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Since Hurricane Maria, people in Puerto Rico have been without easy access to electricity, clean drinking water, or food. Many are still staying in shelters; some are living in the ruins of their homes. The once-lush green trees were stripped bare and uprooted.

But all is not lost.

There are two quintessential Puerto Rican sounds that survived:

One is the plaintive song of the tiny coqui frog.

The other is the improvised Afro-Puerto Rican call-and-response musical tradition known as Plena.

Puerto Rico’s ‘Singing Newspapers’ Tell A Story Of Resilience

Photos: Angel Valentin for NPR

💗 Love Bath Spell for Sapphic Witches 🌸

Whether it be to enhance a relationship, to open yourself up to go out and find a girlfriend, or even just to pamper yourself with a little self love~, this spell is made for wlw/sapphic witches!


🌸 Violet Incense
🌸 Himalayan Pink Salt
🌸 “Pink Flamingo” Reusable Bubble Bar or “Rose Jam” Reusable Bubble Bar from Lush Cosmetics)
🌸 Or “Sex Bomb” Bath Bomb if you’re into the sex magic thing, no judgement~
🌸 If you can’t buy Lush, a handful of rose petals, some vanilla bubble bath, and a stick of ylang ylang incense works as a substitution!
🌸 Cute romantic playlist, if you want


💜 Light your incense (use only one stick of each kind, and turn on the bathroom fan or crack a window open to ventilate) and put on your playlist. Keep the phone away from moisture– drape a hand towel over it and leave it away from the tub.
💜 Run the water a comfortable temperature, and drop a handful of pink salt (and vanilla bubble bath, if using the substitution) under the running water, making sure to “swish” the water and salt to dissolve.
💜 If using the bubble bar, break off a piece and crumble it under the running water. Using it on the stick and letting it dry can harbour bacteria, and both Flamingo and Rose Jam are made to be used more than once, so only use a chunk!
💜 If using the bomb, wait until you’ve turned off the water and you’re in the tub, don’t use it when the water is running, it won’t work as well. And it’s much more fun to sit in the bath while the bomb dances around you.
💜 When your bubble bath or bath bomb fizz is swirling through the water, you can envision all that love making a nice potion to steep in and just fill you with energy, if you’re into visualization.
💜 Let yourself soak and relax for about twenty minutes (longer can cause a UTI due to the bubble bath and whatnot) before draining the tub and rinsing off; envisioning worries and stress and all that internalized worry about the male gaze or self hate go right down the drain with it. you’re lovely ❤️
💜 Remember to safely extinguish the incense
💜 Before getting dressed in cute and/or comfy clothes, now would be a good time to use lotion sigils to massage into your skin!


Note: do not use love spells to force someone to be attracted to you. The only spells you should manipulate will for/lack consent for are curses, and why would you want a relationship with someone you had to force by magic? it wouldn’t be a truly healthy and loving relationship.

Wolfgang “I kill my enemies with a bazooka pulled straight from my car’s trunk” Bogdanow: like, who wears a kevlar west in real life? seriously??

Wolfgang “I stop cars by trowing a metal bar jamming the steering wheel while chasing them on a motorcycle” Bogdanow: ok but cars don’t blow up like on the TV???

Being A Healthy Witch

Hi! I know, I know, these tips aren’t just for witches. My blog is just very central to that particular audience, and I wanted to share my little ‘food journey’ with fellow witches, some of whom might be vegan // vegetarian // health conscious. :-)

Okay, so here’s my little story: I’ve had body images for my entire life, and, sadly, they have only gotten worse as I’ve grown older. While I’ve ever been “fat,” I’ve never been happy with my body and the way it looks, and have always longed for perfection // had an irrational fear of packing on pounds. My brain has just always told me, “you’re okay, but you’re not *there* yet. You could be better, prettier, skinnier, and *then* you’ll be there…” such image problems are even worse when topped with severe anxiety and depression // anger issues. I have body dysmorphia. Severely. I know this to be true, no matter how many times my family likes to remind me (not in a mean way at all - they only want me to be healthy and happy). I’ve suffered through both consistent and on/off self-harm since sixth grade, emotional eating, depersonalization, under-eating, unhealthy “promiscuous” actions at a young age, and making myself throw up.

But this post isn’t to list off my disorders. It is to share my own progress, and serve as a reminder to myself - and others - that eating does not have to feel like a burden or a chore. Believe me, I am nowhere near finished with my unhealthy mindset. I still dread having to eat. (Too bad there isn’t a spell to get rid of anxiety)! But the thing is, is that I dread it that much less when I know that what I’m putting in my body is healthy. In addition, there is magick in cooking, and it makes preparing food for myself and my boyfriend that much more exciting. I long to eat sweets and just shove a bunch of food in my mouth, trust me! But lately I have been resistant to that, and have strived for eating clean. I haven’t eaten meat or bread in such a long time! When we go out, it is vegan and dairy free 99.9% of the time.

Here is a list of some healthy things that I have found a love for making or snacking on over this past year.

• Overnight Oats - DIY oatmeal prepared in a mason jar, left to refrigerate overnight and to be eaten in the morning! Can contain anything you like. (I usually use bananas, mixed berries, almond milk, honey, cinnamon, shaved coconut, and chia seeds, all on top of rolled oats).

• Peanut butter w/ bananas or apples.

• Fruit smoothies w/ protein powder and chia seeds.

• Vegan sausage.

• Homemade rosemary/garlic potatoes.

• Crunchy granola/mixed nuts (a great substitute for snacking on chips).

• Scrambled eggs with green peppers.

• Chickenless chicken strips.

• Apple slices topped w/ tuna (unless you are full vegan/vegetarian) and dried cranberries.

• Pickles.  

• Ants on a log!

• Fruit acai/chia seed breakfast bowls.

• Tuna-stuffed avocado. 

• Pasta w/ beefless ground (tastes real)!! 

• Wheat toast w/ peanut butter, honey, and granola. 

• Honey, apricot, and almond butter on low-fat crackers. 

 • Vegan grilled cheese w/ jam. 

• Vegan protein bars (I recently discovered this delicious brand called GoMacro - and they have them at 7-11)!!

 • Cucumber, dill, and (vegan) cream cheese sandwiches. 

 • Fruit pizza - bagel w/ (vegan) cream cheese spread and topped w/ mixed fruits. 

 • All of the fruits and vegetables!!! 

I know a lot of you may have body issues too, and have a hard time eating or wanting to eat. I personally choose to only drink water, and try hard to eat clean and always take daily vitamins. Once you introduce healthier things into your diet, it becomes gradually easier to not “fear food” again, and learn some fun recipes along the way! The goal is not only to accept that your body is your only one, but to let your insides thank you for feeding it such healthy, yummy things. (Oh, and for larger meals, don’t forget about homemade vegetable soups, veggie burgers, salads, or vegan tacos)! I hope that this helps someone! 🌟 and feel free to tell me your own ideas/recipes! I’d love to have some more :-)

Witchy Lush Bash

For all y’all who want to add a little bit of magic to your lush products. This can be tailored to specific wants, this is just a general witchy-wellness recipie. Add candles, crystals, herbs, whatever to make it your own.

You will need:

- Your favourite lush bath product.
This can be a bubble bath, a bath bomb, soap. Whatever. Of course, the ingredients of whatever you use can be tailored to your purpose. 

Grounding: Guardian of the Forest bathbomb, Blackberry Bathbomb, Flowering Tea Bubble bar, Grass bubble bar, Green gold soap, sandstone soap, parsley porridge soap, lush garden soap

Blessing: green day bubble bar, metamorphosis bath bomb, johnny appleseed bath oil.

Love (self love, romantic, etc.): rose jam bubble bar, sex bomb bath bomb, sakura, sacred lotus bath bomb, floating island bath oil, flowers barrow bath oil, cherry blossom bubble bar, Ro’s argan soap, sea salted caramel soap, 

- Salt

We always need protecting. Just chuck it in there. 


This is the catch all of the herb world. Not only does it have it’s own correspondences (Protection, Love, Lust, Mental Powers, Exorcism, Purification, Healing, Sleep, Youth), you can charm it to have whatever correspondence you need!!!!!

-A healing crystal that you like

rose quartz for self love when you’re down, selenite for healing, amethyst for stress. Keep crystals on the side of the bath, just to be safe as some can dissolve in water of make it toxic. If you want to put your crystals in the bath, check that they’re not going to get destroyed or make the water toxic first.

- Candles

I usually use a number that is associated with my needs. Or just go with whatever feels right, or how many you want. Keep candles away from fabrics, towels etc and don’t burn the house down. (but you probably know this already)

0- emptiness, spiritual essence, potential, fluidity

1- unity, positivity, strong will, new beginnings, pure energy, 

2- duality, partnerships, love, balance, choice

3- Magick, intuition, versality, expresion, creativity

4- solidarity, persistences, grounded nature, calmness, home

5- travel, primitive energy, sudden changes, adventure

6- harmony, balance, sincerity, love, truth

7- manifestation, scholarly activities, mysteries, the focused search for esoteric meanings

8- buisness, continuation, success, repetition, wealth, cycles

9- attainment, satisfaction, accomplishment, intellectual power, inventiveness, influence over situations and things.

Let yourself bathe in the water and soak up the energy of the herbs and crystals. Take time for yourself and allow yourself to relax, become peacefull and just float in the water.

Wash your hair with your favourite shampoo and conditioner and then, while the bath is draining, rince your hair with the shower head and imagine all of the negative gunk washing away with the water and down the drain.


hi guys i am doing an important thing

so some of you may have noticed (or maybe not bc tbh i have no clue if anyone ever reads anything i write anymore lol) that i haven’t been around as much recently.  that is mostly due to me running out of storage on my phone and having to delete the tumblr app…..but i am trying to still be somewhat present!! just not as convenient to post pictures…maybe i’ll redownload soon.  anyways, that isn’t the point of this post.

over the last few years, i have seriously struggled with running and natural life progression.  my body has transformed into a woman’s body, and my running has suffered accordingly, though i’m not sure why.  i couldn’t really understand what was happening – my diet was “healthy-ish,” i looked fine, but the fire in me was out.  i wasn’t running fast, i didn’t do everything with intention the way i used to.  i wasn’t ALL-IN on running or health or anything at all.  and i don’t think i can ever really be all-in the way i once was ever again; i have friendships to maintain, a job to work at, people to love, life to live.  but, i can certainly be more in than i have been. 

i took a good look at myself this summer. why was i running if i wasn’t good anymore?  why was i unhappy with my body if i looked good by societal standards?  why was i down on myself and lacking confidence if i have a great support system and excel at things i set my mind to?  let’s take these one by one.

running has been meh.  i graduated and am retired from the NCAA.  i never have to worry about where i stand on the varsity cross country team, whether i’ll set a personal best in the 3000m steeplechase, or the 6k, or the 1500m.  but running makes me feel more human than i feel without it, all vulnerable and weak and strong and terrible and euphoric all at the same time.  so i still go out and run, whether its seven miles at a good clip or thirty slow minutes just to feel the feelings.  i ran a 10miler this past weekend – it was hot, i hardly ran 30mpw in preparation for it, did not do a SINGLE workout, went out in 33 minutes through the 5mile, and promptly died for the second half. walked through a couple water stations, struggling to stay sub7 for the remainder of the race.  at mile 7, i distinctly remember thinking “damn, so this is what happens when you run a race you haven’t trained for.”  but i finished, in 70 minutes, and immediately was thinking about what i want to run next.

eating has been HORRIFIC.  manhattan is the world of takeout, the world of eat-what-you-can-when-you-can.  i don’t prepare a solid half of my own meals, which is horrifying. i was eating real food for the first half of the day, but then approximately half of my calories were coming from things that weren’t really “food” at all – multiple bowls of oatmeal/cereal, bread with peanut butter or jam, clif bars, nature valley bars, lenny and larry’s cookies, actual cookies, SO MUCH FOOD PRODUCT and hardly any food.  i am visibly softer than i was even a couple years ago, let alone three years ago when i was truly in the shape of my life.  my protein bar habits were formed when i had an eating disorder and wanted to enjoy the feeling of eating chocolate while also eating a “meal” and therefore not having to do both…but that led to me recovering from the eating disorder and still eating multiple protein bars before bed.  i’ve been feeling out of control.  as someone who developed anxiety, depression, and disordered eating DUE TO a lack of control, this is very scary to me.  

so, i’m going back to basics.  i am embarking upon an endurance-athlete-version of whole30.  it’s appealing to me because it’s completely unlimited in quantity – i can ALWAYS eat to my satisfaction. but now, i am eating real foods and finally cutting these habits out of my life that i have been TERRIFIED to cut out.  i can pretty confidently say that eating a chocolate chip clif bar every single night before bed for the last four and a half years qualifies as obsessive-compulsive habit.  tonight will be my first night not eating that clif bar.  this morning was my first morning in over five years in which i didn’t eat my oatmeal with peanut butter and cinnamon.  this is about my health, sure, but it is about so much more than that.  this is a healthy, good thing that also happens to force me to break habits not because they’re bad habits, but because i need to know that i have the power to break them.  

whole30 is not easy – it’s really really hard and i already know i’ll break it in at least one way, because i am young and human.  i won’t sacrifice an occasional night out with a moderate amount of wine or my trusty vodka soda.  but that’s really the only thing i’m planning on being lax on.  i’ll make modifications as i need to for my running, but as of right now i want to see if i can survive without grains aka OATMEAL (gasp!) and peanut butter (GASP!!!) and added sugar (GASP!!!!!!).  oh yeah, and also running – i’m going to train.  it’s happening.  i want to let this do its thing, and then i’m going to get my shit together.  this lack of confidence and general depression i have been feeling is not “because of running” or “because of food,” it is because i want things and have somehow allowed myself to believe that i do not have the power to have them.  well, that’s bullshit.  i am still convinced i haven’t seen my fastest days, my healthiest days, my happiest days.