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What about some nessian fics? Or headcannons

Hi Nonnie,

Bless you for helping me procrastinate on my evening work load :) There has been a huge wave of Nessian. I have a feeling it may, just may, have something to do with a little statement from Cassian about time and regrets.

@getalittlecountry she is blessing us with Shape of You. Her chapter 12 has me a little nervous, that letter has me wondering. If you want your heart completely ripped out read her Address in the Stars

@rufousnmacska wrote Cloudberry Jam and my heart just melted.

@tntwme has started a wonderful piece I’m Never Going to Leave You

@catastrophicallyinlovewithbooks gave us a gut busting Illyrian Sunbathing I am really hoping for a part 2

@writevswrong is working on an untitled nessian piece. 

@cataclysmic-star​ is writing an Nessian adventure A Court of Flames and Curses 

@fuzzballsheltiepants is keeping me greatly entertained with  Night Swimming (Family Vacation Part 2). Start with part 1, part 4 had me rolling.

@tragically-broken​ just started Blind Date

@sarahjtrash​ Just wrote Washed Away

I’m sure there are more that I have not mentioned, that are equally as wonderful. These are the fan fictions that I really have enjoyed reading while attempting to overcome my acowar hangover. 

The Other Side of Sunday

Relationship: Tenth Doctor x Rose Tyler

Rating: Teen

Summary: In which they have no concept of personal space. He never lands on Sundays, he thinks they’re boring. So they stay in the Vortex and he shows Rose a new room on the Tardis. They share a quiet and lazy moment, drawing on each other.

Ao3 FF.net

Today feels like a Sunday even though there’s no way to tell. At first, Rose had tried to keep track of days, held on to her calendar, but now she appreciates the elasticity of time. All she knows is that it’s a day for sweatpants and no make-up, for crossword puzzles and a cup of tea. The Doctor seems to be on the same wavelength – grey t-shirt and pyjama bottoms low on his hips – when she meets him in the corridor, just outside the kitchen. She likes to think she’s the one who taught him the value of lazy days.

“Good morning!”

Even his smile is lazy today, the corners of his mouth rising slowly and crinkles reaching his slightly hooded eyes. The unusual smile turns her insides to fudge all the same.

“Morning Doctor. Where are you going?” Rose asks, noticing the loaf of bread and the jam he’s carrying.

“Did you know that there’s a Sun room?”

Knowing the Doctor and the Tardis, Rose imagines a room so hot you can’t survive in it. Maybe he’ll use it to make toasts. She’s reluctant to follow him to such a place but – let’s be real – she’d follow him anywhere. With an old copy of the Sunday Times under her arm and a mug in her hand, she walks behind his lanky frame.


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