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Never Did Run Smooth - Chapter 1 - AbbySomething, Hartfairy, Unnnqualified - Samurai Jack (Cartoon), Powerpuff Girls [Archive of Our Own]
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Alternate Universe: High School AU

Main Pairing: Samurai Jack/Aku

Side Pairings: The Scotsman/Scotsman’s Wife, Demongo/X9/Jack-o-Lantern, Him/Professor Utonium

Summary: Jack did not like dealing with Principal Akusawa. In fact, he could say he dreaded it, loathed it, abhorred it… There were many words in the english language that he could use to express how much he did not even want to be near Principal Akusawa.


Lame doodles of the power couple with my poorly made human Aku

Jack loses his memory from an injury he sustained during battle, but is saved and taken in by the people of a small village. He ends up settling down there and he becomes a teacher since he doesn’t remember his quest or Akuuu. Aku eventually finds out that somethings up and disguises as a human to check if Jack is just trying to lure him out or if Jack actually lost his memory and woops he starts to get a crush on Jack after they spend time together what a nerd.