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What do you think about next gen homestuck? Like which pairings would have kids, how that whole thing would go

I’m not super into next-gen/kids stuff as a general rule but my fast & loose thoughts on the matter have always run along the lines of: 

rosemary - already have like millions of kids by proxy and probably not interested in human reproduction for a plethora of reasons

dirkjake - they have a bunch of dogs and a single cat which rules over the dogs with an iron paw, between them and the consort animals they have no interest in further living entities dependent on them. everyone breathes a sigh of relief

davekat - I waffle back and forth on it, I think initially dave is uninterested in the idea completely and ofc karkat has troll sensibilities and finds the entire concept bizarre and offputting but as time goes by i think dave would think about it a lot and i could see them eventually deciding to ectobirth a probably very spoiled hybrid god child

roxy - I always put her and john in the camp of “will eventually have kids” and in my personal post-canon universe playground where johnroxycallie happens they get around to it way in the future & the kids are blessed with 3 parents. as for actual canon though idk & not really interested in thinking about it

jane - I always again put her in the camp of “definitely wants kids”. ectobiology means her options are wide open whatever ur interpretation of her canon romantic situation atm but I like the idea of her taking millenia to enjoy being corporate god queen of universe c before worrying about potential scions to her legacy. in my personal post-canon universe playground she eventually hooks up w a fuschiablood troll cause they’re basically immortal too

jade/davepeta - personally i can’t imagine they ever would want kids of their own they’re having too much fun aggressively getting up in everyone else’s business and helping ppl who struggle with self worth and existential despair with their advanced knowledge of ultimate self. they spoil everyone else’s kids and also their “kids” wrt dirk and jake

terezi - has no idea what this is about and is too busy to entertain such disturbing notions besides