jam brands

  • Has anyone else ever smashed band names and things in the sea together? There are so many possibilities
  • Green Bay
  • Pierce The Whale
  • Black Veil Tides
  • My Tentacle Romance
  • Fall Trout Boy
  • Parashore
  • Linkin Shark
  • Twenty Øne Pirates
  • Sink 182
  • Mervana
  • The Krillers
  • Pearl Clam
  • Coldray
  • New Drowned Glory
  • Sand New
  • Bouys Like Girls
  • Three Days Plaice

My Study Space

I thought I’d share some pics of my study space and tell everyone how I stay organized!

  • I have small couch and bookshelf for when I need to relax or just sit somewhere more comfortably.
  • I keep my whiteboard and textbooks at one end; I feel less stressed when all of my books aren’t surrounding me. For now, I’m using my whiteboard to keep track of my weekly work for each class, but I plan to use it to practice organic chem reactions later in the semester.
  • In the corner, I have my bulletin board and all of my pens. I have a calendar (thanks @thearialligraphyproject), a motivational quote, and some biochem notes from last year pinned to the bulletin board. For my pens, I store them all in my mason jars (my family makes jam each year with raspberries from our garden so we have an excess of mason jars). I put some ribbon around the tops of each jar to dress it up, but you can also get cute containers from the dollar store.
  • By the window, I have my laptop, water bottle, and bluetooth speaker. My laptop is a 13″ HP Pavilion x360. I really like it b/c of the size and ability to convert to a tablet, which is super convenient in lectures and on the bus. And the battery life is good, so I usually don’t have to bring my charger with me. (Also, I’m still setting up my study space, which is why my printer isn’t currently in the room). I love my little, portable speaker (the brand is Jam Classic, I think?) b/c I’m always listening to study playlists on Spotify!
  • I have six drawers for storage but I barely use three. In the first drawer, I have all my supplies and essentials. There’s lined paper, my sticky notes collection, case for my glasses, paperclips, tape, extra lead for my pencils, a ruler, index cards, etc.
  • In the second drawer, I have my binders, lab manuals, and notebooks. I have three notebooks: one for math/chemistry, one for physics/psychology, and one for biology. I organized the notebooks according to my schedule (i.e. I have math and chem back to back in the morning, three times a week, so it’s convenient that my lectures notes go in the same notebook).
  • In the third drawer, I have my organic model kit for chemistry, my i>Clicker, safety glasses, and lab coat
  • And my backpack in the corner is a Jansport Big Student Backpack. (I’ll be making a post on what’s in my backpack later)!

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