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Brotherhood in skijumping

Since there is so many brothers in skijumping I had to do this (and I probably had forgott someones also)

Jussi and Matti Hautamäki

Pasi and Janne Ahonen

Krzysztof and Grzegorz Mietus

Isak and Jakob Grimholm

Maciej and Jakub Kot

Manuel and Nico Fettner

Terje and Tom Hilde

Johann and Daniel Forfang

Daniel-Andre and Haakon-Kristoffer Tande

Junshiro and Ryoyu Kobayashi

Stefan, Alexander and Michael Hayböck

Cene, Peter and Domen Prevc

Gasper and Tilen Bartol

the zodiac signs and the sport their most compatible with

Aries:  hockey
Taurus: hockey
Gemini: hockey
Cancer: hockey
Leo: hockey
Virgo: hockey
Libra: hockey
Scorpio: hockey
Sagittarius: hockey
Capricorn: hockey 
Aquarius: hockey
Pisces: hockey

this is scientifically proven btw

If all the APH countries' names were the most popular ones among their population
  • Italy: Francesco
  • South Italy: Alessandro
  • Germany: Ben
  • Japan: 連 (Ren)
  • America: Noah
  • England: Oliver
  • France: Nathan
  • China: 张伟 (Zhang Wei)
  • Russia: Александр (Alexander)
  • Canada: Liam
  • Belgium: Emma
  • Netherlands: Daan
  • Austria: Lukas
  • Bulgaria: Georgi
  • Hungary: Jazmin
  • Liechtenstein: Lara
  • Poland: Jakub
  • Prussia: Alexander
  • Romania: Dorin
  • Belarus: Tanya
  • Estonia: Erik
  • Latvia: Karlis
  • Lithuania: Matas
  • Ukraine: Anna
  • Denmark: William
  • Finland: Elias
  • Iceland: Jón
  • Norway: Lucas
  • Sweden: Oscar
  • Greece: Georgios
  • Turkey: Mustafa
  • Spain: Santiago
  • Egypt: Ahmed
  • Taiwan: Chen
  • Thailand: Sarawut
  • Australia: Jack
  • New Zealand: James
  • Cuba: Emesto
  • Switzerland: Gabriel
  • South Korea: Minjoon
Time for a Family Fun Fact

Nicky has never mastered gardening and never will. He is absolutely hopeless at it. From time to time, Alex tires to teach him, but it always fails (”God Nicky what if I die and you don’t know how to prune the hedges or mulch the flower beds, then Sid will have a better lawn than me and I’ll have to come back from the dead to sabotage his lawn mower and destroy his flowers and oh god I can’t handle this where’s the ibuprofen”). Tom is pretty good at it though. Kuzy and Andre are also decent at it. V is hopeless like his Papa.

V and Nicky usually make brownies while the boys get dirty. One of V’s favorite things to do is spray the muddy boys down with the hose. They still have to shower though, and whoever gets clean the fastest gets to lick the bowl clean. Of course, Andre almost always wins. You see, Andre knows that slow and steady wins the race. Tom and Kuzy both hurry too much and don’t actually get clean. You have to actually get clean to lick the bowl. Alex always gets the spoon so he doesn’t care, but also they are kids so he isn’t gonna fight them for the bowl. 

He gets the best treasure of all: the love of his children, and sweet, sweet dick from his husband.


Um. Okay, the longer you stare at this picture, the more things jump out.

  • Andre, wedged firmly between his two dads, is now trying to cuddle Nicky, who seems amused by it.
  • A small child is side-eyeing the hell out of Ovi.
  • Braden Holtby somehow looks fucking flawless in goofy reindeer antlers.
  • Taylor Chorney looks… less flawless and like an amorous reindeer giving Evgeny Kuznetsov the eye, and Kuzya doesn’t know how to feel about it.
  • Tom Wilson, the biggest kid of them all.

leyley09  asked:

Nicklas Bäckström, pranks

They meet under a neutral flag at a neutral setting, which is actually one of the family lounges and one of Eller’s practice jerseys taped onto one of Alex’s sticks, and held by Jakub Vrana who looks like he has no idea of what is going on or why he’s being made to stand on a chair and hold a shirt-stick-flag, but is too nervous to do anything otherwise. Alex sits down at one side of the table, and Alzy sits down at the other, the two groups taking seats down either side in a rough breakdown of Canada and America on the left, and everyone else on the right. They wait in dead silence.

When Nicky finally walks in, he ignores both of them and sits at the head of the table. He doesn’t say anything for a full two minutes, drumming his fingers and staring at every single person in the room.

“By the power vested in me as last year’s prank war winner,” he finally says. “I declare this 2017 season open, effective as soon as this meeting is officially adjourned. No rules are changed or updated from last year, only the people officially playing. The scoresheet with everyone listed who’s playing is taped up in the locker room, to be updated by a neutral party who is not taking part, this year represented by Grubi. He will also have final say and authority over all point allocations and decisions, and will hold the cash pot and award it to the one with the highest points at the end of the week. If necessary he’ll also judge the winner’s favor request for the losers if there is a formal protest or debate.”

Over in the corner, Grubi nods and waves, wearing the official Judge Hat, which is actually just something leftover from Holtby’s Halloween costume of two years ago.

“All pranks must be complete in effect by midnight of next week. Anything that happens after that is grounds for immediate disqualification, and you have to wear the Terry shirt for the rest of the season.”

No one said anything. Nicky sat in silence for another full minute, tension growing ever thicker.

“With no further updates, we are now in live competition,” Nicky says. He stands up. “And I am currently in the lead,” he says, as a smile breaks on his face, and he bolts out of the room. Ovi, Alzy, and everyone in a chair tries to jump up after him, and—go nowhere fast, though Ovi rips most of the seat out of his sweats yanking away from the chair.

“Fucking superglue,” Oshie says, half in disgust, half in admiration. “Goddammit. He set that up before we came in. That shouldn’t count! I object!”

“Official ruling. Prank did not go into effect until after competition was live,” Grubi says. “It stands. Backy has fifty points per every chair.”

“Backy! You dead!” Ovi has already taken his pants off and is headed out the door after Nicky, a not entirely unusual sight. Everyone else is trying to extract themselves without losing more cloth or skin than necessary.

It’s going to be an interesting week.

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nicky surprising everyone by being the one to spoil his kids for once?

Kuzy huffed as he set the last grocery bag on the counter. “Jesus, Papa, this was a big trip.”

“Well,” Papa idly replied, “Your Mama and I will be gone part of next week and three teenage boys live in this house. And V.”

Kuzy nodded, that made sense. Andre was already pawing through the bags, most likely looking for his favorite Swedish energy drink which Kuzy was eighty-five percent sure Mama strong armed the local Giant into carrying. That seven figure salary sure does come in handy.

Andre made a noise of surprise. “Papa, what’s this?” he asked, brandishing a bottle of chocolate syrup. 

“Yeah,” Tom echoed. “And what are these?” He pulled two cans of whipped cream and a box of sprinkles from the nearest bag.

“Yeah, Nicky, what’s this?” Mama said, looking into two different grocery bags filled with different cartons of ice cream. V stood up on his tiptoes to look over Mama’s arms into the bags, eleven-year old eyebrows raised in disbelief. 

Papa sighed. “You caught me. I thought we could have ice cream sundaes after dinner tonight.”

The room felt silent as four pairs of eyes landed on Papa.

“Papa,” Kuzy said slowly. “Are you dying? Is Mama dying? Are the dogs dying? Oh god, am I dying?”

Papa rolled his eyes in fond exasperation. “No ones dying, Zhenya. I just thought it would be nice to do something fun.”

Tom, clearly not buying it, screwed his face up in concentration. “Is it someone’s birthday?”

“Did you make Mama mad?” V asked.

“Did Deborah finally die?” Andre asked.

“God, I wish,” Papa said feelingly. “I mean, no what a terrible thing to say. Don’t wish death on people. Maybe just permanent injury. On Deborah.”

Mama laughed and strode over to plant a wet, smacking kiss on Papa’s lips. “Usually it’s my job to spoil kids.”

As Tom and Andre fake gagged, V pointed imperiously at the PDA jar and Kuzy said, “Okay that’s like a solid $5 fine right there.”

Papa laughed and pushed Mama away and smiled at the boys. “The ice cream’s going to melt if you all don’t put it in the freezer, so hop to it. If you’re good I’ll make brownies too.”

Man, Kuzy loves it when Papa spoils them.