***i accept paypal as well as money in the mail (if you send money in the mail, you’re responsible for securing it well…i do not take responsibility if i never receive the money)***


i had no idea i had so many craft supplies…i’ve been trying to organize all my stuff for the last couple of hours, and i feel like i’ve gotten nothing done -_- 


  • also, i have unfinished bracelets if anyone wants a couple—i’d send the pattern and the row # i left off on.
  • i have 2 sets of 4 kumuhimo patterns each if anyone wants them. (flowers, diamonds, stripes, and hearts).
  • plus i have different color chain that i haven’t found an use for, so if anyone is interested in those…
  • i also have necklace cords with clasps that are waiting to be put to use with a pendant if anyone wants those too.

all i’d charge is shipping costs—everything is free other than that.

anyway, message me if you’re interested!

have a lovely day!

-jackie <3

Pay It Forward

the pieces in this album are up for grabs…you pay what you think is fair (through paypal) to claim an item, you comment the amount you’ll be paying for it! however, you’ll only have an hour to pay for it before it is up for grabs again. email is: ladybug2091@aol.com shipping is $3 in the US only.

an attempt at a fish-bone/phish-bone hemp bracelet tutorial:

1. you’ll need: tape measure/ruler, hemp, scissors, clipboard

2. cut a piece of hemp about 27-32" long that you’ll end up using as a back bone (i tend to use a color that i have more of, as it won’t be seen once the bracelet is done). Fold it in half, and tie the closed end into a loop; tape it down on a steady surface or clip it onto your clipboard, like such:

3. cut the hemp you’ll use to make the bracelet (i’m using 4 colors) into 40-45" long strands

4. grab your first string and make a full square-knot on your backbone hemp:

5. push your square-knot to the top of your backbone hemp where you tied it into a loop:

6. repeat steps 4 & 5 with the rest of your colors. when you’re done with all four colors, it should look like this:

7. grab your very first color and tie another square-knot onto your backbone hemp, over the rest of the strings:

8. repeat step 7 with the rest of your colors–after that, it should look like this:

9. continue steps 7 & 8 until you’ve reached the desired length for your bracelet…i tend to make to braids when i’m done with my bracelet so people can easily tie it on, and take it off.

***a second tutorial on how to add beads to this bracelet will be up shortly***

hope this helps nicolee-143

50% off my entire etsy!

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thanks again for your support and for spreading the word!

things to keep in mind:
  • natural light is ALWAYS better for pictures
  • as a crafter, i know that sometimes my hair ends up in my work, before you take a picture of your work, make sure it is hair-free
  • make sure that the background makes your jewelry pop-out…what’s the point of taking a picture in which your crafts blend in with the background
  • make sure your jewelry is photographed right-side-up (i see way too many friendship bracelets that are inside out…it’s not only annoying, it also has a tendency to make me ignore your post)
  • DO NOT OVERCHARGE your crafts! c'mon while i am well aware of the hard work, and the time it takes to make a piece of jewelry, it is ridiculous to charge $8+ for a simple chevron that isn’t even over 14 strings. be reasonable!
  • DO NOT UNDERCHARGE, it’s your time…and your time is valuable, just remember to settle on a reasonable price…let’s say the material you use adds up to $2 and it takes less than ½ hr to complete…anywhere between $6-$8 might be a reasonable price (example: simple beaded hemp bracelet) you’re charging more for your time, than anything, really
  • discounts/sales/promotions are always a plus
  • PROMOTE your items/shop. don’t be afraid to ask or submit your work to craft blogs! it doesn’t matter if you posted a picture of that bracelet yesterday, if it means more sales, promote it again the next day [=
  • COMMUNICATION IS KEY! communicate with your customers/fans, they’ll appreciate it, and might be tempted to come back for more. also, be polite, there’s absolutely no need to be rude
  • DETAILS…do not forget the details of your work. measurements, colors, mediums used, type of clasps, etc
  • BE HONEST…if you live in a house with pets, tell your customers. if you live in a smoking environment, tell your customers. if you use 100% recycled material, tell your customers–it’s the best way to keep your customers satisfied

i guess these are it for now…i’ll add to it as i go.

*granted, i still have a hard time following some of these…specially undercharging. anyway, hope this is helpful to you, as it is to me. to be honest, i did this mostly to remind myself of the do’s and don'ts*




i just wanted to thank everyone who has shown their support, in one way or another, to JAKRAFTS, thanks to you, it has grown to be a lot more than i thought it would be. I am having so much success in person with Jakrafts, business online is a bit slow–but regardless, i appreciate every single one of my customers thus far.

these are some of the newer projects i’ve completed…what do you think?

thanks again!

-jackie <3

p.s. please remember to smile today :D

help me celebrate my etsy shop’s 1 year anniversary!

Jakrafts turned 1 on December 11th…i didn’t get a chance to celebrate its anniversary because it was during finals week (and now i’m done with school! :D). 

To celebrate i am offering 50% off to my customers, and if you don’t use etsy, then you can message me the link of the item you want through here or FB so that we can work something out. (i do accept money in the mail)

so, help me spread the word? thanks! you guys are awesome!

-jackie <3

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help me out?


thank you!