B99 4.0 - Coral Palms [2]


“After Jimmy “The Butcher” Figgis sees Jake and Holt’s viral video, the two begin plotting their attack. However, when caught red-handed, they are forced to experience the other side of the interrogation table…“

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Adventure time taught me:

Every human makes mistakes,

 but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be loved,

 that family is a lot more than genetics

 and that falling on the deepest darkness will happen eventually 

but there will always be someone near to raise you up .


Jake’s entire family probably just thought he was sleeping with Marco

Seriously, though.  100% of Jake’s excuses for coming home late and/or sneaking out consist of: “Marco and I were doing stuff.  At his house.  You know, stuff.  What kind of stuff?  Just stuff.  And that’s why I’m coming home half-naked at three in the morning.  Because I left my clothes at Marco’s.  Where we were just… hanging out.  Without most of our clothes.  It’s a thing we do.  Like, three nights a week.  And that time I was missing for several days?  That was just another sleepover.  At Marco’s.  Where I sleep a lot.”

And don’t get me started on his habit of slamming the window shut every time he’s on the computer and someone else walks into the room.  I’m just picturing Temrash 114 being like, “What the hell was THAT about?” and Tom going, “Gay porn, probably.  It’s a human thing.”