jakson rathbone


Rubiini - The Shrewd

The house who would consider themselves with the most brain. It is no secret that this house believes in the ranking system. It is very rare to find a Rubiini student who would be willing to get pushed over for whatever reason. Once they get on top you will never get them down.

——————————— Potenia Lec University —————————————

Have you ever wished to have been born with a gift? An individual power that makes you special such as telekinesis, water bending, super strength  metal bending or flying. Potenia Lec University is a place which young people who have been born with a special ability can call home. It is a truth universally acknowledge that the authorities wishes to experiment on these young students, all in the name of science. The castle is the one place where they are safe from the outside world. At least for now.