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if you’ve got a bunch of teenagers in space w no access to media they are going to start making their own entertainment so i think that we need to discuss team voltron memes

  • “where’s [insert team member here]?” “i mean… *looks out window at the stars, shrugs* space, probably”
  • they keep a tally of every time lance gets rejected by someone and use it to shut him up when he’s getting annoying
    • “okay i’m gonna stop you there, 37 strike outs”
  • whenever an alien does something particularly weird pidge loudly hums the x-files theme
  • lance will do random trust falls “for team bonding.” everyone lets him fall on his ass but shiro
  • drawing mustaches on random objects and talking to them as if they’re coran
  • for like two weeks lance refers to keith exclusively through pop culture references
    • “hey where’s older, angrier Nico Di Angelo?”
    • “scarless Zuko is in position”
    • “ayo young Billy Ray Cyrus come spar with me” 
  • loud acapella renditions of The Circle of Life during training sessions
  • hunk the Hunk™
  • calling shiro dad but only in the context of petty arguments (“daaaaaad, lance won’t stop touching my stuff”)
  • *points at something pidge is tinkering with* “is that a calculator”
  • constant shitting on the castle’s defenses
    • “after that fight, I think I need a drink, and it better be stronger than that particle barrier”
  • there’s a month long campaign to catch shiro in the middle of his morning routine to solve the mystery of whether or not he uses eyeliner. but they can never catch him getting up in the morning?? like one time they pull an all nighter and hide in his bathroom and somehow?? he still evades them???
  • whenever allura enters the room lance yells “everyone act casual” and they all strike ridiculous poses
  • *lance gets into a Situation and asks keith for help* “I’m sorry I… can’t hear you…. I think the connection’s…… breaking up…………”
  • exaggeratingly censoring themselves in front of pidge
    • “oh biscuits and jam I am so darn steamed right now!” “lance shut the fuck up”
Autumn Sweaters

Summary: After a morning disaster, you decide to check in on an injured erumpent. Unfortunately, your day seems to be filled with disasters. Fortunately, Newt is there to help with them.

Word Count: 2,105

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

As a child, you’d never imagined you’d get to stroke the side of an erumpent and not fear any danger. Though you loved all creatures and decided by the age of 7 to become a magizoologist, your father had protested any interest in any even slightly dangerous creatures. You’d met your fair share of bowtruckles, demiguises, and, to your chagrin, injured owls but never an erumpent. So, when, on your trip, Newt asked you to help him examine an erumpent that seemed to be limping, you jumped at the chance.

“Are you sure?”

“Of course I’m sure, Newt.” You tap your foot, already impatient with how long it will take to clean up the breakfast dishes. If only he had said something earlier. You would have cooked far less than the buffet sitting in front of the two of you.

“It’s dangerous.”

Newt laughs at your huff. “I know it’s dangerous, but this is possibly a once in a lifetime chance and I do not plan to let it get away from me.”

“Alright, alright.” He set his fork down, reaching for his napkin as he opens his mouth to say something else.

Pickett, though, startles at the sound of the fork clinking against the plate. The bowtruckle reels backwards, tripping over the napkin behind it. Its small frame smacks into your glass of water, sending the glass tumbling over. Water floods the table, rushing toward you in a wave and flying over the edge before you can even stand.

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ah yes i have so many ships….there’s ocean goth and green triangle…, the same green triangle and pastel butch swordswoman……lesbian lawyers..the green triangle again but with red square suspenders lesbian…

jam and biscuit…..a bag of cotton candy….

cowgirl and bookworm…..fashion queen and rainbow butch..,

…oh, and how could i forget. bacon girl and pastel comedian


So I decided to jump on the Mutant Atsume Bandwagon, and make my own Mutant Cat :3 Their name is PB&J. And here’s some lore (or whatever you wanna call it) about them:

PB is a boy, and J is a girl. They are best friends
PB is chunky peanut butter, so the dark spots are real peanut chunks

J is grape jelly, and her dark spots are real chunks of grape
They’re made of real peanut butter and jelly, so they’re very sticky. They’re well aware of this, and they’re both very considerate, so they do their best to leave as little stickiness behind as possible. One way that they do this is by using toys where they can sit up/take up the least space (they also avoid rubbing against people’s legs, so as to not get them sticky). Despite leaving behind stickiness, they never actually lose any mass from doing so.

They can separate if they need to, but they really don’t like to, because they love each other so much, and it is very uncomfortable for them to be separated. 
They love pillows and things of that nature, and will only come into your yard if you have something that will make them look vaguely sandwich-ish (such as the yellow pillow, and the cat pancake). 

PB enjoys the Shitty Bitz a lot, whereas J just sort of tolerates it, because she likes seeing PB happy and healthy.
Their momento they give you is their favorite toy, which is a kinda soggy piece of toast, with a bite out of it 

Since they’re technically two cats, each of their visits count as two cats.
When they’re separated, their Power Level gets cut in half (so they both individually have 22 Power)

I got my inspiration for PB&J by seeing @pepper-the-neko‘s lovely Biscuit + Jam! Go check out their blog if you haven’t already, its full of such cuteness! (And their other cute mutant cat OCs!) Thank you so much for being so cool about me semi-stealing your idea!

Oh, and of course, thank you @suprememeep for being the one to inadvertently start the whole Mutant Atsume thing with cute Hobo and creepy-adorable Glunkus! *hands you some Shitty Bitz

My Healer - Request

Requested by anon: Draco x reader. Draco is a healer and after a quidditch accident where you were knocked off your broom, Draco tends to your jnjuries

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x reader.

Word count: 1.902

Warnings: Un-edited.

A/N: This has so much dialogue, but the request was so vague… I like it, I don’t know why, but I like it. Hope you do too.


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The quaffle was at plain view, and she was so close. Just one tiny wrist move and the game would be over. She knew that, because the seeker was mere inches from the snitch. But they needed the extra points to win – ties were for mediocre players and they weren’t mediocre.

Two seconds, the quaffle was hers. She was so close… A beater from the opposite team sent the bludger flying straight to her. The impact had such force that she fell off her broom.

Everything turned dark.

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Journey To Remember - Chapter 6

@itsallavengers Here you go.

There’s always a pause between breakfast talk and breakfast for Rhodey, and Tony has tapped his ankle enough times to get him to hurry, had his own ankle kicked enough to stuff a bread in before rushing off after Sam. They started eating together sometime after the Steve Incident which Scott also calls the Incident To Remember because Scott is a man of puns and the Rememberall was too easy to not use for puns. There’s a Slytherin table where Sam sits next to Steve sometimes and Tony sleeps into his own arms while Rhodey munches on dry toast during days that they all know would stretch too long. There’s a Hufflepuff table where Steve sits between Luke and Pepper, throwing bacon strips at Sam like it would get him to stop mimicking Steve and Tony laughs against Clint’s shoulder, both of them bitching at each other just minutes ago. There are four Houses and more tables in the Great Hall but there’s a bunch of students who somehow match in mismatched tables, eating the same breakfast and bemoaning different issues.

Tony took a sip of his juice and considered choking on it before a hand nudged his upper arm.

“Stop,” Matt muttered and sliced his sausages because he sliced everything. Tony met Matt at the beginning of the year but he hadn’t officially known him till the Gryffindor boy had head-slammed an older Hufflepuff guy for picking on Mantis. Bakuto, the third-year, had whipped out his wand and Matt, blind, snarling Matt, had whipped out his own but then Bakuto’s gang had made a chaos of noise to make it difficult for Matt to hear Bakuto. Tony didn’t know the details in clarity because Matt always petered out in storytelling and nobody else noted every detail. What Tony did know though was that Jessica Jones, the Slytherin girl who didn’t like most people in general and always looked too exhausted with everyone, that Jessica had sent Bakuto a stunner that knocked him onto his ass. A horde of Hufflepuffs had gathered by then but they had not expected Luke and Danny, who had come out of class with Jessica. Danny liked to tell everyone that they had become a stunning team in an instant but Luke simply shrugged. Whatever the case, the four had fought off seniors in broad daylight and had spent a week of detention together.

Sam once said that people gossiped about them being a gang of misfitting defenders now.

It didn’t make any difference when they sometimes sat with the others though. Like today.

“I took a sip of my juice,” Tony said, putting his goblet down with a sharp exhale, “What exactly should I stop? Drinking?”

“Thinking,” Matt smiled around a bite of his sausage, “You think too loud.”

“You really do,” Claire nodded from across the table, eyes fixed to the parchment she was perusing. Tony knew that it was the assignment on the Puffapods. “It’s annoying,” she said, calmly snagging a strawberry from the bowl in the middle before getting back to her work.

“This is why the Gryffindor table is always a bad idea,” Tony threw his hands up and twisted to stab a finger in Peter’s face, “I told you this was a bad idea. I should have stuck to the Ravenclaw. At least Gamora just tries to stab my fingers with her fork. Or the Slytherin table, because let’s face it, Strange is weird but also hilarious when he doesn’t get his own joke. Or the Hufflepuff table, which is my table -”

“But you’re fighting with half your table so you can’t,” Carol cut in, spreading jam over her biscuit, shooting a sharp look at Tony from across him, “And you can’t afford to miss breakfast today because Drax will wear you down to your bones. You know, during try-outs. Which you’re fighting with half your table over.”

Tony resisted the urge to throw a fruit at Carol’s face but reined himself in because he needed his limbs intact for the day.

“Not Pepper,” he mumbled into his goblet instead and it was pathetic how he was trying to justify one person’s not-ruined friendship.

“Yeah, you’re fighting with her because you’re,” Claire paused and looked thoughtful before pointing at Tony with her quill, “well, a prick.”

“A teeny tiny one,” Carol sing-songed with a smile around the biscuit she shoved into her mouth.

Tony took a long and loud sip of his juice in answer that got a laugh from Matt and groans from Claire. His eyes slid to the Hufflepuff table, directly across Gryffindor, and caught sight of Steve and Sam, heads together discussing something intensely. To Steve’s left, Scott was reading a letter and munching on his toast. Luke and Danny were talking animatedly with Pepper chiming in during intervals. Bruce was wedged between Clint and Jane, Natasha across the table idly reading the Quibbler. Rhodey wasn’t there, but Tony knew that Rhodey had early morning practice with his team. The Slytherin try-outs had been a week earlier and Rhodey had been an easy choice. Tony had snorted when he had seen Rhodey write James Rhodes - Chaser on a loop into his Charms book. He had been happy. He had been happy for Rhodey.

Rhodey wasn’t there now though, not there to push Tony to stop worrying and work up a mess in his head. He had stayed the previous night, the innocent face working when he had slipped into the Hufflepuff dorm. He had stayed in Tony’s bed, quiet and teasing, supportive in his way. He had stayed even though Sam had been just a bed away.

“I could always …”

Matt put his fork down and grabbed Tony’s shoulder, pulling till he twisted to face the boy and Tony knew that Matt couldn’t see but his eyes were intense, honest and calm in their fearlessness.

“If you don’t do this,” he said, unseeing eyes focused on Tony’s cheek, “you’re not doing anyone a favour. Not yourself, not Wilson, not anyone. You don’t walk away from trying just because you think you’ll hurt someone. And if someone is hurt by you trying to do something good for yourself, then -”

“-why the fuck would you even bother caring about them?” Jess Jones completed as she plopped into the seat next to Tony and everybody stared at her. The Slytherin leaned across Tony, picked up a neatly cut piece of sausage and popped it into her mouth. “What?” she asked and Matt ran a hand over his face, shaking his head as everybody started laughing, the mood shifting over the absurdity of the whole thing.

“Alright,” Tony said as he chuckled, “fine. Let’s go catch a snitch then!”

Carol punched him in the arm and Claire made jokes about keeping the med-bay informed but they all wished him luck as Tony gathered his stuff before walking out towards the grounds where the try-outs would happen. He passed by the Hufflepuff table and he never intended it, didn’t intend to meet Sam’s eyes but Steve looked up. His eyes widened for a minute and his face relaxed into a modicum of a smile but Tony could only nod back, trying to leave before anything else, but then Sam looked up.

Tony hoped his face was calm, hoped he didn’t look affected but he knew it wasn’t.

It was stupid, absolutely moronic. The whole fight was a ridiculous disaster, and Tony didn’t know if anybody even remembered why it had started. Maybe it had been when Sam’s mom had fallen ill and Tony had kept quiet over comforting because he didn’t know how to comfort someone about that. Maybe it had been when Sam had spent the entire weekend of his birthday with Steve and Bucky, only smiling tiredly at Tony when Tony had wished him. Maybe it had been during Charms class when Sam had chosen to be paired with Natasha and Tony had made a show of not caring before partnering with Bruce. Maybe it had been when Tony’s joke about Sam’s broom had fallen flat and made him look like a rich brat. Maybe -maybe - there were too many things and nothing in concrete. All Tony remembered was getting into a petty fight over the try-outs and the dorm turning into a verbal duel chamber. It had snowballed into sides and splits and Tony didn’t know where to hold things together anymore.

Sam’s gaze was steady as he eyed Tony and Tony hated it, hated not being able to cover that short distance and just say sorry. Or say something. He looked away and was about to move when his eyes caught the letter grasped tight in Sam’s hand. It was a lavender shade of parchment and Tony knew that parchment, knew who sent it. He looked back up, eyes snapping to meet Sam’s and felt his blood run cold for a second.

Sam’s mom - He knew about her illness and Tony didn’t even pause to think, he moved. It didn’t matter, nothing mattered. If Sam was angry at him, if Tony was angry at him, nothing mattered if Sam’s mom was -

His breath caught in his chest and Tony’s feet swallowed the distance to the table and stood behind Danny, who was nearest and across from Sam.

“Is she okay?” Tony asked, staring at Sam and ignoring the looks from the others. He didn’t care; it wasn’t worth it if something had happened. “I - she - what happened?”

“Stark …” Bucky started but Tony leaned beside Danny, leaned halfway over the table and placed his hand in between, awkwardly pressing into the wood.

“Sam, is mom okay?” he asked, because Sam hadn’t slept over this for so long now and Tony knew how illnesses worked. “Is something wrong?” he demanded, swallowing hard as Sam frowned slightly, “What does the letter say? Is she better now? Did something happen? Sam?”

The confusion cleared on Sam’s face and his eyes widened.

“It’s fine,” he said quickly, raising a hand that hovered over the table for a minute before he placed it flat on it, “Tony, it’s fine, she’s not - No, it’s not anything serious.”

“But - that parchment - only Jessie sends you that and she -,” Tony didn’t know to verbalize it, the panic in his chest that was slowly churning. Sam’s older sister only sent him updates about his mother’s health and she had sent it just the previous day.

“She’s fine,” Sam’s eyes softened, an uncanny understanding of it and he leaned forward, “Tony, mom’s fine. Jessie just sent a letter to wish me good luck for the try-outs.”

“Oh,” Tony’s breath stuttered and he leaned back, willing his nerves to calm down, “Oh - that’s good. Good, that’s - yeah. Good luck, yes.”

Sam pursed his lips and Tony breathed in to quip something nonchalant before leaving. He had no idea of continuing the awkwardness and the image of his own mother with sallow eyes and weekly medication was still flashing behind his eyes, a memory of the reality Tony was living and never wanted anyone to go through.

“Right, I’ll just -”

“I’m sorry,” Sam blurted and Tony stilled, “I don’t even remember what we’re fighting about anymore and this whole thing is stupid. Danny gives shitty morale boosters and Steve is pathetic at flying tactics.”

“Hey!” Steve protested beside Sam but Tony could see the beginnings of a smile on his face.

“I -,” Tony breathed out and felt his own lips twitch at the absolute frustration on Sam’s face, “I don’t know what we’re fighting about either. Must have been something really cool though.”

“And really kickass”

“And really important”

“And really -”

“For Merlin’s sake!” Clint groaned, “This is even worse than your fight. Somebody stop them and save me!”

“Fuck off, Birdbrain!” both Sam and Tony chorused, and it set everyone off, the tension breaking as Clint made a hue and cry that was soundly ignored. Tony jerked his head in the door’s direction and Sam nodded mid-laugh, clapping Steve on the back before getting up to join Tony.

“We cool?” Sam nudged Tony’s shoulder as they walked out in their uniforms, side by side, towards the ground. Tony grinned and nudged him back.

“The coolest,” he said and Sam threw an arm around his shoulder, forming a light headlock as they chuckled their way to the try-outs.


Natasha frowned down at her essay, mouth pinching at an error, and reached across to pick up her quill. When her hand wrapped around something sticky instead of her usual smooth feather, she exhaled sharply and looked up with narrowed eyes.

“Barton,” she hissed and Clint looked up from the book he was listlessly thumbing through, a soggy quill in his mouth.

“What?” he frowned a little at Natasha’s murderous expression and looked down to see the quill she was holding threateningly, “What - oh.”

“Clint,” Bruce said with an exasperated voice, looking at him from beside Natasha, “Sugar quills? In the library?”

“I was wondering why this one tasted so bad,” Clint grimaced as he spat out the other quill and made a face, “Anyway, it wasn’t mine. It was Thor’s. He’s the one who sneaked it in.”

All three pairs of eyes turned to the corner of the table where Jane was furiously noting down something and a regal Gryffindor was pointing something at her textbook occasionally, his eyes sneaking up to her face more than often.

“Is he tutoring her or tutoring her?” Bruce asked and winced, having heard the way his words sounded, “Sorry, just, why is Thor Odinson helping Jane with Astronomy?”

“She stunned him in DADA by accident,” Sif spoke up and Clint jumped, not having noticed when she had settled down near him.


“She stunned him,” the brunette raised her head from the table and rolled her eyes, “by accident. She was aiming at Fandral but hit Thor. She stunned him.”

“And now he’s mooning over her,” Natasha surmised with a shake of her head, “It’s like he enjoys being hit by lightning. So, what? He brought sugar quills to distract or bribe?”

“I think he just bought it for himself,” Bruce shrugged and Clint shared a look with Natasha before they both nodded. Clint tried to snatch the quill from Natasha’s hand but she pulled it back and began chewing at it.

“Finders keepers,” she grinned and Clint huffed, letting his head fall onto the table to hushing from everyone around them.

The library was finding and losing students through the hours, some of them desperately picking out notes for last minute assignments or tests while others lazed around to read in peace. Jane left after a while and Thor nodded at the rest with a smile before he followed her. Clint pulled out the facts he needed for the Herbology assignment and waited for Nat and Bruce to finish their work, doodling magic cartoons on parchment pieces and folding them into rockets for later.

His eyes caught a flash of black and he looked closer to see Loki slink out of a row between bookshelves, casting a cautious look above his shoulder. Clint narrowed his eyes lightly and looked back at Nat and Bruce, both of whom were busy with their notes.

If there was one thing his friends didn’t know about him, it was that Clint had always had a nose for trouble. Maybe it was the circus he had run away from, the father he had never mentioned to anyone, the lies he had spun to keep himself alive in a foster home, the sense he had developed to know when a corner was going to be wrong. It was a constant prickle in his skin even as he joked and smiled, a pinpoint focus of a larger picture. It was an intuition and instinct, both which Clint didn’t ignore.

He slipped out of his chair and shot a look at his friends before following Loki’s path. It was easy, mingling with the crowds that walked the hallways as Clint kept a distance between himself and Loki. The taller Slytherin slipped and weaved between the crowds seamlessly while Clint kept track of him, following him with his eyes. They shift two hallways and Clint was ready to give up when Loki slipped into a hallway -

- and disappeared.

“That’s…unusual,” Clint let out a slow breath and looked around, trying to find a door or an alcove where Loki might have slipped into. He scanned the hallway with his eyes once and closed them. It was an old trick, a trade secret that the circus had left on him before he had run. The trick was to see what sight didn’t show, to pick a memory and go through it without the eyes distracting the mind.

He had walked down every hallway of the castle. He knew this one. Knew the bricks and the curves of it. He had caught every detail as he had walked with his friends, noting things as an after-thought. Twenty four steps down, twelve steps across. He knew it the way you learned a prison’s details. No door, no hole, no alcove no -

He stilled in his mind and rewound back to the part where a portrait of an empty throne hung. It had always been empty, right from the time they had all walked into Hogwarts. It looked like a throne of metal and magic, blue and grey in equal shades with a skull imprint at the helm. It was always empty and always cold.

Clint opened his eyes and zeroed in on the portrait, dragging his eyes down to the portion below it. He walked towards the wall, steady and nervous, and stood right against it for a minute, calmly looking at it.

He raised a hand and pressed it against the wall, feeling for something, anything. There was nothing, nothing except for smooth brick and wall and -

His hand hit a bump and Clint looked at it to see a red mark over it. A dot. A drop of colour.

Steeling himself, Clint pressed at it and felt it yield, pressing into the wall. He breathed out and stared at the sight unraveling before him.


Phil Coulson was never the adventurous sort.

It had been the one thing he had always heard, from the day he held memory. His mother running a hand through his hair while smiling at his aunt and refusing a trip for him. His father snorting into his tea and passing it as a comment when Uncle Leopold came home. His Muggle elementary teacher giving him a sympathetic smile before explaining it to the boy who had been pulling at him.

Phil was never an adventurous boy. It was a known fact that everybody but himself believed.

The third year Gryffindor resisted the urge to kick at plain air and clenched his books harder as he walked towards the library. There was no point in being angry, not when he had no source or end to it. Melinda had shot Alistair Fitz a vicious look when he had laughed about Phil not possibly being interested in a Hogsmeade trip to WW; it didn’t change anything though. The assumption, the tag stuck, like a badly glued sticker to his forehead.

He breathed through his teeth and turned around the corner, adjusting his grip on his books when he looked up and paused. There was a boy standing in the middle of the hallway, staring at the wall. A quick look told Phil that he was a Ravenclaw and Phil knew the third year Ravenclaws so this must be someone younger. The boy was doing nothing, no harm or help, but was simply staring at the wall with an uneasy stillness to him.

Phil looked beyond the boy and behind himself. There was nobody there, not yet.

“Hey,” he called out, “Hey, are you okay?”

No response. Phil took a breath and walked towards the boy, slow and steady steps. A hex or a curse would seem likely but the boy looked calm, curious even.

“Hey,” he called out again, closer to the boy to notice his dirty blond hair and scrape on the forehead, “Hey, kid, are you alright? Do you - did something happen?”

There was no response again and Phil felt a moment’s hesitation before he shifted his books to one hand and placed the other hand on the boy’s shoulder.

The response was instantaneous and the boy whirled around, pale and cold faced but it was his eyes that Phil felt frozen by. There was a blue sheen, unnatural and dead, to them; like they were unseeing but also looking right through Phil. It was like the touch of ice and frost, and Phil felt his fingers clench on the boy’s shoulder.

The boy blinked and the eyes were normal; a pale shade of grey with a normal retina.

“What was -”

“Clint!” a voice echoed and Phil looked over to see two other boys running towards them, both grinning like loons while the darker one was panting for breath. “Clint, you bum, guess what!” one of them laughed and shook the other one by the arm.

“Tony, Sam, wait up!” another voice came and a horde of other students walked over into the hallway too; a blond Slytherin, redhead Ravenclaw with a fellow brunet, and a dark Slytherin who was straightening his tie.

“He got in!” the first boy announced, still shaking the other brunet, who was grinning even as his face turned red, “Son of a gun actually got in! First year and Seeker of the Hufflepuff team!”

“It was okay,” the brunet shrugged but the mad gleam in his brown eyes said different and he shot a curious look at Phil before the dark Slytherin boy came over and slung an arm around his shoulder.

“Okay? Okay?” the boy laughed, sharing a look with the blond, “Tony, okay is Hammer staying in the air for more than 15 seconds. That was not just okay. Steve, tell him!”

“You pulled off a Wronski Feint and a Plumpton Pass,” Steve shook his head and smiled at Tony as his shoulder bumped into the Hufflepuff boy holding Tony’s arm, “Tony, that is possibly the best try-out in history.”

“And the most entertaining!” the Hufflepuff laughed and thumped Tony’s back as the redhead came around them to stand beside Clint, shooting Coulson a wary look.

“Who’re you?”

“Phil,” he replied, “Phil Coulson.”

“Ah, you’re in the third year with Melinda, right?,” the Ravenclaw brunet nodded, “Sif mentioned you.”

Phil nodded and realized that he still had a hand on Clint’s shoulder. Taking it off, he moved a step back and looked at Clint.

“So, you’re okay?”

“Yeah, why?” Clint replied, frowning and laughing as he turned to his friends, “I was just going to try and sneak out more candy from Thor when I bumped into him. Hey, you got in?! That’s great, Stark! What about you, Sam?”

“Not this time,” Sam shrugged but grinned, “I did make Drax fall once though and it was totally worth it.”

“You’re lucky he didn’t pummel you,” Clint laughed and high fived Sam, “We have to celebrate this. First Rhodey gets in and now Tony. This is going to be either epic or an epic fail. Either way, win for entertainment!”

“You’re an ass, Barton,” Tony snorted but he looked too happy to mean it and they looked ready to leave. Phil felt out of place and out of sorts, but Clint was turning away and Phil didn’t know what he had seen or not seen. He was tired and weary but he felt uneasy over something that was strange.

The group sauntered off, Tony leaning into Rhodey and bumping hands with Steve while Sam horsed around with the brunet Ravenclaw and Clint.

The redhead lingered.

“What?” Phil asked but she stared at him, curious and calculating before she shook her head and turned.

“Take care,” she dropped over her shoulder and walked away, leaving Phil in an empty hallway.

He turned to the wall Clint had been staring at when he came and wondered what the boy had seen that was as enthralling as to hold his attention.

As though something hypnotic.

Away from Phil, Clint laughed and joked but his mind went over the same blankness that had been fed into him by the energy. The bruise on his chest was hidden and Clint played to the tune of an unknown voice echoing in his brain.

That night, Clint’s bed was empty and there were two boys in an old hallway; one a sweating Slytherin with a false calm and the other a calm Ravenclaw with too much truth. The Slytherin pressed on a red spot and the wall developed a transparency, a hole of nowhere.

“Let’s go,” Loki whispered and led the newest recruit into the portal for the latest induction and meeting of a rising name.

Steve awoke with a gasp in the Slytherin dorm, a flash of a blue explosion behind his eyes as a nightmare passed. He didn’t know what the blue fire or the explosion meant but it had looked too real.

Like a memory he had never lived.

anonymous asked:

Otp Steven/ Connie

Who is the most affectionate?

Big spoon/Little spoon?

Okay, but imagine… Stevonnie sleepovers.

Most common argument?

“Steven, no, that’s not food.”

Favorite non-sexual activity?

Meditating! (There needs to be more mediation fanfics for these two)

Who is most likely to carry the other?

Steven chill.

What is their favorite feature of their partner’s?

Connie likes how their fingers fit together, weird and not quite right, and Steven loves her hair.

What’s the first thing that changes when they realize they have feelings for the other?

Honestly this whole shindig started ‘cause Steven thought Connie was really pretty and things have just kinda evolved from there. There’s always been feelings; just kid feelings.

(I also have this headcanon that Connie and Steven have already planned out a wedding and stuff, just because they’re such great friends and who better to marry than that? The other kids are amazed by how calm they are when they discuss this)

Nicknames? & if so, how did they originate?

Amethyst calls Connie ‘Con’, and Steven has a bunch of nicknames from here, but they don’t really use them on each other. 

Strawberry, Biscuit, and Jam Bud are their favorites.

Who worries the most?

They’re working through it.

Who remembers what the other one always orders at a restaurant?


Who tops?

Steven prefers snuggling to sex, and even then he isn’t really comfortable with full-on sex. Connie doesn’t mind that at all. 

Who initiates kisses?

They both do, though Steven has an affinity for cheek and eskimo kisses.

Who reaches for the other’s hand first?

Who kisses the hardest?

??? I don’t really think about that sort of thing, honestly.

Who wakes up first?

Steven, back at it again with his rampant insomnia.

Who wants to stay in bed just a little longer?

They both do! They’re comfy and warm.

Who says I love you first?

Who leaves little notes in the other’s one lunch? (Bonus: what does it usually say?)

Both of them! Connie’s are straightforward reminders. Steven leaves little endearments that make Connie smile.

Who tells their family/friends about their relationship first?

Honestly, does anyone not know by this point?

What do their family/friends think of their relationship?

Who is more likely to start dancing with the other?

Who cooks more/who is better at cooking?

Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines?

They be Pun Buds.

Who whispers inappropriate things in the other’s ear during inappropriate times?

Neither. Just not their thing.

Who needs more assurance?

Connie, but both of them need reassurement. 

What would be their theme song?

I don’t actually have a Connverse song! I’ve got more than a few on my Ipod, I’m sure- I just never bothered to mess with them.

Maybe “Oh no!” by Mindy Gledhill?

Oh no! There’s danger up ahead
So say your prayers we might as well be dead
Oh no! If we are going to die
I’ll let you give me one last kiss goodbye

Who would sing to their child back to sleep?

They do duets!

What do they do when they’re away from each other?

Their usual thing! =)

one headcanon about this OTP that breaks your heart

I always see Connie losing an eye in combat (Her left one- right on our side) and some fingers. Steven gets a long scar across his belly.

one headcanon about this OTP that mends it

They’re both really proud of them! And they get CG tattoos when they’re older.