Here you see a cockatiel (Pip) headbanging/twirling.

This is getting out of hanD.


Domics- I love hearing his stories and love his animations and drawing style(and because of butts.) 

HOTDIGGEDYDEMON- One of the few people that has inspired me to go into animating, and I love his sense of humor. His Jerry video was also one of the first videos I saw on youtube also.(i think I made him a bit to tan in the picture though…)

JackScpeticEye- I love watching this guy play games a lot!(It might be because of the accent?) He might just yell at the games he plays, but the way he acts just makes me laugh.

Jaltoid- They make one of the most funny animations on youtube along with a lovely drawing style. They’re one of the few animators that got me interested in animating

JonTronShow- I love how he makes his game review videos, very entertaining to watch! I usually watch them when I am drawing.

LandonProduction- I watch his videos everyday. They help me keep up with events (which I am very bad at) and hes very short and into the point about them.

Markiplier- Hes a big goofy goober. Hes very entertaining for me to watch, he has a very nice voice to listen to, and I love the way he reacts to the games he plays.

Matthias- I love the creativity that goes into his videos. They make me laugh and sometimes on rare occasions they leave me with a different view point on a subject he talks about. 

Octopimp- He makes one of the two abridge series I watch on youtube(50% Off). I love his voice acting, especially his Nagisa voice.

Pinkstylist- He makes one of the best makeup art I have seen on youtube! Even though I might not do the tutorials he makes, he has a very grand talent in what he does. (I drew him how he usually looks in the beginning of his tutorials because I dont know how his actual hair style is .w.)

RageQuit- It may be obnoxious to others, but I love seeing him get pist off. I’ll admit, if I am feeling very sad I will usually go see one of his videos and it will make my day better. I dunno why, it just does.

shane- I may not be a fan of the videos hes known for but I love watching his vlogs a lot. They’re very funny and entertaining for me to watch and usually leave me laughing!

Smosh- I used to be obsessed with these guys. They where my first youtube drug. Even though I am not much of a fan as I used to be, I still get a laugh from them a lot.

TheFineBros- Love, love, looovvveee, their React Videos. I get excited when a new one comes up, especially an Elders or Youtubers react. They also seem like really cool guys to hang around with!

Tyler Oakley- Tyler is amazing and super adorable! Whats not to love about him? Just look at his hair. Beautiful. 

Yamimash- Has to be the most adorable gamer on youtube to me. Hes really fun to watch and I love watching his collaborations with Mark and horror game play throughs.

Zach Garry- A really cool and funny guy to watch. He seems a bit laid back in his videos and some of the stuff he does in them are very entertaining. I was very glad when Tyler Oakley made a shout out to him because I think hes one of them channels that dont get enough love that they should get.

So there you have it. And I apologize if I drew one of the youtubers wrong. I am not perfect.


Before you read Dalton’s explanation, I wanted to put my two cents in. I want everyone to know that Dalton is just as important to Jaltoid as I am. There have been so many times and occasions that I’ve seen normal, unknowing comments to incredibly rude and disrespectful comments aimed at Dalton. And what for? - Because some people have the mindset that I do everything art related for the channel. They believe I do ALL of the art involved in the channel and that he just quickly puts it all together. Some people even believe and have said that I “could be doing so much better” and I’m “wasting my potential” working with Dalton because “all he does it tween my art” and that he’s not an artist at all. People then brush him to the side because they don’t think he’s as important to the channel and that he barely does any of the work.

There is no word to describe how wrong that is. When I see comments and people talking about Dalton in such a way, it hurts, a lot. We realize there are far more people who are positive about us, however this specific subject is VERY touchy. If people were to just sit here and watch us, just for a single day, of us working, they’d see EXACTLY what went on, between both of us. Dalton is an animator AND an artist. We created the Jaltoid art style TOGETHER. Neither one of us does more work than the other, neither one of us is more important than the other. We are equal, we’re almost the same person. The work we do together, every script, every sketch, everything, is very special to us. We’ve come so far and faced so many obstacles revolving around art it’s ridiculous and it’s seems to follow us everywhere. I cannot sit here and watch as people continuously make him feel like he’s not an artist, and that he’s not important to the channel. There’s multiple things I see, every single day and they get progressively worse with the next day to come. I’m not here to lecture anyone, I’m here because I love Dalton, and I know the struggles he’s gone through when it comes to art and feeling confident in himself. He’s so important to this team - yes a team. When people credit me for things, sure, I feel good, but not at the expense of Dalton. If I’m singled out it hurts him and it hurts me. If you have an art related question, don’t just aim it at me. Dalton is very capable of answer as well. If you refer to our art style, IT IS NOT JUST MINE! The Jaltoid style is not “emi’s style” it’s both of ours. We’ve both worked very hard to be comfortable with the subject of art because it has caused us so many problems in the past and even now. I just wish I could inform more people. We made a huge mistake with our old channel trailer and now we have to pay for it but I digress. I’ll let you read Dalton’s part, and see exactly how it makes him feel. 


Hey everyone, it’s Dalton. A lot of you are probably wondering,“ what’s going on?” It’s simply this, a lot of people out there make me feel pretty awful or unimportant. Most times it’s on accident, sometimes on purpose. Some people are under the impression that I do no art for the animations and channel, that I’m not an artist, and that I’m taking advantage of “emi’s” art. I’ve actually gotten more emails from people telling me negative things about how I do nothing, than positive ones. We get so many emails directed at how much they love “Emi’s art” and her “art style”. We’ve even gotten physical fanmail, ONLY addressed to Emi about how much they love Jaltoid and her artstyle. They even include “Jaltoid Fanart” of just Emi. I know in the beginning I have Emi the role of Artist for the channel, and myself Animator but I didn’t realize I made such a huge mistake in doing so. First off, regarding my role in the animation production, my animating technique may look simple, but try it yourself. If it was so easy, anyone with remotely good art skills would be producing tons and tons of animations like us. Walk the walk, before you talk the talk, because its a long painstaking process. Another thing is that I put as much time into art as Emi does when it comes to our channel. I have the same skills and competence to execute the “Jaltoid” art style as she does. Emi is not the only artist for jaltoid, WE are the artists for jaltoid. No one of us holds the crown for most important artist.  

Its important that I tell you guys how our art style even came to be. Back in 2011 Emi and I were interested in creating an animated series, so we sat down one day and combined our art styles. We developed an art style that both of us could do exactly the same way. You’re probably wondering, but why was Emi considered “the artist” then? Well earlier this year I was worried Emi would not receive as much credit for the animations as me, because it was my channel. Emi is our art director, she is in charge of directing how the art works in the animation, she has more sway in that department. I gave her the title, “Lead Artist” as a way to symbolize her as an important contributor to the channel. Why was I labeled, “the animator”? I am the the ones that is in charge of the animation process. Not only do I direct the animation aspect, but I also do a majority of it as well. That’s why I took that title. 

I’ve stayed quiet all this time because I don’t want to seem egotistic, or seem ungrateful but years down the line, I want people to know that this was our channel, our animations, our legacy. This is not all done by Emi, like a lot of people think out there. I want people to know that we are a team. There are a lot of times, like I said before, when people write to us, they’ll write to “Emi the artist” or they draw fanart of “Jaltoid” and only draw Emi. I know your intent is to make her feel good, but it hurts her on the inside to get the credit. If you guys haven’t noticed, we do not reblog or share any fanart of just emi. That’s because we don’t want to promote anything that symbolizes one of us to be more significant than the other. And sure, sometimes the person drawing says they don’t know how to draw guys, or they’ll draw me later(which that has been said, and 9/10 times it was never done) … But in the long run, we want to be treated as a team, not 2 separate people. Now, I know there are people out there that already do treat us as a team, and honestly you are my favorite kind of fans. You alone can help spread the message of us not being 1, but 2 (or in a sense, like 1 whole person, together) So please keep promoting the idea that we are are a team. You have no idea what it means to us when we see that.

i think the reason i love jaltoid cartoons is cuz they seem so chill
specially the ones bout the two people behind the animations

theyre so goofy abd they say stuff like “poopy” and stuff i used to say when i was 5 but theyre like 20

they shaped my sense of humor

i dunno in a lot of shows with two peeps being together they seem tooooo adult

like they practiced all their lines over and over

i dont think u should know that

Dalton & Emi

I found an ask on jaltoid asking what they would be if they were furries, a wolf and a fox. Thus this was born. Not… that… I stalk their tumblr… or… anything…

I wanted to draw them something after watching their most recent animation about anxiety. I mean all their animations are amazing and inspiring and funny and adorable, and they deserve all the fanart, but this one was TOO REAL BRO. So today I felt it was my turn to contribute to their fanart pool è v é)9 keep on being awesome guys ~