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3, 8 and 14 for Obi-Wan please? I love your drabbles! :D

Thank you! I’m glad you like them! Hopefully you like this one as well :)

Obi Wan +  “I left for five minutes. How did you find trouble so quickly?” +  “You’re incredibly persistent, I’ll give you that.” +  “By all means, antagonize the angry beast. See where that gets you.”

Staring out at the brush where your blaster laid, internally scolding yourself for having lost your grip on it. What had started as a seamless mission soon became a festering frustration for you. Flaring your nostrils you suddenly heard Obi Wan from behind you.

“Watch after our things (Y/N). We will need to be on the move before sun down.”

You nodded, “Of course.”

“Alright, I’ll be back in a moment.”

Still staring forward you heard the slight crunching of leaves as Obi Wan walked off into the deep jungle like surroundings. He had told you not to worry about it, just to leave it. It’s just a blaster (Y/N), he had said. You however were not so easily disuadded or distracted. The blaster was by far the best you had owned in years. 

With a deep breath you slowly closed your eyes for a moment, attempting to center yourself. If it worked for Obi Wan and Anakin, it could surely do you some good. Force sensitive or not. Finally feeling confident in your abilities you jumped into the air and gripped onto the branch closest to your reach. With a firm grip you hoisted yourself up. Carefully shimmying down the branch you made your way towards your blaster.

Unfortunately for you, just beneath the branch and sitting in front of the brush where your blaster laid was a sleeping Jakobeast. Though they weren’t inherently dangerous, you were certainly warned against antagonizing them. 

Slowly you tried to creep your way further down the branch when suddenly you slipped. With your heart practically flying out of your chest from surprise you tightly gripped onto the branch as you now dangled from it. To only worsen your luck, a piece of the branch had fallen and hit the creature below you in the head. With a grunt and a growl it awoke.

Feeling your heart begin to pound furiously against your chest as the beast looked up to you, you began attempting to pull yourself up. As you did Obi Wan returned, instantly rushing to see what you were up to.

“I left for five minutes. How did you find trouble so quickly?”

You grunted in your efforts to hold onto the branch, attempting to give him a smug shrug of your shoulders.

“I need my blaster, but this tree apparently had other plans.”

Obi Wan shook his head faintly as he pointed to you with somewhat of a smirk.

“You’re incredibly persistent, I’ll give you that.”

Seeing the beast try to lunge up towards you, likely seeing you as a threat, you quickly kicked one of its horns as it groaned in response. Obi Wan rolled his eyes.

“By all means, antagonize the angry beast. See where that gets you.”

You scowled at him for a moment before you finally supported yourself on the branch.

“Don’t nag me, I’ve got this.”

Obi Wan smirked as he held up his hand with a sudden swoosh passing your ears. Looking over to him you noticed your blaster now in his grip.