All About Us - Jakob Silfverberg

Requested by Anonymous 

 You twirled around in the mirror, still in awe of how you looked. Your long white gown fitting you just right, your veil flowing down over your beautiful (hair length) hair and framing your face. You touched the beautiful necklace around your neck. A birthday gift from your fiance. Your fiance who, within the next couple hours, would become your husband.

It still was an unreal feeling to you. You loved Jakob more than anything and you knew he loved you. But you felt like it was a dream that you were going to be his wife. Even if you’d been planning it since he proposed almost a year and a half ago, it hadn’t fully sunk in.

“(Y/N), darling,” your mother’s voice rang out as she poked her head into your dressing room. “It’s time. Are you ready?”

You grinned and nodded at her. “Yeah, mom. I’m ready. I’m coming.”

She grinned and looked at you. “Oh, my baby girl. You look so so beautiful. Jakob is going to be floored.”

You blushed, fixed your veil, and took your bouquet from the empty vase by the mirror. “Thank you, mom.”

“It’s true, sweetheart.” She left the door open and let you walk through and led you out to outside the main church doors where the bridesmaids and groomsmen were and over to your father.

He looked at you with melancholy eyes. 

“You look beautiful, (Y/N).” he said, holding out his arm for you.

You smiles and took it, locking your elbow with his. “Thank you, dad.”

He smiled as the music started and the bridesmaids and groomsmen paired together in front of you along with your niece, Katie, in right ahead as your flower girl and your nephew, Isaac, as the ring bearer.

You trailed behind them with your father, bouquet in hand and…

There he was. Your Jakob.

He looked so handsome in his tux; his golden hair shining with the sunlight through the windows, his eyes, large and warm, scanning over you in amazement as you made your way down the aisle to him.

“Hi.” you whispered when you made it to the altar.

“H-hi.” he replied. “You look beautiful.”

“So do you.” you grinned.

Your father proceeded to give you away and the ceremony began. It was a beautiful ceremony. His and your vows, handwritten and heartfelt, almost moved you both to tears. Everything was perfect. And then, with one gentle press of his lips to yours, he was officially yours.

“Presenting, for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Jakob and (Y/N) Silfverberg!” The priest announced. You grinned and took Jakob’s hand in yours and looked up at him.

“Hello, my dear husband.”

He grinned and looked at you. “Hello, my beautiful wife.”

The next few hours felt like a blur. Pictures, cocktail hour, and the first part of the reception including the food and speeches by friends and family. All of which were heartfelt and a few were even a bit funny.

When the MC took the mic, you knew exactly what was happening.

“Alright alright! That’s what I’m talking about!” The MC grinned. “Now, everyone, the bride and groom are to take their first dance together as husband and wife. Please get out your cameras, your phones, anything else if you wish to record this. Even if there’s a photographer here for that. But nevermind that. Let’s give it up for the bride and groom!”

You grinned and went out onto the center dance floor, Jakob’s hand in yours.

“Sorry if I’m still kinda bad at this.” He apologized, blush forming across his cheeks. “Pressure and all.”

“It’s okay, babe.” You said, smiling up at him. “Just put your hand on my waist and focus on me. You’ll be alright.”

He grinned and put his hands on your waist, his gentle eyes connecting with yours as you put your arms around his neck, connecting in the back. 


You grinned in return as the music started. Your feet following his as he led you in a slow dance to your wedding song. It almost felt like time had frozen and that it was just you two, two lovestruck human beings who just so happened to find their perfect matches in this big wide world.

To think you have him forever. And he has you. It felt like a dream, but if you knew one thing, it would be this:

As long as you had each other, you knew everything would be alright.

And it was.