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okay I’m not even sorry, I thought it was adorable but theres an option to “shy kiss” someone and Alex and Jack do it differently and I think it matches how it would happen in life pretty fucking well and awe. The first one is Alex kissing Jack, the second is Jack kissing Alex, aREN’T THEY FUCKING CUTE
oh and the third one is Alex and their baby, iSN’T HE CUTE TOO? I’m too into my game. sidenote, look how pretty my back porch is and how cute the nursery is.

I’ll stop spamming the jalex tag now, oops i love this game too much

Someone asked for pictures of my Jalex sims/family and they’re my favorite person, YES I WILL. I was gonna wait until all the kids have grown up to post this but I’ll probably do another one so yes omg if you wanna see an adorable time line of their cute little life, click the read more. Bc this’ll be longgg.

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anonymous asked:

hows your jalex family going on the sims 3? any new babies? mine just adopted a girl :3

I’m glad you asked actually haha

babies two

and three were adopted

and baby one is a kid now

and baby two is a toddler now!

while baby three is still a baby c:

aren’t they cute, aww c: okay, I’ll go now ahaha