jalapeno honey

svt as ice cream

s.coups: the standard chocolate ice cream that’s somehow always in the freezer and never leaves

jeonghan: the all natural full cream with REAL fruit strawberry ripple ice cream

joshua: that really flavoursome vanilla ice cream with all the little seeds in them you get in fancy packaging

jun: dark chocolate ice cream thats so rich you have to wash your mouth out with water after eating because its super super bitter

hoshi: bacon (do we have to explain this i think it speaks for itself)

wonwoo: mint chocolate chip (makes your tastebuds very confused but you can dig this)

woozi: salted caramel (u think it would be super sweet but no)

dk: pineapple its all tropical fun and games but guess what pineapples contain an acid that digests meat. thats right. it digests ur stomach. think twice before u eat

mingyu: the cookies and cream ice cream that’s almost always running low at the ice cream shop because it’s super popular and everyone loves it

the8: the tiramisu ice cream you only get at those obscure supermarkets but it’s heaven when u taste it

seungkwan: honey jalapeno- hard to come by, sweet and but also savoury, spicy for those who cant handle

vernon: the super trippy looking blue coloured cotton candy ice cream that’s really rare but super sweet and kinda weird but you can’t get enough of

dino: super sweet coffee ice cream that leaves this really nice aftertaste on your tongue after eating