A sinner you would call me
But I’m human
I do good
I do wrong
It’s in my nature
Don’t claim to know the unknown
Cause the unkown isn’t known
Seen foolish in your judgmental eyes
Because I don’t accept your foolish Ancient man made claims
And the only faith I have is in myself
You look at me in disgust cause you
Want me to conform
Believe and be like everyone else.
In an universe so vast
I’d rather have a mind opened by Wonder than one closed by belief
Sorry it’s just me being myself
—  J.Alfred “Anti-Religious”
I was told to write something beautiful
Something to ease the heart
So where do I start
Probably with the sound of your laugh
Or your smile that lights up my heart
That facial expression you make when you’re thinking to hard
The sight of you blushing
After a compliment
The weirdness you express cause
Your plain old weird
Your whole nature is beautiful
So I’ll just write about you.
—  J.Alfred “Dope”
Parents thought him knowledge was the key
So he embrace it.
Using everyday he drew breath to learn something new
Living in a urban city
But his accent was different from his peers
Pronouncing every syllable in each english word correctly
Shunning ebonics
Acting white
His peers would say
Raising his hand to every question in every class knowing every answer
Acting white
Burying his face in a wide variety of literature exercising his mind
Acting white
Not sharing the same interest as most of his peers
Acting white
As if having black skin and being educated is acting white.
What’s acting black
Being stupid?
—  J.Alfred “Acting White”
I’m undressing you with my eyes
But not to see you naked
I wanna look deeper inside
Wanna see if your heart is pure
Or is it tainted
If you have a priceless soul
Or is it cheap and easily brought
Is your personality a joy to be around
Or is it a burden
Look into your mind
See and hear your every thought
Are those thoughts valuable
Or worthless
Someone I should pursue
Or leave in the rearview mirror.
—  J.Alfred"Deeper"
What ever happen to marriage
In our generation
You know those till death marriages
Cause I feel ain’t nothing real out there No more
Everything superficial
A fairy tale we’ll force fed at a early age
Happily ever after my ass
Or is it just our generation
Where unconditional love is as rare as A big foot sighting
Our we looking in the wrong places
Or is it the wrong person
Maybe it’s the lack of patience
It’s all rushed
The fear of commitment
The lack of trust
Ulterior motives is that the case
Or is it social networking playing a part
Whatever it is
Don’t think I ever want to
Get married
—  J.Alfred “My Manager Told Me Don’t Ever Get Married”
She’s was in shambles
Still in love with the person who left her broken
So no one had a chance with her
She rather be alone
To reevaluate the circumstances
That left her cold
And harsh winters
That occupy her soul
Seems like forever
You know
Numb to new feelings
She could only feel the old
Shattered like abandoned
Building windows
Boarded up for
No entry
—  “J.Alfred” Shambles (The Girl Who Told Me Her Story) (National Poetry Day 5)
I’m still infatuated by you
As I state my distance on
Abandoned Islands
Guarded like fortresses
I’m still infatuated by you
Hiding my existence
Within unread messages
Coded like morse code
I’m still infatuated by you
I play the shadows
Like a vigilante at night
Trying to save what once was
I’m still infatuated by you
Sicken and diseased
As parts of me still yearn
No medication could help
I’m still infatuated by you
Trying to save face
Setting up for failure
A case I can’t win
But I can’t lie
I’m still infatuated
—  J.Alfred “Infatuation” (National Poetry Day 13)
In a classroom
with hundreds of students
staring into space
A Lion in the jungle with no roar
A soldier in combat with no weapon
A vampire with no fangs
The Sun without the Moon
The Light without the darkness
Joy without pain
Hope without change
Fighting without something to fight for
Gray skies without rain
Life without death
—  J.Alfred “Lost”
When my belly is emptier than
College students bank accounts
Or even when I’m feeling depressed
Reward my taste buds with lust and satisfaction
Curing my sadness
And opening my small world to happiness
Taking my financial gains with no regrets
I enjoy you I all fashions
My best friend
I love you
—  J.Alfred “Food”
What 2 write
Oh how I hate when
This blank piece of paper stares
Into the pupils of my eyes
“Aren’t you gonna write Jeff ”
Oh I’m talking 2 myself again
Well no ones around
It’s not writers block
It’s just what 2 write
When the paper wasn’t present
The thoughts and subject matter
Flowed freely through my
Subconscious like air on earth
I remember the daydreams that
Plagued my mind earlier
But when I finally write them down
The words aren’t the same.
—  J.Alfred “What 2 Write”
What if I was to tell you
That you were my inspiration
To do better.
To evolve my intellect
Showing this world something new
Changing the views of millions
Spreading love and leaving hate outside The door
Showing the world my smile instead of my Frown
Wearing my crown with my chest out
Cause like you said
I’m a king
Fearless and brave
Mama I’m trying
It’s hard
—  J.Alfred “I’m Trying”
Tempted to explain something unexplainable
Wanting to dive in at the first chance
Of attaining something valuable
Touching the untouchable
Experiencing wealth more than material
Being alive
Rather than just existing
Twisted visions
Fast forwarding
Within my tunnel vision
Trying to make sense
To something that doesn’t
Make sense
—  J.Alfred “Strange Kitchen”