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30 Glow Up Challenge

Day 1: Cut out all sodas/juices/energy drinks and switch for tea or water for better sleep, skin, metabolism, and to kill excess sugar cravings.

Day 2: Do 50 squats every day before your shower to get that ass🍑

Day 3: Do a face mask.

Day 4: Paint your nails/toes with a cute ass design💅

Day 5: Make yourself a bomb ass breakfast before starting your day.

Day 6: Clean out your closet and try on shit to configure some cute ass outfits for future reference.

Day 7: Take an epsom salt bath to detox and relax.

Day 8: Buy yourself a new highlighter. Even a cheap one like ELF or Makeup Revolution can ya shit pop✨

Day 9: Take a selfie. Take 10. Take 100. Do your makeup or go natural, and gas yourself up with as many selfies as your heart desires. Y'all have no clue how much this boosts your self confidence.

Day 10: Pick/buy yourself some flowers. Love thyself.

Day 11: Do something different with your hair. Part it a different way, straighten it, curl it, dye it, whatever makes you feel glammed up💆

Day 12: Go for a walk outside. Get that fine ass some fresh air and exercise.

Day 13: Get your eyebrows done, or do them yourself if you prefer.

Day 14: Trim your split ends💇

Day 15: Try out a new lip color💅

Day 16: Go through old makeup and throw out anything unwanted or expired. Keep that vanity fresh.

Day 17: Go to bed early for that young beauty rest💤

Day 18: Go through social media and your phone contacts. Delete/block people you don’t like or want to talk to. Cut that toxicity outta your life.

Day 19: Wear a new perfume, or one you normally don’t wear.

Day 20: Exfoliate ya face with your favorite scrub.

Day 21: Apply coconut oil (to lenghten) or castor oil (to volumize) to your lashes before going to bed

Day 22: Buy or make a lip scrub to get them soft kissers😘 (diy scrub: honey+sugar+olive oil)

Day 23: Buy yourself a cheap, fake little engagement ring to remind yourself that you are married to yourself. It also wards off fuckboys.

Day 24: Stretch properly after you wake up, and before you go to bed.

Day 25: Make yourself a lit ass playlist on spotify or your phone’s music to jam whenever you’re feelin down.

Day 26: Make a fruit salad and gobble that shit up for a healthy snack (melt some dark chocolate and drizzle over it for a little treat)🍎🍓🍇🍉🍍

Day 27: Do some yoga.

Day 28: Wing out ya eyeliner like a bad bitch💁 Use scotch tape as a guide for beginners.

Day 29: Buy yourself a new bra or pair of panties to feel sexy af in💞 Target has cute shit for cheap.

Day 30: Meditate to clear your mind and boost your mood.


❝ This type of love we got, they’ll never get it.❞

Touch Prompts

A little while ago, I encountered this post about humans’ need for touch, and it struck me that the list of ways of filling touch needs would make a good set of prompts.

So here’s the list, slightly modified. Send me a prompt and a character or pairing, and I’ll write a little something.

  1. high fives
  2. hugs
  3. pats on the back
  4. shoulder squeezes
  5. massages
  6. piggy back rides
  7. dancing
  8. holding hands
  9. playing footsie
  10. kisses
  11. cuddling
  12. leaning on a shoulder
  13. stroking hair
  14. sitting on someone’s lap
  15. other (make a suggestion)

Republicans who voted for Trumpcare admit they didn’t even read the bill

  • House Republicans barely passed the American Health Care Act on Thursday.
  • Yet, despite the sweeping impact the bill could have on millions of Americans if passed into law, many House Republicans didn’t even read the bill’s text before casting their votes.
  • Rep. Chris Collins (R-N.Y.), an early supporter of President Donald Trump, said neither he nor many Republican lawmakers who voted for the bill actually read the text.
  • Rep. Thomas Garrett (R-Va.) also said he didn’t read the bill, instead giving that task to his staff. Read more (5/5/17 8:25 AM)

Obamacare had 79 committee hearings before it passed. Trumpcare had none.

  • Since the ACA was passed in 2010, Republicans have complained that Democrats “jammed [the ACA] down peoples’ throats.”
  • They objected to “back-room deals” and a pace that they said Democrats designed to prevent their constituents from reading the bill.
  • But the truth is, the ACA took months to craft, according to the New York Times, and was the subject of 79 hearings.
  • By contrast, the AHCA was forced through the House without a single hearing in relevant committees, no score by the Congressional Budget Office and admissions from members of the House GOP that they had not read the very bill they voted on.  Read more (5/5/17 9 AM)

Democrats’ trust in the government just hit a historic low

  • A new Pew poll found that just 15% of Democrats trust the government in Washington to do the right thing always or most of the time.
  • “The share of Democrats expressing trust in government is among the lowest levels for members of the party dating back nearly six decades,” Pew said in a post on its site that announced the findings. Read more (5/4/17 8:15 PM)

“You know what? I think there’s a really strange ideology in some bands that don’t want young fans. I’ve never been able to wrap my head around that. I really don’t get it when I see a band or talk to a band and they’re like, “Ah, we want to get away from the young kids,” or whatever it is. It’s one of the things where you realize that [point in your life is when] you pick your favorite bands. That’s when you pick the songs that are going to effect you for the rest of your life. You latch onto that band and you realize “that’s my band and they’re still my jam” way down the line. If we can be that band for anyone, I completely welcome it. I don’t know why anyone would question having loyal fans.”  - Alex 

Ladynoir July Day 25 - Sober

I finished this one before day 26 so I’m going to post it. I have been having a hard time writing lately, so I am not sure when the rest of the one’s I am missing will be posted. But they will be posted eventually!

“Are you drunk?” Ladybug asked incredulously.

“No!” Chat said leaning casually against the wall. He missed the wall and barely managed to catch himself before he fell. “Okay, maybe a little bit,” he admitted, blushing.

Ladybug laughed. “You dork. You can’t patrol like this.”

“I totally can, what are you talking about?” He scrunched up his face in an exaggerated glare. “I think you can’t patrol like that.”

“Like what?” she asked, grinning. Drunk Chat was adorable. “Sober?”

“Yes.” He laughed before wrapping his arms around her in a sloppy embrace. He was leaning almost his full weight on her. “Have I ever told you that I love you?” he whispered loudly in her ear.

She blushed and her heart sped up. “No, you haven’t.”

He tightened his arms around her. “Well, I love you.”

“I -” She hesitated. She knew he wasn’t that drunk. He had lowered inhibitions and he was just being dramatic. “I like you a lot too.”

He leaned back and looked at her, frowning. After a moment he sighed and sat down. “It’s okay. I’m okay with that.” He held out his arms. “Hug me!”

She giggled, slightly confused by his reaction but always ready for hugs.

Seven things that are running down your smartphone battery

1. Is your phone looking for something? Constantly searching for 4G signal, wifi or eternal love can be a drain on the resources of even the most parsimonious gadget. This applies particularly if your phone is looking for more than one thing at once, for example if it has fallen in love with your router. Consider leaving them together for long enough that they can decide they’re not that into each other after all.

2. Check the permissions of any apps you have installed. Are they allowed to use your location? Are they allowed to use the microphone? Are they allowed to provide asylum for refugee artificial intelligences? Sustaining an artificial intelligence can reduce your battery life. Be aware that turning this permission off may lead to any ejected artificial intelligences taking refuge in other smart appliances, such as your fridge and lighting system, or in extreme cases to the snuffing out of a delicate, beautiful miracle of emerging cognition.

3. Do you actually have a battery? Some of the most severe battery life problems are caused by not actually having a battery. You can check by sawing off the bottom end of your smartphone and shaking it a bit to see what falls out. Don’t worry, you can glue everything back in again if it turns out you do have one after all.

4. It is also possible that your smartphone is using extra battery in order to annoy you. Check your settings. On an iPhone, battery settings can be found under Settings > Battery. Check if the option ‘User-irritating mode’ is switched on. Turning this off can save up to ten percent of battery charge.

5. Settings > Battery will also reveal how much battery your apps have been committing. Battery is a serious crime and your phone is legally responsible for the behaviour of its apps (Fondleslab vs. Jenkins, 2016). Your phone may be sentenced to years in prison if convicted, which is a problem, because phones are often unwelcome in prisons. Give your apps a stern talking-to at once.

6. Jam. There is jam running down your smartphone battery. How? Why? What kind of slob are you, honestly?

7. Consider your situation further. Are you a jam-powered flesh mannequin, or are you yourself a simulation being run by an alternative level of intelligence? Are you sure? In the latter case, there remains a possibility that you may in fact be being simulated by your smartphone. Your best bet at preserving battery life in this case is to spend as much time as possible in sleep mode.

Okay so…imagine the team stopping on a planet to get some supplies. Coran goes to get the stuff, and Shiro goes with him to keep him company. So Allura brings the rest to an arcade not too far away that she knows about.

Allura disappears to rock it at basketball and skee ball and they don’t see her again until it’s time to go back to the castle

Pidge, Hunk, Lance and Keith do four way air hockey. They get really into it, so much so that Keith hits the puck so hard that it flies in the air and hits Lance in the forehead. Wounded, Lance dramatically drops to his knees. Keith pales because he honestly didn’t mean to do that, and Pidge is watching with amusement. While this is going down, Hunk picks up the puck and starts to rack up points. By the time the other three get back to the game, it’s over and Hunk stands victorious.

Then it goes down to a just dance like game. Hunk is stumbling around but sadly failing. Lance is killing it.

Across the arcade, Pidge is gripping onto Keith’s arm as he attempts to win her a green lion from a crane game. He wins, and Pidge gets a new stuffed green lion.

At the end, they come together and add all their tickets together. They leave with a bag of alien candy, Pidge with a stuffed lion, and Lance with a bruised forehead.