let us know about boy as soon as he leaves!!! I'm rooting for you guys

He left ten minutes ago! His best friend, once again, hurried him up because they’re going hunting in the morning and have to go buy stuff, and of course, *BOY* has to drive so his best friend kept blowing his phone up asking where he was when he knew *boy* was with me. So i said, “thank your best friend,” And he was like, “I’m going to kick his ass.” Anyway, he met my mum and dogs when he first walked in, my dog is in love with him and wouldn’t leave him alone. She thinks she found herself a new man. 😂😂 thanks to her he was hugging me goodbye for the second time and she came up behind me and jumped on me to try hug too and i accidentally jammed him in the door. That was a mess.
But yah, my mum heard him leave and she was like “why’d he leave, what happened?” And i was like, “his best friend kept bothering him to go get him bc they’re going hunting.” And she laughed her ass off and was like “he ditched you for his best friend and deer.” And i was like, “eh, bros before hoes.”
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Highlights of Singapore’s Captain America Blue Carpet (excuse the shit photos. It was one hell of a rowdy crowd):

-Anthony being the ultimate hype man, coaxing the crowd to keep shouting ‘Team Cap’
-Sebastian Stan being the absolute fan favourite with everyone chanting his name over and over
-Seb excessively sweeping his hair back over and over. I swear it was illegal but I am not complaining
-Seb being asked by a lil’ kid if Cap America was his best friend to which Seb walked over to Chris and bro hugged him and then went to the kid and picked him off the floor to give him a huuuuuge bear hug (I can’t believe you can die twice)
-Evans greeting the crowd that was way up on the 4th floor (because all floors from bottom to top were absolutely jammed packed af)
-Seb dedicating so much of his time to getting as many pics and autographs signed for all the fans around the blue carpet area

It was such a sight to see. Still legit starstruck over the whole thing!