jakob hammermeir


Last night I drove down to Porterdale, GA, for Chikara’s “The Ghost Of You Clings,” and I learned that I really do not photograph well. Looking at these, you’d think I was some kind of dude who sits around reading comic books all day long or something.

1: Me and AssailANT. He was really nice, and really chatty. I meant to buy a button but couldn’t find him after the show.

2: Me and Tim Donst. I was trying to make an equally angry face, but the guy taking the picture was one of the merch guys who was wearing an UltraMantis Black mask, doing a Stone Cold Steve Austin impression, and referred to himself as “Stone Cold UltraMantis.” It was funnier than it sounds, which is why he got me right at the start of cracking up.

3: Me with Icarus. When she saw my pictures from SummerSlam, Danielle Matheson told me I didn’t look like I was having fun, so I should smile more. Now you know why I don’t.

4: Me and Jakob Hammermeir, who is wearing an amazing Kelly Kapowski t-shirt.

5: Me and Ophidian, who is way nicer to you if you are not Amasis.

6: Me with Georgia’s own Sugar Dunkerton, doing a “double Dusty Rhodes.”

7: Me with UltraMantis Black, shortly before I bought my second UltraMantis Black t-shirt. I wish you could see his Christmas tattoos better in this picture, because they are the best things in professional wrestling.

Everyone was super nice, and it was a great show that was well worth the eight-hour round trip.