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Jakob Chychrun #3 - Thunder

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A/N - heyyo! so… this one gets a little NSFW at the end and a little suggestive so proceed with caution. Also, as someone who can not watch horror movies at all because they cause really bad nightmares, this is basically my reaction to all horror movies

for the anon request(s): Hei!!! Love ur writing:)). can you write a Jakob chychrun story where you watch a scary movie together and (if you’re comfortable writing it) end out making out? Do you have an approx wait time? / Hei!!! Love ur writing:)). can you write a Jakob chychrun or matty tkachuk story where you watch a scary movie together and (if you’re comfortable writing it) end out making out?


You have no idea why you agreed to this. The thunderstorm raging outside was not helping you in the slightest either. Normally you love thunderstorms. You find it so relaxing to just sit in a window ledge with a cozy blanket and mug of hot chocolate while watching the jagged lines scrape across the sky, fighting for speed and power. Tonight, however, you are not liking the thunder that is punctuating your movie night with your boyfriend, Jakob Chychrun. When he had suggested staying in and watching Netflix on one of his rare nights off, you were quick to agree. When Jake argued that it was his turn to pick the movie, you didn’t think anything of it either. Now here you are, not even fifteen minutes into the movie, trying to contain both tears and screaming because Chych wanted to watch possibly the most scary horror movie you have ever encountered. God damn it, you were going to kill him once you managed to build up the balls to extract yourself from where you were burrowed into his chest and decidedly not looking at the screen.

From where you had your face pressed up against Jake’s pec, you heard the swell of minor chords in the background music that built up the tension meaning that someone was about to get stabbed. Right on cue you heard a gruesome scream and tried to contain yourself but failed miserably. Even though you had anticipated a bloody murder of yet another character running through the woods, you couldn’t help the pathetic whimper that came out of you and you gripped onto Chych’s shirt tighter.

Jake squeezed you right back, though more reassuring as opposed to terrified, “You okay babe?” he asked, voice hinting on teasing.

You wanted, with all your heart, to say that yes, this wasn’t bothering you. But you also knew how bad your nightmares were going to be for the next couple weeks if this didn’t end right now. You burrowed further under his arm and shook your head minutely, trying to keep your pulse under control.

Immediately, Jakob picked up on your concern and stretched to shut the movie off. You finally relaxed a bit when you heard the creepy cello of the movie shut off and Jakob reached around you to move you onto his lap, “Oh, hey. It’s okay babygirl. I got you. I’m so sorry”

“N-No. It’s okay. I’m fine,” you nuzzled your nose into the crook of his neck, refusing to look up at him, “I-it’s just nightmares. Anxiety. Not good combo.”

“Shit, baby, I’m so sorry.” Jake sounded so hurt and worried and that made you hug him even tighter, “Why don’t we put on something else and cuddle on the couch for a bit?”

You nodded and kissed his neck in response. You finally breathed a shaky sigh when you heard the familiar sound of a Friends episode coming from your TV and Jake’s fingers running up and down your back reassuringly. When you started to feel better and less in panic mode, you sat up and planted a soft kiss on Jake’s lips. When you pulled back, you could see that Chych’s eyes were searching yours, checking to see if you were okay.

“I’m okay,” you smiled genuinely this time before situating yourself so that you were straddling Jake’s lap, “I just need a little distraction…” you smirked at him before wrapping your arms around his neck and connecting your lips together. 

It started out sweet and intimate but soon you ran your hands up from where they were fisted into Chych’s shirt and up into his hair and tugged a bit. You heard Jake growl in the back of his throat, and just like that the mood all changed. Suddenly his hands were on your ass and your kisses had changed from sweet little pecks to open-mouthed ones, fighting for dominance. Jake squeezed your ass and you ground your hips down in response, causing him to moan. In one swift motion, Chych flipped both of you over so that you were now lying down on the couch with Jakob over top of you, straddling your hips with his thighs. He returned to you, but instead of kissing you on the lips like you were hoping for, Jake started to kiss up and down your jaw while his hands slid under your shirt and started to tease under your bra. You were left a writhing mess when Jake skimmed his thumb over your nipple at the same time as he bit down gently on your neck. He soothed the skin with his tongue, but continued to kiss and nip at the same spot on your neck until you were sure there was going to be a very obvious hickey there the next morning. You reached up and tugged on the hem of Jake’s t-shirt but huffed in annoyance when you weren’t able to get it up and over his head.

“Eager there are we?” Jake teased as he sat back on his heels, looking down at you. He reached behind his head and pulled his shirt off, leaving you to try not to drool over his abs. 

You used whatever strength you had to flip the two of you over so that you were the one on top now. You immediately started to run your hands up and down his washboard abs as you gave Jakob a hickey of his own on his chest this time. When you finished you pulled back to take your own shirt off which made Jakob groan, “Jesus Christ, you are so hot.” you smirked at him before returning and started to place kisses that slowly trailed down to where he was straining against his shorts. You made your way almost painfully slowly and Jakob got his hands fisted up in your long hair by the time you made it to his v-lines. You ran your tongue along those edges, with your fingers slipping teasingly below the waistband. Jakob took a big inhale and just as you were hooking your finger in his shorts about to tug them down all the way a huge crack of thunder sounded, making both of you jump. When you both realized it was just the storm and not the axe murderer from the horror movie you both broke into laughter.

“Should we go finish what we were doing, before being so rudely interrupted, in the bedroom.” Jakob leaned up on his elbows and smirked at you.

“Definitely.” And with that, Jakob had you up and off the couch dragging you by the wrist down the hallway, you giggling all the way.


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