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I proudly ship k&l<3 but have always been confused on the hospital scene when Karen gives birth. Why is she so hostile to Lip/everyone? One minute Karen marries Jody and wants the baby, the next she doesn't. I just never understood why she was so bitchy to Lip over the baby situation, especially in the hospital when she has him and then afterward. What's your take on that (if you feel like answering, of course)? (I am also one of the view who believes Karen actually does love Lip back, btw)

Let me start at the beginning of the story…Karen didn’t really have a ‘normal’ childhood,so it seemed easier for her to just assume that she ‘hated’ the child and move on,rather than have him growing up in a dysfunctional family.He needs special treatment and  his father’s family could give him a better home.Honestly,that was the best decision she’s ever made.

[Not to mention that what her father said nearly sent her over the edge and into a nervous breakdown.]