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Wolfgang “I kill my enemies with a bazooka pulled straight from my car’s trunk” Bogdanow: like, who wears a kevlar west in real life? seriously??

Wolfgang “I stop cars by trowing a metal bar jamming the steering wheel while chasing them on a motorcycle” Bogdanow: ok but cars don’t blow up like on the TV???

💗 Love Bath Spell for Sapphic Witches 🌸

Whether it be to enhance a relationship, to open yourself up to go out and find a girlfriend, or even just to pamper yourself with a little self love~, this spell is made for wlw/sapphic witches!


🌸 Violet Incense
🌸 Himalayan Pink Salt
🌸 “Pink Flamingo” Reusable Bubble Bar or “Rose Jam” Reusable Bubble Bar from Lush Cosmetics)
🌸 Or “Sex Bomb” Bath Bomb if you’re into the sex magic thing, no judgement~
🌸 If you can’t buy Lush, a handful of rose petals, some vanilla bubble bath, and a stick of ylang ylang incense works as a substitution!
🌸 Cute romantic playlist, if you want


💜 Light your incense (use only one stick of each kind, and turn on the bathroom fan or crack a window open to ventilate) and put on your playlist. Keep the phone away from moisture– drape a hand towel over it and leave it away from the tub.
💜 Run the water a comfortable temperature, and drop a handful of pink salt (and vanilla bubble bath, if using the substitution) under the running water, making sure to “swish” the water and salt to dissolve.
💜 If using the bubble bar, break off a piece and crumble it under the running water. Using it on the stick and letting it dry can harbour bacteria, and both Flamingo and Rose Jam are made to be used more than once, so only use a chunk!
💜 If using the bomb, wait until you’ve turned off the water and you’re in the tub, don’t use it when the water is running, it won’t work as well. And it’s much more fun to sit in the bath while the bomb dances around you.
💜 When your bubble bath or bath bomb fizz is swirling through the water, you can envision all that love making a nice potion to steep in and just fill you with energy, if you’re into visualization.
💜 Let yourself soak and relax for about twenty minutes (longer can cause a UTI due to the bubble bath and whatnot) before draining the tub and rinsing off; envisioning worries and stress and all that internalized worry about the male gaze or self hate go right down the drain with it. you’re lovely ❤️
💜 Remember to safely extinguish the incense
💜 Before getting dressed in cute and/or comfy clothes, now would be a good time to use lotion sigils to massage into your skin!


Note: do not use love spells to force someone to be attracted to you. The only spells you should manipulate will for/lack consent for are curses, and why would you want a relationship with someone you had to force by magic? it wouldn’t be a truly healthy and loving relationship.

Being A Healthy Witch

Hi! I know, I know, these tips aren’t just for witches. My blog is just very central to that particular audience, and I wanted to share my little ‘food journey’ with fellow witches, some of whom might be vegan // vegetarian // health conscious. :-)

Okay, so here’s my little story: I’ve had body images for my entire life, and, sadly, they have only gotten worse as I’ve grown older. While I’ve ever been “fat,” I’ve never been happy with my body and the way it looks, and have always longed for perfection // had an irrational fear of packing on pounds. My brain has just always told me, “you’re okay, but you’re not *there* yet. You could be better, prettier, skinnier, and *then* you’ll be there…” such image problems are even worse when topped with severe anxiety and depression // anger issues. I have body dysmorphia. Severely. I know this to be true, no matter how many times my family likes to remind me (not in a mean way at all - they only want me to be healthy and happy). I’ve suffered through both consistent and on/off self-harm since sixth grade, emotional eating, depersonalization, under-eating, unhealthy “promiscuous” actions at a young age, and making myself throw up.

But this post isn’t to list off my disorders. It is to share my own progress, and serve as a reminder to myself - and others - that eating does not have to feel like a burden or a chore. Believe me, I am nowhere near finished with my unhealthy mindset. I still dread having to eat. (Too bad there isn’t a spell to get rid of anxiety)! But the thing is, is that I dread it that much less when I know that what I’m putting in my body is healthy. In addition, there is magick in cooking, and it makes preparing food for myself and my boyfriend that much more exciting. I long to eat sweets and just shove a bunch of food in my mouth, trust me! But lately I have been resistant to that, and have strived for eating clean. I haven’t eaten meat or bread in such a long time! When we go out, it is vegan and dairy free 99.9% of the time.

Here is a list of some healthy things that I have found a love for making or snacking on over this past year.

• Overnight Oats - DIY oatmeal prepared in a mason jar, left to refrigerate overnight and to be eaten in the morning! Can contain anything you like. (I usually use bananas, mixed berries, almond milk, honey, cinnamon, shaved coconut, and chia seeds, all on top of rolled oats).

• Peanut butter w/ bananas or apples.

• Fruit smoothies w/ protein powder and chia seeds.

• Vegan sausage.

• Homemade rosemary/garlic potatoes.

• Crunchy granola/mixed nuts (a great substitute for snacking on chips).

• Scrambled eggs with green peppers.

• Chickenless chicken strips.

• Apple slices topped w/ tuna (unless you are full vegan/vegetarian) and dried cranberries.

• Pickles.  

• Ants on a log!

• Fruit acai/chia seed breakfast bowls.

• Tuna-stuffed avocado. 

• Pasta w/ beefless ground (tastes real)!! 

• Wheat toast w/ peanut butter, honey, and granola. 

• Honey, apricot, and almond butter on low-fat crackers. 

 • Vegan grilled cheese w/ jam. 

• Vegan protein bars (I recently discovered this delicious brand called GoMacro - and they have them at 7-11)!!

 • Cucumber, dill, and (vegan) cream cheese sandwiches. 

 • Fruit pizza - bagel w/ (vegan) cream cheese spread and topped w/ mixed fruits. 

 • All of the fruits and vegetables!!! 

I know a lot of you may have body issues too, and have a hard time eating or wanting to eat. I personally choose to only drink water, and try hard to eat clean and always take daily vitamins. Once you introduce healthier things into your diet, it becomes gradually easier to not “fear food” again, and learn some fun recipes along the way! The goal is not only to accept that your body is your only one, but to let your insides thank you for feeding it such healthy, yummy things. (Oh, and for larger meals, don’t forget about homemade vegetable soups, veggie burgers, salads, or vegan tacos)! I hope that this helps someone! 🌟 and feel free to tell me your own ideas/recipes! I’d love to have some more :-)

Principles of good gymnastics routine composition

This is something people like me bitch about a lot, and if you’re not the kind of person who’s been eye-deep in this sport for over a decade you may have zero idea what we’re even talking about. So here’s a little crash course in factors that contribute to good routine composition. Obviously, not every one of these is super essential, and even the more hard-and-fast rules have their exceptions. It’s also possible for a routine to satisfy most of these and still not be particularly special. But, they’re a good benchmark. (Also note that many of these principles have evolved as gymnastics has evolved, so using them to pass judgment on a much older routine may not be warranted.)

On all events (except vault):

  • Skill choice should play to a gymnast’s individual strengths within the rules and guidelines set out by the FIG.
    • If an entire gym, or an entire country (looking at you, Italy UB ca. 2012), has nearly the exact same routine, the coach is probably not devoting enough energy to exploring his/her gymnasts’ abilities.
    • Additionally, the skills chosen should not be way too hard or way too easy for the gymnast - something slightly challenging or a moment of rest in a routine is fine, but someone like Simone doing routines with only B & C skills or a gymnast performing a skill she cannot land in training are both inappropriate choices.
  • Skill choice should be interesting and unique, presenting a variety of the different movements possible on the apparatus.
    • Skills shouldn’t be repetitive, or if they are it should be to form a unique combination. Three unconnected tkatchevs in a row on UB is inappropriate, as is performing a jump out of every floor pass.
    • This is related to, but not quite the same as the last principle: it’s also best not to do too many of the same sort of skills in a row - for example, a beam/FX routine should not be all the dance skills, then all the acro skills, and a bar routine should not have five transitions in a row. Alternating between the different sorts of skills (not as a strict A B A B A B - just… vary it) is a better choice.
    • Unique choices of skills to connect is often a better decision than taking the simplest possible way to satisfy the CB requirement that 90% of the world’s top gymnasts are using (eg. the nearly compulsory BHS-LOSO-front tuck flight series on beam from 2012)
    • in general, if so many people are doing it you feel like it’s tempting the FIG for a rule change, maybe try something else
  • Difficulty should be evenly balanced across the exercise - all of the most difficult skills/connections should not occur in one or two isolated parts of the routine
    • this does not mean every skill in a routine has to be around the same level of difficulty
    • but it does mean you shouldn’t do an E+ mount, a .2 connection, six A-B skills in a row, and then an E+ dismount
  • Connections should allow one element to flow naturally into the next, or they will look stilted. Connections that make it nearly impossible to perform one of the skills correctly are particularly discouraged.
  • Unique and original skills and connections are often a good choice, particularly if they also look spectacular (this can be as complicated as a Podkopayeva tumble or as simple as a Valdez on beam). This particularly applies to mounts on beam and bars - basically anything besides a jump to kip on bars and a simple leap, stoop/squat through or stoop/thief vault onto the beam is appreciated at this point.
  • Speaking very generally, any choice that makes a routine very unattractive or a good performance unattainable is probably bad composition.


  • Do real work on the low bar - not just transition down, immediate transition back up; an actual skill or two between transitions is better.
  • Avoid skills that result in automatic empty swings. (I would love to see someone connect a Gaylord/Mo to like a straddle back or an Ezhova sometime, though.)
  • Try to construct the routine to minimize the number of kip-cast handstands necessary. Each of these breaks the rhythm so much it almost feels like a restart to the routine. If you can do a connection or an uprise instead, it will usually be a better, more natural-feeling choice.
  • Changing the direction your body is facing multiple times during the routine (ie. doing skills both inside and outside the bars) isn’t imperative, but it adds a nice touch
  • The FIG (well, Bruno Grandi anyway) is of the view that most current bar routines are too long; I personally don’t really agree, but your routine should use time wisely so you’re not on the bars longer than you’re conditioned to handle.
  • by the way, there was nothing wrong with jams to high bar (admittedly rough example here) from a composition standpoint, and I resent the fact that they were outlawed under the “support of feet/legs on bar” rule as if they were the same thing as a toe circle jump hb ngl


  • The biggest rule here that isn’t covered in the general rules (and gets broken all the time) is actually work the beam in both directions. Face one way, do some skills, do a half (or 1.5) pirouette when you get to the end, and work back the other way. Modern beam work tends to be forward pass - backward pass - forward pass - backward pass and… ugh, yawn. Mariya Livchikova is a good example of what a beam routine can be when it breaks out of that rut. (Why did she have to get injured so much? The fact that she had to retire without ever having competed at a WC or OG is absolutely tragic.)
  • Timing and rhythm are very important on beam - long empty pauses and rushing from skill to skill are both discouraged. This is as much on the performer as the choreographer, though.


  • The entirety of the floor area should be used, not just for choreography but for skills with difficulty (ie. leap passes, turns, etc. should not just be done down diagonals and in corners, and in a routine with four passes, they should start out of at least three different corners. I like to see all four, but that is really rare.)
  • get your random trash aerial off my lawn (i.e. even in the new Code, front/side and back tumbling requirements should ideally both be satisfied with a skill that will actually be used for DV, not just an afterthought A-value connection randomly thrown in there.)
  • Choreography is a part of composition; it should be unique, interpret the music well, and look natural for the gymnast. Tumbling runs and dance elements should be blended seamlessly with choreography - no long pauses to set up, no awkward walking from the end of the choreography to the start of the tumbling line or vice-versa.
  • Skills (jumps, punch fronts, etc.) should only be connected out of tumbling passes if they can be truly rebounded and performed well.
  • The end of a routine should still be decently difficult relative to the beginning. If a gymnast who starts with an F/G/H/I level skill struggles to finish with a simple tucked or piked double back, something is wrong with the way she is being conditioned.

My favourite invention to ever come from LUSH has to be their wonderful Massage Bars.

I just love how easy these are to apply, a few strokes and your skin is left as soft as silk and smelling scrumptious, not to mention the adorable designs.

The Signs and their Bubble Bar companions
  • Capricorn: Rose Jam Bubbleroon
  • Aquarius: Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds
  • Pisces: Dorothy
  • Aries: Sunny Side
  • Taurus: Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon
  • Gemini: Pop in the Bath
  • Cancer: Creamy Candy
  • Leo: Bright Side
  • Virgo: Amandopando
  • Libra: French Kiss
  • Scorpio: Karma
  • Sagittarius: The Comforter

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