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you are the absolute best person ever and it’s your BIRTHDAY 🎉 so HAPPY BIRTHDAY. you’re always so so supportive and kind and your love for my fics literally always brighten my day. so i wrote you a little very rushed daddy!robron fic for you birthday and i hope you enjoy it!!!

Family days out should be illegal really. That’s how Robert feels as he watches Aaron struggle to read the map and Jacob nearly diving head first into a fishing pond.

It’s a baking hot bank holiday and Robert’s still rocking the whole burgundy suit get up because a) he thought he’d have time to change, and b) no one told him they were set for a September heat wave.

Jacob tilts his head even further towards the pond and Robert’s eyes widen. “Jacob, away mate.” He says, firm in his tone and Jacob looks up at him and frowns like he’s confused.

Robert tries to be strict, but Aaron’s gone and put their five year old in some dungarees and he looks fucking cute. There’s no denying it.

Even though dungarees, according to Robert, are the invention of the absolute devil.

If it was up to Robert, Jacob would be rocking something a little more classy. But then Aaron reminds his husband that their son is five not fifty and Robert feels like a prat.

“I want to see all the fishes!” Jacob shouts, and yeah he can’t be doing that now, not in the middle of a flipping Aquarium.

Robert winces, has to drag his body over towards Jacob and pick him up by his waist and onto his shoulders.

“Look at the massive sharks instead yeah?” Robert tells him, gives him almost zero other options as he feels Jacob let out a little sigh and rest his hands on Robert’s hair.

Aaron turns to them, has Annie on his hip now. “Oi Jakey, mind daddy giant’s hair, he’ll cry if you mess it up.” And yeah when they’re like this, all hot and restless and like a family, Aaron almost can’t get happier.

Robert knows he is, because he’s teasing him and he’s got a toothy grin on his face and it’s flipping dazzling.

Jacob giggles and then starts shaking at Robert’s hair. It gets all messy and Aaron bites his lip as he watches it happen.

“Leave daddy giant alone!” Annie says, wriggles down Aaron’s side and then jumps up to try and stop her brother.

Robert laughs, has a smile on his face because Annie’s so kind it’s a joke, she’s so protective and almost the exact opposite of her cheeky mischievous brother.

Jacob stops and practically jumps off Robert, causing the older man to wince. “Jacob, gentle hands.” He says and then Jacob’s rolling his eyes and running off with Annie, holding her hand like he needs to do because he’s her Best Big Brother.

Aaron comes towards Robert, runs a hand over his back. “You alright there Granddad?” He’s asking and then he’s looking a little more seductive. “I could always give you a massage later?” He whispers into his ear and Robert feels something tingle through him.

It’s mad, they’ve got to this almost boring domesticated age where this is their normal and yet still Robert wants to pin Aaron against the wall and snog his face off.

Maybe that won’t ever actually die.

He hopes not.

Aaron leans closer and then kisses Robert, soft, gentle and then Robert hears the sound of giggling.

Daddy and daddy sitting in a -” and of course it’s Jacob, with his massive grin and blue eyes and he’s trying to make Annie sing it too but she’s too young to know the words.

“Enough mate.” Robert says, pulls away from Aaron and then waggles a finger right in front of Jacob’s face.

Jacob’s eyes widen, “I didn’t do anything.” He lies, and yeah, he’s learnt that from Robert.

Aaron sighs. “No one likes liars Jakey.” He tells him and Jacob frowns, starts listing all his friends from school and then a wrapper of something falls towards the floor.

And then another, until about twenty chocolate wrappers are all around the five year old.

Robert snaps his head towards Aaron. “You didn’t.”

And Aaron’s face turns red. “I said he could have one.” He tells Robert, bites his lip again. “It - explains the whole -”

And when they look back towards their son he’s bouncing him up and Annie up and down and this sugar rush isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

“Brilliant.” Robert says dryly and Aaron smashes a kiss to his cheek before leading them towards the restaurant area.


Jacob thinks he’s a drummer, starts bouncing the cutlery up and down and then he’s asking a million questions as Annie does them all a favour and just sits quietly in the corner.

“Can I have a car for my birthday please.” Jacob says, toothy grin still on his face as Robert has his head against Aaron’s shoulder.

“You already have one buddy.” Aaron says and Robert smiles, remembers all the excitement and the screaming at Christmas when Jacob got that toy car he could drive around in.

Jacob frowns. “No, a real one.” He says, “Like daddy giant’s one.” He says a little louder and Aaron scoffs.

“No chance mate.” Robert says, “You’ll have to wait until your eighteen.”

“That’s so long away.” Annie says, eyes wide and alert all of a sudden. “Nanny Chas told me that you and daddy were car people.” He says.

“Mechanics princess.” Robert tells her, and then she’s the one asking questions. “Is that why you have the scrapyard?”

Robert clears his throat, “Uh, yeah.” He says, watches Jacob start playing with his hands the way he does when he’s thinking.

“Is that how you met?” And Aaron hides his face, because it’s hardly the most child friendly story.

He turns a little red, and Robert clears his throat again.

“Not really, no.” Robert tries but it only makes Annie raise her head in shock.

“Then how?” She’s asking, blinking quickly. “Was it millions of years ago like in Romeo and Juliet.”

Robert grins. “No darling.” He says, struggles to get anything out and then Aaron’s sliding up on the seat more.

“Daddy and me just really liked each other and wanted to be around each other a lot.” He says, has a hand on Robert’s thigh as he speaks.

Robert feels his heart skip a beat because it’s not wrong. It’s just missing out the whole stolen car and fake burglary stuff.

Annie looks in awe. “And then you kissed and fell in love!” And she’s a flipping hopeless romantic, pulls a hand through her hair and starts drawing love hearts on her play mat as Jacob smiles.

“Yep. And then we got married, remember I showed you the photos?” Aaron’s saying, and Robert smiles because Aaron’s so proud of that day, when it happened legally and they were so happy. “And then we had you two.”

“And now we can do family trips!” Jacob says, sugar rush still going crazy inside him as he jumps up on the chair and Robert has to bribe him down with a promise of ice cream for dessert.

“Exactly.” Robert says, almost dryly and then Aaron pulls his hand further up towards Robert’s crotch just to keep him interested.

And it works.

Because by the time they’re making their way home, kids asleep in the back seats, Robert’s got his mouth on Aaron’s neck and they’re giggling like teenagers.

“Shh, Jacob will wake up.” Aaron whispers,  smirks a little and then relaxes his shoulders, almost accepts.

“He’s fine.” Robert whispers back, and then he’s sighing against Aaron’s shoulder. “I’m shattered.” He says, yawns a little.

Aaron nods. “So am I.” He says, and then he’s looking at Robert. “Thanks for doing this.” He says, “I know it’s -”

“Mad to do it with two kids.” Robert whispers and then he’s laughing. “I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.” He says. “Because - because yeah it’s hectic but - still can’t believe I have this you know? With you.”

And Aaron’s stopped at a red light, frowns at Robert. “Hey don’t -”

Robert doesn’t even know where it comes from but his eyes are watery. “I love you so much,” he looks back at Annie and Jacob. “And them, God I love them. Thank you, thank you so much.”

Aaron smiles, leans over and kisses Robert. “You soppy git.” He says, and he sniffs softly like he’s trying not to cry. “We love you too.”

He says, and the sun is setting, amber and pink hues are covering the sky and everything feels so blissfully soft.

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can you write something for either Cal or Michael where their partner & kid surprise them with brekky in bed after coming home from tour pretty pleaseee? :D

Michael was alone in bed.

He’d grown used to this of course. Almost a year of touring and moving around meant that sharing a bed with no one but himself didn’t really phase him anymore. In fact, Michael considered it a privilege the mornings he woke up to you beside him, the two of you tangled together.

Which was why being alone was a problem, because he was in your bed.

Sitting up he looked at the time, his confusion only growing when he saw it was only half past seven. You should definitely be in bed with him at this time of the morning, or at least in the bathroom. Craning his head, a sigh left his lips when yet again you were absent.

However when the bedroom door swung open, a grin took over his features.

“Morning Daddy!” Jacob sang, the five year old running into the room and jumping onto the bed. You followed carrying a tray, an equally large smile on your face. Michael laughed as his son crawled into his lap, grinning proudly up at him. “We made you breakfast!”

“Thanks bud!” He chuckles, shifting the boy to his side so you could place the tray on his lap. “Thank you Princess.”

“S’ok.” You shrug, pressing a kiss to his lips as you perched on the edge of the bed. “We figured you deserved it.”

“You had me worried for a second when I woke up and you weren’t there.” He smiles against your lips. “Thought you’d already got bored of me.”

“Not yet.” You smirk, causing him to do the same. “Afraid you’re stuck with me Clifford.”

“You know, I’m alright with that, Clifford.”

“Hey! I’m a Clifford too!”

Both of you turn to Jacob with grins on your faces, whilst your son pouted up at you.

“So you are bud.” Michael chuckles. “Now, how much of this breakfast did you make?”

“I did the toast all by myself!”

“No way! I bet it’s the best bit then!”

“Wow, favouritism much.” You mutter softly, Michael sending you a wink. Your hand fell to his knee and you squeezed it softly. “Jakey I think Daddy loves you more.”

“Tell your Mother she’s being silly Jake.” He stage whispers. “I love you both equally.”

“Daddy says you’re right Momma!” Jake grins, making both of you laugh. “Don’t worry, I love you lots.”

“Hey buddy, you can’t turn on me now!” Michael pouts. “I’ll give you bacon if you take it back.”

“Momma I lied. Daddy loves us the same.” Jake chirps excitedly, leaning over and taking a piece of bacon from Michael’s plate. “Thanks Daddy!”

“It’s fine bud.” Michael chuckles, eyes lifting to yours. “Momma knows how much I love her.”

“That she does.” You grin, leaning forward to press your lips to his again. “Welcome home, Mike.”

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