“Do you dream, Commander? When you look up at the night sky, and you see the brilliance of the infinite shining back at you? Do you feel the same awe, I wonder, as our first ancestors did; before cities, before towers, before Ghosts and Light and Dark?

Do you feel the same awe as I do?

You call us pessimists. Cowards, even. But I am full of hope. Full of belief. Full of compassion. 

And full of certainty as well. 

It is not for myself that I would leave the Heliopause behind, for I know that I will never live to see my goal. I do it for the sake of those to come; those who may one day take up our mantle - not as Guardians, not as soldiers - but as humans.  

Every one of those stars is as full of promise as we are. Every one, full of potential. Every one, a reminder of the Light that shines in all of us. 

I dream of a world without borders. I dream of a world free of darkness, free of decay and despair.  I dream that when the stars twinkle, the Fleet twinkles back.   

Infinity calls to us, Commander - to all of us. And it is calling us home.”

- Arach Jalaal

Holliday’s Holiday

Prompt post for the first Guardian RP Meet and Greet! Check @guardian-meet-greet for more information on how to participate in the party!

Oryx is dead.

The confirmation came with the fireteam- all six of them- returning to the tower, still drunk off excitement even after the hours long transit. Six Guardians home safe, and the greatest threat to the system drifting lifelessly towards Saturn’s atmosphere, was a reason to celebrate, and Amanda Holliday jumped on it.

The hangar was transformed. Her glare cleared the Future War Cult and Dead Orbit representatives from the area, freeing up a little space in the upstairs lounge. Drinks and food of all sorts was set up on tables where the Vanguard Quartermaster usually held his wares. It wasn’t explicitly stated, but was generally understood, that Cayde and a couple favors were responsible for the outlandish amount of beer to be found. The jukebox’s music was piped through the speakers in the whole hangar, and a dance floor of sorts was set up where Arach Jalaal usually stood. The sofas of the lower lounge were left where they were, providing somewhere a bit quieter and out of the way.

You’re at the party? Where are you? What are you doing? What do you look like?

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Fun Fact - Faction Armor Names

New Monarchy 

Currently, armor bought from New Monarchy are “Kallipolis ____”

The term Callipolis is a Latinized version of Kallipolis, which is Greek for “Good City”. It was the name of several ancient cities as well.

New Monarchy’s leader Executor Hideo speaks several times about the City in random dialogue; putting his faith into the City and of a second Golden Age.

Dead Orbit

Currently, armor bought from Dead Orbit have the name “Heliopause ___”

The Heliopause is the boundary of the heliosphere. The heliosphere is the immense magnetic bubble containing our solar system, solar wind, and the entire solar magnetic field. It extends well beyond the orbit of Pluto.

Dead Orbit’s leader Arach Jalaal is very pessimistic; fatalistic  He believes that the denizens of Earth must leave the world for a new one, and that the Darkness cannot be stood against. 

Future War Cult

Armor bought from FWC is currently called “Infinite Lines ___”

Though this is a broad term that could be anything, Infinite Lines could be a reference to leader Lakshmi-2′s many of dialogue about timelines and fate and never ending war. Specifically this quote:

“An infinity of timelines. If one timeline in a trillion knows peace, how could you ever hope to find it?“

Bonus fun fact: Lakshmi is the name of the Hindu Goddess of wealth, fortune, and prosperity