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💗 Love Bath Spell for Sapphic Witches 🌸

Whether it be to enhance a relationship, to open yourself up to go out and find a girlfriend, or even just to pamper yourself with a little self love~, this spell is made for wlw/sapphic witches!


🌸 Violet Incense
🌸 Himalayan Pink Salt
🌸 “Pink Flamingo” Reusable Bubble Bar or “Rose Jam” Reusable Bubble Bar from Lush Cosmetics)
🌸 Or “Sex Bomb” Bath Bomb if you’re into the sex magic thing, no judgement~
🌸 If you can’t buy Lush, a handful of rose petals, some vanilla bubble bath, and a stick of ylang ylang incense works as a substitution!
🌸 Cute romantic playlist, if you want


💜 Light your incense (use only one stick of each kind, and turn on the bathroom fan or crack a window open to ventilate) and put on your playlist. Keep the phone away from moisture– drape a hand towel over it and leave it away from the tub.
💜 Run the water a comfortable temperature, and drop a handful of pink salt (and vanilla bubble bath, if using the substitution) under the running water, making sure to “swish” the water and salt to dissolve.
💜 If using the bubble bar, break off a piece and crumble it under the running water. Using it on the stick and letting it dry can harbour bacteria, and both Flamingo and Rose Jam are made to be used more than once, so only use a chunk!
💜 If using the bomb, wait until you’ve turned off the water and you’re in the tub, don’t use it when the water is running, it won’t work as well. And it’s much more fun to sit in the bath while the bomb dances around you.
💜 When your bubble bath or bath bomb fizz is swirling through the water, you can envision all that love making a nice potion to steep in and just fill you with energy, if you’re into visualization.
💜 Let yourself soak and relax for about twenty minutes (longer can cause a UTI due to the bubble bath and whatnot) before draining the tub and rinsing off; envisioning worries and stress and all that internalized worry about the male gaze or self hate go right down the drain with it. you’re lovely ❤️
💜 Remember to safely extinguish the incense
💜 Before getting dressed in cute and/or comfy clothes, now would be a good time to use lotion sigils to massage into your skin!


Note: do not use love spells to force someone to be attracted to you. The only spells you should manipulate will for/lack consent for are curses, and why would you want a relationship with someone you had to force by magic? it wouldn’t be a truly healthy and loving relationship.

The Signs and their Bubble Bar companions
  • Capricorn: Rose Jam Bubbleroon
  • Aquarius: Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds
  • Pisces: Dorothy
  • Aries: Sunny Side
  • Taurus: Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon
  • Gemini: Pop in the Bath
  • Cancer: Creamy Candy
  • Leo: Bright Side
  • Virgo: Amandopando
  • Libra: French Kiss
  • Scorpio: Karma
  • Sagittarius: The Comforter
BTS as different types of candy
  • Namjoon: Namjoon is that innocent little lollipop in the lolli holder and you buy it thinking it's cute and smol but when you lick it IT'S SUPER SUPER SOUR AND YOU'RE LiKE HOLY SHIT THIS IS SO INTENSE AND YOU THOUGHT IT WAS GONNA BE LIKE CUTE VANILLA FLAVOUR BUT ITS CHILLI-JALAPENO-PEPPER FLAVOUR
  • Jungkook: Jungkook is that thing you see by the check outs that are like HEY A 3KG JELLY BEAN for 400kr and you're like nah ew but also YES I WANT THAT.
  • Jin: Jin is THE ENTIRE PICK AND MIX SECTION. Including spoons and bags. Like you just stand there and look for about 10 minutes not knowing what to do or pick because there is so much goodyness and the bag isn't big enough to fit everything so you gotta pick your favs but it's hard because wtf they have so much.
  • Jimin: Jimin is one of those weird bars, not like the mars or snicker but those huge like jam (!) packed bars with like EVERYTHING IN IT. Chocolate bar with like 52 different nuts and marshmallows and caramell and salt and dried fruit and mint crisp.
  • Hoseok: Hoseok is everything that claims to be sugar free but is packed with sweeteners. Like you think, or you want to think it's healthier but then you take a bite and this like HUGE WAVE OF SWEET HITS YOU AND YOUR HEART RATE GOES CRAY BECAUSE SHIT THAT SWEET. Like a super super strong artificial strawberry flavour.
  • Taehyung: Tae is literally the chocolate box from forest gump. LITAERALLY. Like he is a kinder egg he is smooth chocolate on the outside and on the inside awaits a surprise and "you never know what you're gonna get".
  • Yoongi: Yoongi is the hubba bubba gum rolls. All curled up in a little case and YOU GOTTA EAT IT RIGHT and treat him with care or people will get annoyed at you because dissatisfaction because you just took a huge bite out of Yoongi instead of rolling him out carefully.
My favorite Lush bath cocktails ♡

Spice bath
Cinders bath bomb+Hot Toddy shower gel + Yog Nog soap+ Wicca magic muscles.

Rose bath
Sparkler bath bomb+ Rose Jam shower gel+ Rose Jam bubbleroon+Madame Butterfly bubble bar+New charity pot.

Lavender Dreams bath
Twilight bath bomb+butterball bath bomb+ Twilight shower gel+French kiss bubble bar.

Glittery Sea bath
Big blue bath bomb+Golden egg bath bomb+green bubbleroon.

Wine bath
Lord of Misrule+sparkly pumkin.

Apple pie bath
So white shower gel+Hot toddy shower gel+Cinders bath bomb

Shooting Star bath
Shoot for the stars bath bomb+So white shower gel+Star light star bright bath melt+Frist snow dusting powder.

Honey bath
Honey bee bath bomb+Yuzu and Cocoa bubbleroon.

Enchanted Garden /Mystic Swamp
Secret Garden bath bomb+Carrot bubble bars.

Easter Bunny bath
Golden egg bath bomb+carrot bubble bar+bunny bubble bar.

Mumkin bath
Mumkin bubble bar+secret garden bath bomb.

Silky Rose bath
Rose Queen bath bomb+butterball bath+ bomb+Rose jam bubble bar.

Those are all the ones I can remember if you
want me to post any more or try any cocktails feel free to message me! ♡