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gtkm: [1/20] female tv characters ≡ amy santiago, brooklyn nine nine  ♥  you thought I was just holt’s lackey. and you thought I was just Jake’s girlfriend. well, I’m my own person, capable of making my own decisions, and I decided to humiliate you both.

More Than Just Princess Leia

Carrie Fisher was so much more than Princess Leia in “Star Wars” and the ex-girlfriend of Jake Blues in “The Blues Brothers”. She was a strong advocate for mental illness and never let it take control of her life. She was outspoken about feminism and wasn’t afraid of what people thought.

Carrie was such a beautiful woman and an inspiration to many! She was taken away from us too soon and will never be forgotten!!

Thank you, Carrie, for being an inspiration and role model. I also suffer from a mental illness and it’s a hard battle but you showed that you can take control of your life without letting it hold you back.

i’m still so shocked that Julie Plec was able to write such sweet pure beans like Lex and Jake …


list of favorites [37/50 female characters]: Amy Santiago 

“You thought I was just Holt’s lackey. And you thought I was just Jake’s girlfriend. Well,I’m my own person, capable of making my own decisions, and I decided to humiliate you both.”

If Paul imprinted on Jake’s girlfriend.

I sat there, shaking my head because I just couldn’t believe what I’d heard. The bro code was broken. I wasn’t exactly angry, or exactly shocked. I was mostly more concerned about how Jake would feel.

“Well, I can’t accept that. I am dating Jacob, and I’m going to continue to date Jacob, regardless of what you say or how you feel.” I said to Paul. He looked to the floor then looked at me again.

“It’s not something you can really fight, Y/N. Soon enough, you’re gonna feel it, and it’s gonna hit you hard. I’ll even be the one to tell Jake, if you want.”

“Yeah Paul, you do that. And have one of the guys send me a video of Jake kicking your ass.”

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little things I really appreciate about day 5:

  • the main dude has all of the makings of the broody antihero lead but is actually a chill puppy who just cares about the kids in his life
  • the main brains of the show are a black pilot, a lesbian doctor, and a teenager with adhd
  • “i’m the asshole who raided the pharmacy. singular.” “i’m also a single asshole.” is the FULL EXTENT of any kind of flirtation/romantic anything between the main male and female characters (even before jake finds out ally is gay), and is their first interaction
  • related to the above, there is no jealousy or bad blood or anything gross between ally’s girlfriend and jake (who is now her close friend) when they meet 
  • no threat of sexual violence used toward anyone, even though we’re in an apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic world and that’s become the ~norm in dystopian fiction
  • the main guy is seeking redemption for the death of his sister and mother (in which he is blameless, but feels guilty), and the main girl is just trying to save the world and find her girlfriend - pretty much a swap of the typical action dynamic
  • ally isn’t sexualized, even by the male guard near her when she is in her underwear
  • most people in this world are super willing to help each other??? like it’s not ‘let’s exploit this situation for personal gain’ at every turn which gets hella irritating in dystopian fiction
  • stephanie drapeau’s face and arms
Couples in cartoons
  • Princess Bubblegum/Marceline (Bubbline): PB sacrifices her most precious thing to help Marcie get her most precious thing back. If that's not love, I don't know what is. *quietly cries in a corner
  • Finn/Flame Princess: Finn is hurting so much and I know he made a mistake but it's time for FP to forgive him so they can be together again.
  • Jake/Lady Rainicorn: My girlfriend speaks Korean. Also, have you seen our 5 adorable kids?
  • Ruby/Sapphire: Don't worry about us, guys! Our relationship is so stable we even made a song about it.
  • Pearl/Rose Quartz: TEARS. SADNESS.
  • Korra/Asami (Korrasami): Started as rivals, then became friends, next they fell in love, and that's the end.

- I’ve been reading a book set in the 20s so here is some of my favourite 20s slang:

and how!: I strongly agree!

jake: great; “everything’s jake”

sheba: one’s girlfriend; a woman with sex appeal

giggle water: alcoholic beverage

bank’s closed: no kissing or making out

cash or check?: kiss now or later?

it’s just the berries!: for something pleasing; perfect

baby vamp: a pretty or popular female

wet blanket: killjoy

orchid: an expensive item

hotsy-totsy: perfect

pos-i-tute-ly: affirmative


Jakes “my girlfriend is awesome & I am honoured to be her boyfriend, because she is amazing” face! 

Brooklyn Nine-NIne 3x05 Halloween III

Look how proud he is of her! He is so in awe. “How lucky am I to be able to be the boyfriend of (the) QUEEN AMY!” is written all over his face. 

Brooke: Girlfriend? I don’t wanna be Jake’s girlfriend.

Emma: Well, what do you want then?

Brooke: I don’t know. I just wanna be with him. All the time. I want to hear about his day and to tell him about mine. I want to hold his hand and smell his hair. I don’t want to be his stupid girlfriend.