jal garland

Monique Lhuillier SS12

The lead makeup artist for the Monique Lhuillier show was Jal Garland for MAC.  Her look was inspired by the urban, fast-paced, sporty woman.  When I spoke with her, Garland highlighted that this allusion of quick, forward motion would be represented in the eyes.  Aerodynamic swooshed black and blue liner dramatically stretches toward the hairline as if it’s being pulled back by speed itself.

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Face and Body foundation was applied over well moisturized skin and slightly contour was given under the cheekbone using Sand Brown and Malaysia Contour Creme.

For the eyes, Pro Black Creme Liner was applied in a very straight line.  A think line of Marine Ultra Chromacake was applied hugging the black liner and then returning in a straight line through the crease.

The lips were left natural, with a bit of lip balm.

Garland gave this tip: Apply all detail makeup first, i.e. the eyes, and then go back and perfect the skin after.  That way if you need to touch up any small mistakes on the detail areas you don’t effect the foundation in the process.     

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