jam brands

  • Has anyone else ever smashed band names and things in the sea together? There are so many possibilities
  • Green Bay
  • Pierce The Whale
  • Black Veil Tides
  • My Tentacle Romance
  • Fall Trout Boy
  • Parashore
  • Linkin Shark
  • Twenty Øne Pirates
  • Sink 182
  • Mervana
  • The Krillers
  • Pearl Clam
  • Coldray
  • New Drowned Glory
  • Sand New
  • Bouys Like Girls
  • Three Days Plaice

I had SO MUCH FUN at the Live Viewing today. It really is a different experience altogether when everyone around you is as into Love Live as you are & cheering their hearts out. Honestly, it still hasn’t hit me yet. It’s over? What?? A moment ago I was still jamming to No Brand Girls???

But, ah…
It truly is over.

I will continue to support the seiyuu in their respective careers. Emitsun & Mimo is coming to CharaExpo in a couple of months & you bet my ass that I’ll be there.

It’s been an amazing run, everyone. So very thankful for all the people I have met because of Love Live. This goes to Rex, Squad, Emmi & all you nerds who have stuck around… Thank you!



A brand new Japanese trailer for Tri Force Heroes has been released recently! Running at almost 6 full minutes, this trailer is jam-packed with brand new content and footage! The art style shown during this is very unique and incredibly different from anything we’ve seen so far. I wonder if it’s the actual style in which cutscenes will take place in the game or if it’s just something they’re using for the trailer and nothing more.

Unfortunately, I know close to nothing about Japanese, so I can’t really speak about all the new stuff revealed in this trailer. Guess you’re just gonna have to watch it yourself and find out what’s in store!~