It’s important for people to understand the complications of owning birds. Here is a short video to help everyone comprehend bird life.

TODAY is a special day

Today one year ago (Oct. 5th 2013) I took Jalen home! From a one-year-old’s birthday party where he was being used as a cake topper.

I couldn’t concentrate for the whole party - my whole mind was on that little fish in the tiny bowl half filled with water. I couldn’t believe the family had bought a fish specifically to put it on the cake to amuse the baby… they’d been the animal lovers in my life as long as I could remember, but apparently that didn’t extend to small animals.

I finally asked about the fish and was given a ‘oh yea you can have it, I have a baby to take care of, I don’t need a fish too’.

I didn’t say anything (why buy it if you didn’t want it?), and happily went home cradling the sad little bowl.

Begged for a ride to petsmart, and here we were the night I got him home: (you can see the bowl in the background behind the 2.5)

Just look at him now, a year later!

Not only has my grumpy man come a long way, I came a long way in regards to fishkeeping.

So happy homecoming day Jalen! May we have many more.