The Family Car On Bob's Burgers Has Now Been Absolutely Identified

Okay, we can all rest easy now. The Belcher’s family car, featured in the popular and charming animated show Bob’s Burgers, can now be definitively identified as a specific make and model. Our long national nightmare of uncertainty is over, and we can all now enjoy the warm bask of certainty.


This is so rad.


But that Dakar tho…

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“This is the Antonov A-40, basically a 12,800-pound T-60 scout tank fixed to a huge glider. The idea was to tow it behind a plane and let it glide onto the battlefield. The 1941-42 prototype program never saw combat. We doubt it ever fired while in the air, which would’ve been beyond terrifying.”

~Raphael Orlove, of Jalopnik


Watch The New Land Rover Discovery Make Itself Invisible 

The Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept will feature an incredibly intuitive pairing of grille-mounted cameras with a heads-up display in the windshield. The setup will project the view obstructed by the SUV’s hood onto the window, effectively creating a “transparent truck” from the driver’s perspective.