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Lets.... Let's calm down here folks. Is everyone else safe atleast? The girls, Jake and Rich? Jeremy?

Chloe: Everything’s alright. The hospital said that the fire was contained to one part of that floor, so we were just moved some where else.
Chloe: There’s… there’s a lot of emotion. Christine’s a mess, Brooke has to sit on Jeremy to keep him from running back in.

Chloe: As for Rich and Jake…
Chloe: You never know how much you love someone till you almost loose them.

I’m still here recovering from wisdom tooth extraction and the year’s worst cough/cold (a double whammy rip), so I came up with this list of headcanons about Jake/Amy being sick (and being domestic af taking care of each other) !! 

  • Amy tries to power through everything and resists taking a sick day until she’s p much delusional from a fever or whatnot. At that point, the entire squad has to get involved in getting her out of the precinct and back home in bed. 
    • Gina spends a full hour heckling her to leave. (When this doesn’t work, she instead tries to simultaneously disinfect and exorcize Amy’s workstation.) 
    • Holt suggests (i.e. orders) for her to go home. (Amy refuses and claims she’s in tip-top shape while launching into a coughing fit.) 
    • Charles offers to make her a hot herbal drink to help with the congestion. He tries to sneak some NyQuil (or something to induce drowsiness) in it, but Amy watches him like a hawk. 
    • Hitchcock and Scully distract her with senseless questions while Rosa discretely drops down from the ceiling and adds the drowsy meds to the tea. 
    • After Amy’s fallen asleep, Terry lifts her up (gently, like how he magically transfers his little babies from the car to their beds) and carries her to Jake’s car.
    • Jake (not as gracefully) carries her inside to their apartment. He almost drops her twice, but she’s so out if it that she doesn’t even notice.  
  • After the whole AC/DC sitch, Jake is more open to taking sick days. His main ish is that he can go from being perfectly fine to feeling like he’s at death’s door real quick.
    • ”Ames, make sure Gina gets my Klezmer records. Nana would want her to have them. Oh, and give my old baseball glove to Charles. I’m sure he and Nikolaj would love playing catch together in the summer. Wait, make sure Rosa gets-” 
    • “Jake, you have a cold. You are not dying.”
  • When Amy’s finally in bed (changed into her warmest sweatpants and one of Jake’s old hoodies, all tucked in), she sleepily mumbles for Jake to check The Binder. 
    • It’s well-organized and easy to follow, so Jake’s able to quickly run out and get her preferred meds and groceries while she’s napping. 
    • Her mom’s chicken noodle soup recipe (filed under Section 3, Page 21 is not as easy to recreate. He gives up at Step 4 and instead makes Nana’s matzo ball soup.
      • It’s his best kept secret that he’s been able to make this recipe from scratch since he was 10. (Apart from his family, only Gina knows he’s able to make this.) He has no intention to tell Boyle about this, for fear he’d suggest a recipe swap or cook off of sorts.   
  • When Jake is sick, Amy attempts to make her mom’s chicken noodle soup but (unsurprisingly) gets stuck at some point and has to call her for help. 
    • Mrs. Santiago squeals because her daughter has never attempted to make soup for any of her past boyfriends. (“Mija, does this mean Jacob is The One? Will you bring him over for dinner next week? Should I have Luis drop off some extra food tomorrow?”)
  • Amy is already cold 24/7 when in peak health, so she ends up with the worst chills when she’s actually sick. Jake will cuddle her for warmth and she’ll always protest (”Jake, no! You’ll get sick too!”) but snuggle up to him anyway. 
    • Jake’s immune system is a paradox in and of itself, so it’s always anybody’s guess as to whether or not he’ll catch whatever Amy has. (On one hand, his immune system is rly shitty cause his diet sucks and it’s questionable whether he gets enough vitamins and nutrients. On the other hand, he’s definitely eaten food off the floor multiple times and probably once ate dirt as a child, so his immunity is weirdly strong.) 
  • Trying to get Jake to drink cough syrup is the hardest thing.
    • “Can I get a cup of sugar to go with this?”
    • “Wait, what? 
    • “You know, like what that lady from The Sound of Music said!” 
    • “It’s Mary Poppins, and it’s a spoonful of sugar, and no, you are not getting any sugar.” 
    • “No, you are not getting any sugar, title of your sex tape!!!!!!!!!!!!” 
    • (She forces the cough syrup down his throat after that.)
  • Amy’s particular about keeping the kissing to a minimum when she’s sick, but Jake is all about the loving forehead smooches and the slow, languid kisses. (She gives in after he points out that they live together and def made out yesterday, so they probably already shared whatever germs there are to share.) 

Shout out to @the-pontiac-bandit and @jakelovesamy for the help on these!!!