A cover of Steve Earle’s Dixieland - The Keeps

New album out for download:


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“Tikka Masala” by the Two Man Gentlemen Band - BTR Hear & There [ep40] (by btrhearandthere)

The Two Man Gentlemen Band has a new two-song 7" vinyl being released on September 20th. One of those songs is “Tikka Masala,” which they played for us at the Jalopy Theatre in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The Gents play retro music that harkens back to decades past – but not pre-millennial so much as pre-war. Their old-timey tunes may be of a vintage style, but they definitely manage to incorporate themes that are as relevant today as ever. /// Official website for the Two Man Gentlemen Band: http://www.thetwogentlemen.com/ /// Official website for the Jalopy Theatre: http://www.jalopy.biz/

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G String Orchestra “Lebedik” (by Beau Patrick Coulon)

I’ll be hearing this band this Wednesday, September 26th, at the Jalopy Theatre’s Roots ‘n Ruckus in Red Hook, Brooklyn. not sure what time their set starts but you should come by.

Tonight at Jalopy- the perfect solution to the eternal question, “how should we celebrate St Patty’s Day?”

Well, who knew? It seems those fresh faced folks from the Whistling Wolves believe in having good old-fashioned dirty fun. That’s why they’ve partnered up to bring the top musicians on New York’s folk/country/oldtime/bluegrass/blues scene together for a series of concerts like no other.

The Debauchery Series will publicly showcase music that these days is often kept private: sexy, rowdy, lewd, ugly, illegal, politically incorrect, did-he-just-say-what-I-think-he-said traditional music from the heart of the America. The Whistling Wolves host three inappropriately-themed evenings that will give you an unhealthy dose of sex, drugs, and fighting.

The show starts tonight, Thursday, March 17 at 9 pm.

Jason Cade: The Weal & Woe, Gangsta Grass, John Hartford Tribute this month

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Brooklyn Fiddler Jason Cade writes in about a few upcoming shows featuring his various projects:

On Jan. 14, Cade and his bandmates will celebrate The Weal & Woe’s debut EP release (12" vinyl and CD), The One to Blame, at the Parkside Lounge. The fabulous Roulette Sisters get the party started at 9 pm, and TWAW play at 10 pm.

On Jan. 20, Gangstagrass will be hosting a launch party at Pianos for Season 3 of Justified (which features our bluegrass-hiphop music as the theme song and in commercials). Lots of special guests and new jams!  Openers Apocalypse Five and Dime play at 10 pm, Gangstagrass goes on at 11 pm.

On Jan. 27, Cade will be participating again in the Annual Tribute to John Hartford at Jalopy Theater.  Hosted by Jordan Shapiro and Jonah Bruno, this is always a fun night with a bunch of great performers.  With esteemed bass-player Jason Sypher, Cade will be playing three traditional old-time tunes that Hartford recorded. 

This weekend Jalopy Theatre has a write up in the New York Times:

Like some soulful machine stalled at the mouth of the Battery Tunnel, the Jalopy brings a joyful ruckus to the edge of Red Hook, Brooklyn. In rowdy roots-music style, this theater, bar and clubhouse conservatory dares visitors to be carried, shouting and singing, toward jubilation.       

The piece includes a great slideshow of pictures

8th Annual Brooklyn Country Music Festival Friday, September 30th - Sunday, October 2nd

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Alex Battles is back with the 8th Brooklyn Country Music Festival again this year, though the venue has changed. The show will start at Hank’s Saloon, and then move to the Atlantic Attic for Sunday afternoon and Jalopy Theatre for Sunday evening.

Here’s the lineup (perhaps more legible than the above…)

Friday at Hank’s Saloon:
8 pm Jan Bell
9 Megan Palmer
10 Smokey & The Bandit 2: Electric Boogaloo
11 Michaela Anne
12 JP & The Gilberts

Saturday at Hank’s Saloon:
7 pm Old Time Firing Squad
9 Seth Kessel, man!
10 The Great Thomas Bailey
1030 Brownbird Rudy Relic
11 SIT & Die Co.
12 Uncle Leon & The Alibis

Sunday at the Atlantic Antic street festival:
12 pm Brotherhood Of The Jug Band Blues
2 Jack Grace Band
4 Alex Battles & The Whisky Rebellion

Sunday night at the Jalopy Theatre:
8:30 pm Kerri Lowe
9:30 Cal Folger Day
10:30 Jackson Lynch
11:30 Foster & Bananas


I see a lot of music in Brooklyn.  Country, bluegrass, old-time, lots of great vintage sounds, jazz, etc.  One of my favorite acts of late is the raucous Spirit Family Reunion.  These chaps bring it home.  They sing, they dance, they bang the drum loudly.  They get your foot stomping, your lips smiling and if you’re not careful, your body will start to shake and convulse in sheer delight.

The Reunion is headed off on tour.  You can catch them before they leave the borough of Brooklyn tomorrow night, Wednesday March 2nd, at the fabulous Jalopy Theatre.  Then, they meander south.  But wait! The triumphal return to Kings County will occur on April 10th at 4th Avenue’s Rock Shop.  I hope you’ll take the opportunity to see them tomorrow at Jalopy, and wish them well as they journey into the sunny south.  And, if you know someone in one of these fine places, do forward the link so they can be sure to catch this fine act from the 718.

3/2 - The Jalopy Theater, Brooklyn, NY
3/3 - The Abbey Bar at Appalachian Brewing Company, Harrisburg, PA
¾ - Baltimore Free Farm, Baltimore, MD
3/5 - General Store Cafe, Pittsboro, NC
3/7 - WDVX Blue Plate Special, Knoxville, TN **live on-air at noon (wdvx.com)
3/7 - Preservation Pub Speakeasy, Knoxville, TN
3/8 - The Basement, Nashville, TN
3/9 - WRVU Delicious Elixir, Nashville, TN  **live on-air at noon (wrvu.org)
3/9 - Music City Roots from the Loveless Barn, Nashville, TN
3/10 - Music In The Hall, Oxford, MS
3/11 - The Blind Pig, Oxford, MS
3/12 - Government Street Grocery, Ocean Springs, MS
3/14 - Hi-Ho Lounge, New Orleans, LA
3/15 - Red Star Bar, Baton Rouge, LA
3/16 - Houston House Of Creeps, Houston, TX
3/17 - SXSW - Botticelli’s, Austin, TX - 5pm
3/17 - SXSW - 2004 Willow street, Austin, TX - 9:15pm
3/18 - SXSW - Invisible Children Silver Series, Republic Square Park, Austin, TX - 3pm
3/18 - SXSW - The Mean Eyed Cat, Austin, TX - midnight
3/19 - Abita Opry, Abita Springs, LA
3/20 - AllWays Lounge, New Orleans, LA
3/21 - Sipsey Tavern, Birmingham, AL
3/22 - Town Pump Tavern, Black Mountain, NC
3/23 - The PinHook, Durham, NC
3/24 - Duke Coffeehouse, Durham, NC
3/25 - Blue Moon Diner, Charlottesville, NC
3/26 - Cafe NOLA, Fredricksburg, MD
3/27 - The Living Room, New York, NY
4/2 - MACRoCK, Harrisonburg, VA
4/4 - WNRN, Charlottesville, VA  **live on-air at 9am (wnrn.org)
4/8 - Black Swan, Tivoli, NY
4/9 - Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY