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Eddie Vedder & Glen Hansard - Falling Slowly - 9/9/2017


Eddie Vedder - Sleeping By Myself - Ohana Festival - 9/9/2017


Eddie Vedder & Matt Cameron perform “Just Breathe” at the Pilgrimage Festival last night.

Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg, photographed backstage during HOT 97′s “Summer Jam” festival by Lenny “KodakLens” Santiago on June 25, 1999.

This was the year that headliner Jay dissed the up-and-coming rapper 50 Cent on the stage for the first time. 50 had recently name-dropped Hov on “How to Rob;” his debut single that detailed how he planned to rob numerous prominent figures in the R&B and hip-hop music scene. Hov responded by debuting his track “It’s Hot (Some Like It Hot)” during his set, which included the witty lyric: “Go against Jigga yo ass is dense, I’m about a dollar - what the fuck is 50 Cents?”

During a radio interview with Angie Martinez in 2002, Jigga explained how he was backstage with 50 before he spat the line: “[I told him] ‘Yo, I respect the record, yeah I liked that record, it was hot. But you know I gotta spank you dog!’ That was the conversation. [50 responded] ‘No doubt, do your thing!’ Then it was peace. History … What I respect though is that conversation. It was real.”

Was it ISIS, AntiFa, SOROS? Why did he do such a horrendous thing?

I think yes. And here’s why say that. There are many, myself included, who believe the CIA under Obama, in collusion with the UN saw an opportunity in the middle East and created the vacuum that brought about Isis(ISIL as Obama, John Kerry, and every official at the UN refers to it - ISIL refers to the Levant, a middle east without Israel). Their intention was to utilize this force to bend the world to a singular direction…a New World Order. Under this order they would be able to orchestrate an entirely new direction for all mankind.

God had other plans…the proverbial rabbit in a hat…Donald J Trump. President Trump takes office. He nominates General Mattis. Within his first week General Mattis incinerates 50+ Isis locations. Then Syria gets a royal spanking, then MOAB is deployed in Afghanistan in retribution for the murder of a single Green Beret. And the world stepped back as went “aww fuck”.

As the Pussy costumes and pink puddy tat hat parades weren’t working, and terrorists running like the rabid cockroaches they are, Soros and the Obama Social Justice League stepped up their AntiFa/Fascist-Nazi Objective….creating enemies where there were none. With 30-40,000 paid agitators and millions of soulless minions their army grouped, and prepared - and I have teased and joked about it in the past - but as of yesterday this became deadly serious.

Did he act alone…no, he acted with millions. A lifetime ultraliberal, recent convert to Islam, dating a woman from Indonesia - the largest Muslim nation in the world. His Facebook account was scrubbed as was her’s. His assault was a direct assassination of political opposition. A country music festival jam packed with Conservatives, Christians, Cowboys, Trump supporters, Constitution supporters. This is no longer annoying college children without proper parenting. This has become a whole different monster.

I fear that this is just the beginning of Escalating violence. The intent of which is to destabilize the United States in such a way, which would cause world markets to come crashing down and trillions of dollars to evaporate overnight. The world would have not choice but to send UN forces to “bring peace” to our private revolution. With our eyes off of Israel and watching our own problems the UN could do away with Israel’s borders and achieve Levant.

If you seek to do this, and you wage the war you are behaving as though you want, I must warn you. I will smoke a cigar over each and every one of your dead, rotting corpses while toasting any fallen Patriots with whisky. This is my promise, this is my vow.

Foodie Friday: Strawberry Jam!

-2 lbs fresh strawberries, washed and hulled
-4 cups sugar
-¼ cup lemon juice

1. In a large bowl, mash your strawberries until you get a chunky, fruity bowl of crushed strawberries. You can choose to blend them down for a smoother jam if you wish, or you can do as I did and leave nice big chunks and pieces of strawberry in to add a bit more texture!

2. In a large, heavy bottomed pot, transfer your strawberries and lemon juice. Over low heat, and constantly stirring, gradually add your sugar, dissolving it completely before you add more. Once all of the sugar has been added and dissolved, it’s time to move on to boiling the sauce. (This is the point at which the picture was taken… I apologize for a lack of finished product picture… I kept trying to remember to get pictures of the jam spread on toast, but…. it’s just so good!)

3. Bring your strawberry sauce up to a rolling boil over high heat, stirring to avoid burning. Check the temperature of the sauce with a candy thermometer periodically, and remove the sauce from the heat when it reaches 220 degrees Fahrenheit. 

4. Transfer your jam into a sterilized jar. If you are experienced with canning jams and preserves, and wish to proceed to a water bath, this would be the time. Alternatively, if you’re like me and know that that jam isn’t going to last more than a week or two at the most, transfer the jam to an airtight container and refrigerate immediately.

Note: Some recipes call for a less sugar and lemon juice, while others call for more depending on how long the preserves are meant to last. This recipe can last for several weeks, and up to a year in a sterile container when not opened.

Magical Ingredient!

This is an exciting time of year for California’s Central Coast. In part, it’s because it’s graduation season. It’s also the start of summer, which means that our region becomes rife with summer wine tastings, concerts in local parks, massive Farmers’ Markets, and our signature tri-tip BBQ cookouts.

As much as I love all of these big events, this time of the year also tends to be a point where our local farmers get a lot of attention. Our area tends to produce a large amount of spinach, brussels sprouts, broccoli, and our coastal cities are respected for their strawberry production. So much so that one town in the area holds an annual strawberry festival at the start of every summer!

So it’s only fitting that I honor this wonderful time of the year with a bit of homemade strawberry jam, using the local strawberries!

Strawberries as we tend to know them today are fairly recent in terms of cultivation, having been bred in the 18th century in Brittany, France. However, wild varieties of strawberries were popular and frequently cultivated throughout Europe. The garden strawberry - the kind we tend to pick up at the supermarket - was the result of crossbreeding the strawberry with American strawberry species in order to produce larger fruits.

Both wild and domesticated strawberry plants are fairly prolific, capable of being planted by seed, transplanted from the wild, and cultivated from cuttings (these plants can also reproduce asexually by growing “runners” - extensions of the plant that grow outward and take root nearby, effectively creating a natural clone of the parent plant). Their sweet fruits and medicinal properties made them rather desired, and even before the garden strawberry had been bred, strawberry cultivation was in high demand.

The whole plant was used to help treat depressive illnesses - the roots and leaves were able to be made into a weak tea to help lift the spirit and reduce the effects of aging. In Rome, strawberries were served to both freshen breath and to help lift the spirits of soldiers.

Strawberries are related to roses, and certain associations between the two can frequently be seen both in witchcraft and in folklore. Namely, the link with love and lust. Like roses, the bright red coloration of strawberries associates it with love and passion, while the fragrance and flavor are sweet and are common aphrodisiacs. It was said that if one were to share the fruit with another person, it would engender love between the two.

The leaves had another use in witchcraft - that of good fortune and fertility. As I’d mentioned earlier, strawberries are very prolific plants, and this was not lost on our ancestors. As such, the leaves would often be carried by women who were trying to get pregnant or who were already pregnant and wanted to promote health during the pregnancy while also relieving some pain and protecting themselves from postpartem depression.

As strawberries were also frequently traded - both in Europe and pre-European America - they’ve also developed a link with fortune and prosperity. Therefore, the leaves can be incorporated into sachets to bring luck, health, or love into one’s life.

A simple love spell involves eating a strawberry slowly, savoring the flavor and focusing on the person you love as you do so. Kissing said lover right afterward helps promote love, passion, and fortune in a healthy relationship.

As can be imagined, strawberries are extremely versatile ingredients for the kitchen witch. The methods of preparing the fruit are nearly endless, ranging from drying, preserving as jams and jellies, creating sweet sauces, incorporating into cakes and breads, sugaring them as decorative toppings, and even serving them as is. In addition, they’re excellent accompaniments to other ingredients in sweetening, luck, love, and health spells - imagine the impact of an anniversary love spell involving strawberries, chocolate, and red wine!

So whether you’re mashing them up for strawberry jam following an exciting festival, or creating a filling for a strawberry shortcake, or even snacking on them fresh from the vine, consider the many uses and benefits of strawberries! Perhaps they have a place in your magic, too!

May all your meals be blessed! )O(