“Do you dream, Commander? When you look up at the night sky, and you see the brilliance of the infinite shining back at you? Do you feel the same awe, I wonder, as our first ancestors did; before cities, before towers, before Ghosts and Light and Dark?

Do you feel the same awe as I do?

You call us pessimists. Cowards, even. But I am full of hope. Full of belief. Full of compassion. 

And full of certainty as well. 

It is not for myself that I would leave the Heliopause behind, for I know that I will never live to see my goal. I do it for the sake of those to come; those who may one day take up our mantle - not as Guardians, not as soldiers - but as humans.  

Every one of those stars is as full of promise as we are. Every one, full of potential. Every one, a reminder of the Light that shines in all of us. 

I dream of a world without borders. I dream of a world free of darkness, free of decay and despair.  I dream that when the stars twinkle, the Fleet twinkles back.   

Infinity calls to us, Commander - to all of us. And it is calling us home.”

- Arach Jalaal


You think Russo’s any better just because he gives you a smile. Russo’s not going to do anything. He’s part of the machine…  

- Simon Monroe (2x03)


The best of the villains, from BBC Sherlock Pick-Up Lines (excluding Moriarty because otherwise he’d be the entire photoset).


Yes, dear Horrible Historians, you read it right, there’ll be the brand-new Horrible Histories series as it was confirmed by our history nerd Greg Jenner himself earlier today. The format of the show will be different from the previous series because each episode will be something like a mini biography (Boudica, Cleopatra, Alfred, William I, King John, Henry VIII, Mary Queen Of Scots, Oliver Cromwell, George III, Napoleon, Victoria, Churchill). You can also look forwards to the catchy songs in each episode (composed by Richie Webb), Death’s own chat show, Rattus and his new friends, more Indian and Chinese history and much more. Magna Carta Special (with Ben Miller as King John) was also confirmed and it will be broadcasted at the end of January.

The cast of the new series: Jim Howick (as Churchill and Napoleon), Simon Farnaby (as George III and Death), Sarah Hadland (as Queen Victoria), Lawry Lewin (as Oliver Cromwell), Dominique Moore, Giles Terrera, Jason Lewis, Jessica Ransom (as Mary Queen Of Scots), Adam Riches, Naz Osmanoglu, Jalaal Hartley, Louise Ford, Natalie Walter, Tom Stourton and Tom Palmer, Ben Miller (as King John), Tom Rosenthal (as King Alfred), Lorna Watson, Kathryn Drysdale (as Cleopatra), Kevin Eldon (as William I), Rowan Atkinson (as Henry VIII).

More info: RadiotimesBritish Comedy Guide and BBC Radio 2 (Greg from 18 minutes)

Are you excited? :)