In response to the Destiny 2 PC BETA I’d like to give out my last two Destiny Blacksmith Shaders and three Union of Light Emblems for anyone who likes or shares this post!

[Full Disclosure] We have been holding on to these codes for a little bit now, so I’m hoping you can still redeem them on the Bungie website! (if not, you still get a nice shiny code)

I’d also like to give everyone here a preview of a pet project @pixelatedtraveler and @ask-lordshaxx have been grinding on during the Destiny down-season! The KINDERGUARDIANS webcomic!

Enjoy these cute icons of your favorite vendors!

Stay Tuned!

Destiny Kills Kids

I’m gonna need Destiny to back off the ‘Dead Kids’ pedal before my heart gives out.

D1- Eva Lavante lost her husband and child on the way to the City. Sad AF but my heart carried on.

D2- Cayde and Ace. This still seems unnecessary and completely out of left field but I feel for Cayde.

D2- Arach Jalaal had sons?!?! I’m of the 'Dead Orbit subscribers are cowards’ school of thought but to find that Jalaal is running, not just from the fear of a dead world, but from a devastating personal loss…just made me take back a couple Dead Orbit jokes.

“Do you dream, Commander? When you look up at the night sky, and you see the brilliance of the infinite shining back at you? Do you feel the same awe, I wonder, as our first ancestors did; before cities, before towers, before Ghosts and Light and Dark?

Do you feel the same awe as I do?

You call us pessimists. Cowards, even. But I am full of hope. Full of belief. Full of compassion. 

And full of certainty as well. 

It is not for myself that I would leave the Heliopause behind, for I know that I will never live to see my goal. I do it for the sake of those to come; those who may one day take up our mantle - not as Guardians, not as soldiers - but as humans.  

Every one of those stars is as full of promise as we are. Every one, full of potential. Every one, a reminder of the Light that shines in all of us. 

I dream of a world without borders. I dream of a world free of darkness, free of decay and despair.  I dream that when the stars twinkle, the Fleet twinkles back.   

Infinity calls to us, Commander - to all of us. And it is calling us home.”

- Arach Jalaal

Dead Orbit personally insulted me by offering me an engram 60 power lower than my current level when I was talking to all the factions at the start of the rally and then they won

anonymous asked:

How much you want to bet Arach Jalaal skipped around the tower humming “Paint it Black” while tearing down the other faction banners?... Can’t believe the goth poetry club won.

i am so distressed by this turn of events. how the HELL did dead orbit win? their shaders are boring and their weapons are poorly designed. who did this? who dares support dead orbit on my dashboard??

also lol “goth poetry club” i love it


Sherlock - The DOCTOR WHO Connection

There is a long-standing theory that there are really only 10 British actors, who consequently are in everything. To (kind of) prove this, I’m starting a new series: Sherlock - The X Connection.

First installment: Sherlock and Doctor Who